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Information Security – Why isn’t everything easy ?

As you know, intruders use any methods and methods to identify weaknesses in protecting the information infrastructure to “penetrate the system” precisely because of them. Information Security faces many problems at which time leaders close their eyes. They regret the money or do not know about them, which can become serious dangers for your information, business as a whole, and even funds.

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Simply build a security system and find a security guideline (SB) is not enough

Whatever, at first glance, an “impeccable” security system, there are always some nuances and vulnerabilities that are quite difficult to see the manager. A well-trained attacker can use their goals. What dangers can hurt in the field of information security? And brought examples of false judgments about the structure of information protection in organizations?

 Examples of organizations are given from real practice, the names of companies are fictitious. Critical problem Who owns the information he owns the world, this is a banal phrase, known, probably, even children. Its deep sense while often remains out of the attention of managers. It is possible to have a serious SB company that is capable of protecting against raider capture and “agree” with bodies, but if it is a break in protecting the information infrastructure of the firm, then “the attacker with brains” to beat it there. A security specialist, a former employee of a special unit, a director of a firm – a person with whom in the city they rame.

Nobody even thought could come to them

The protection of information infrastructure was engaged in two IT specialists who performed the entire functionality of the network administration before replacing cartridges in printers. Many times the violations also involve data loss. Therefore retrieving data from hard drive because even more difficult 

Whether it was an “order” or a casual coincidence could not be established, but the scandal in the company was grand. How did it go? Who dared? … The director was dried and metal, and the security specialist, in general, was hit by a hospital with pressure through stress. Why try to catch a heavy metal protection door, if the height of the fence in some places is small. You can even bring the rule: In general, the attacker will choose the most weakened link.

The issue of IT security in the general concept of security stood in recent places, since the threats from the information sector The leadership simply did not see, accustomed to living “old” categories of threats, as a forced capture of the enterprise, the pressure of the administrative resource, etc. In those organizations that attention is paid to information security issues, as a rule, their decision is laid either on the IT unit of the firm as a whole or on a separate specialist. Indeed, who else should do similar things? The actions of the leadership are quite understandable. The coatings serve all information infrastructure and know it quite well. The logical conclusion is that they must and protect it.

Again, everything seems to be correct and logical, but there are several but Overload of responsibilities.

IT security issues are added to general issues of service information infrastructure. At the same time, the specialist demands sometimes the decision of opposing tasks. Protection and comfort work of accounting, safe communication, and convenience of remote work of top managers. In such a situation, the accountants the whole brain is out if they do not like anything. The top -Managers will be exposed to IT specialists so that the latter do so, as they need to leaders. Let it make an exception to work from the house, not by VPN, but it is uncomfortable long connectors. If these requirements are in mind, try not to do and leave without a prize, then the security issues that they can contradict – in the second plan are implicit. The result of non-fulfillment of guidance and service requirements

Information Security

Security is the state of protection of the needs of the individual, society, and the state in information. Regardless of internal and external threats. With regard to national interests, information security means a state of protection of information resources of the individual, society, and the state, which ensures the realization and progressive development of vital interests for them.

The possible negative impacts of different types of information security are the protection of information and supporting infrastructure. From accidental or intentional natural or artificial influences that may harm their owners or users. Information security also means the level of protection of the information environment of society. Which ensures its formation, use, and development in the interests of citizens. Also organizations, the state, and the neutralization of the negative consequences of informatization of society.

The problem of information security is considered in three main aspects. Information protection, control over the national information space, sufficient information support of state and non-state bodies, public and private organizations. Information protection provides a system of measures aimed at preventing unauthorized access to information. Also unauthorized modification, loss, destruction, breach of integrity, etc., and control over the national information space. It measures to minimize losses from both foreign and domestic organizations’ subversive psychological operations.


To increase the efficiency of the company’s information infrastructure, a number of points must be taken into account: Significance of IT staff. Specialists who serve the company’s IT infrastructure are people who have access not only to the entire circulating company information but also often to personal data and gadgets.

Thus, these employees are one of the most important and the most dangerous for the organization. This should be taken into account when developing and implementing security systems. So to work out and insure possible risks associated with IT personnel, develop measures to increase their company loyalty and management.

The need for verification. Conduct periodic checks of the security of IT infrastructure from internal and external offenders. It is optimal to do this with the involvement of third-party specialists. The illusion of security. Even the strongest and road information security system of absolute protection will not be able to. Good solutions can significantly increase the system’s efficiency, but will not give a 100% guarantee from the penetration of the attacker.

It is advisable to develop scenarios for responding to security incidents to reduce damage from overcoming the company’s protection.


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