Important Points to Consider Before Buying a Vortex flow

A vortex flow meter is a broad spectrum flow meter you can use to measure and control steam, gas, and liquid flow. The vortex flowmeter measures fluid velocity using the operational principle of the von Karman effect, which states that when the flow passes by bluffs, there will be a generation of a repeating pattern of swirling vortices. In this article, we are going to describe the major types of vortex flowmeters at a genuine price.

Types of vortex flowmeter

There are two types of vortices, namely;

 i) Free vortices

ii) Forced vortices

A free vortex is formed when water moves out of the vessel through a curtain hole in the base. No external force is required to rotate the fluid, and the rotation depends on the initial disturbance. In forced vortices, an external force is needed to turn the fluid moving in the pipe.

Vortex flowmeter measures the fluid flow rate in an enclosed conduit. It is best suited for flow measurements where the introduction of moving parts presents problems. Vortex Flow has many applications, from water to gas.

However, one common is streamflow measurements, although multivariable pressure transmitters are still a popular choice. Some vortex flowmeters have got new advanced features that make them appealing for a particular application.

The following are the factors to consider before buying a vortex flowmeter.

1. Accuracy level of the vortex flow

The accuracy level of the vortex flow is an essential factor to consider before buying a vortex flow meter. System operators can help you know the accuracy produced by a specific vortex flow meter to help you get the most accurate flow measurement.

2. Price of the vortex flowmeter

The unevenness of the vortex flowmeter is also affected by the purchase volume; if the purchase is large, the manufacturer will offer some discount. However, if the investment is somehow tiny and can only be sold at a retail price, the price difference will increase slightly.

3. The type of the vortex flowmeter

There are many types and different vortex flowmeters on the market which have other technical parameters.

4. The vortex flowmeter size.

When the flow meter is large, you have to use a large pipe diameter on the flow measurement. However, if the vortex flow meter is small, you will require a small diameter pipe to measure the flow.

5. The type of manufacturing technology

The vortex flowmeter is also being affected by the technical content of a flow meter. How much technology does the company invest in producing the vortex flowmeter, and whether it uses advanced flowmeter production to ensure its efficiency and effectiveness?

6. The volume and mass of the substance.

The vortex flowmeter can measure a variety of fluid products. However, the meter itself measures the volume of the flow. The mass of the substance we need depends on the additional features to allow accurate measurements. For mass flow measurement, a vortex flowmeter must have a component to calculate.
When there is a need to know the number of a volume of fluid flow, the meter can measure it directly. For instance, water flow applications don’t have the conductivity as an electromagnetic; hence, one can use the vortex flowmeter.

7. Consider the operating parameters.

One must consider the operating parameters before they buy the vortex flowmeter. The parameters may include temperature, line of the flow, pressure, flow rate, user-friendliness and the type of fluid in selecting a flow meter, and the fluid behavior under all anticipated conditions.


Before buying a vortex flow meter, you should consider the above factors to help you purchase the best vortex flowmeter for accurate flow measurement in your applications.

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