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Importance of incorporating a fleet management system into your logistics business

Managing a transportation business can be effortless by incorporating IoT into your business. In a logistics or courier delivery business, your fleet will be the frontliner in providing services. So, in order to keep your fleet management in line of action, you need the aid of IoT. 

This blog covers the benefits of integrating IoT-based fleet management software into your logistics business.

Strong points of implementing IoT in fleet management

Basically, IoT in fleet management helps in tracking the location and status of the fleets. Other than just locating the fleet, there are also other benefits paired up, which we will be unearthing in the below sections.

  • Easy to integrate into your business

Firstly, let us assume that you already own a logistics business, which runs on conventional methods. In simple terms, your business doesn’t make use of any software. In that case, you can easily incorporate fleet management software into your business.

That’s where ready-made applications like Uber clone app come into use. You can upload the number of fleets and their details on the software and you can start handling the business operations.

  • Monitor the location of your fleet in real-time

In order to have complete control over your business, you need to gain information about the location of the fleet. In logistics or any delivery business, timing is crucial. If and only if your delivery services are punctual, you can gain or retain customers. So, for that, you need to constantly monitor the location of your fleet. 

The fleet management software is embedded with the real-time location tracker, which will convey the current location of the fleet. 

  • Observe the drivers’ behavioural patterns

As much as the importance you give to your fleet, you must also give to your drivers. Constant monitoring of the driver’s behavioural pattern is essential to ensure that both your drivers and fleet are safe. An in-built camera fitted into the fleet will help you to observe the behaviour of the drivers. For instance, if they tend to sleep or indulge in drinking, etc., while driving it may lead to accidents. Hence, as an admin, it is your responsibility to monitor the drivers. If any of their behaviour is uncertain, you can immediately alert or contact them through the in-app calling feature.

  • Fuel tracking

With IoT-based fleet management software, you no longer have to check the amount of fuel manually. It is quite interesting to know that the fleet management system involves sensors, which are used to track the consumption of fuel. Along with that, you will also be able to check the condition of the battery and leakage of oils if any. 

Also, the fuel card can be integrated with the system that helps in knowing the fuel charges. On whole, the feature of tracking the fuel consumption will be highly useful.

  • Maintenance schedule

Generally, you will subject your fleet to regular maintenance and note down the date or month in which the fleet went for maintenance. This manual process can be automated with the help of a fleet management system. Once you enter the date/month of maintenance, the system will calculate the next schedule for maintenance and will automatically set remainders. Ultimately, this avoids skipping the maintenance schedules.

  • Route finder and Weather analysis

You can elevate the efficiency of your business in multiple ways. One among them is reaching the destination without missing out on the timings. The feasible way to reach the destination on time is to choose the shortest route. 

The route optimization technology comes into play to aid in finding the routes. Before starting out, the drivers can make use of the in-app route optimizer to find the route that takes less time. Likewise, telematics technology is employed in finding the weather conditions. 

In order to have a safe commutation, the weather should in favour. Using the results obtained from the telematics report, the drivers can select the path. If any of the routes are bound to a bad weather condition, then the drivers can take the alternative route.

In addition to finding the shortest routes and predicting the weather, the drivers can also know about the nearest service providers. Yes! For instance, if the vehicle gets impaired while travelling, the drivers will need immediate assistance. For that, the app employs GPS technology to spot the nearest service provider. 

  • Prevent the theft of your fleet

Preventing the theft of the fleet or misuse is one of the biggest concerns of business owners. Let us see how fleet management software can help in preventing theft. Previously, we discussed the in-built camera fitted inside the fleet. Likewise, you can monitor the accessibility of your vehicles through sensors and a facial recognition system. 

If someone other than your drivers, tries to access your vehicle, you will get an instant alert. Alongside, you can monitor the location of the fleet in case if someone misuses the vehicle.

  • Visibility to your business operations

By now you would have realized that integrating the fleet management system will increase the overall efficiency and visibility of your business. Right from checking the location of your fleet to fuel consumption to unauthorized access, everything related to your business can be governed from the admin panel.

Overall, the system provides you with greater visibility and helps in accomplishing the management activities effectively.

  • Ensures the safety of the drivers

Ensuring the safety of drivers is of paramount importance. Apart from the facial recognition system and location tracker, the app has panic buttons. Drivers can swiftly intimate any uncertainties to the admin via the in-app panic button.

Wrapping up

investing in developing a fleet management system will pour you multiple benefits. As seen in this blog, you can track the fleet, know the status of your fleet, manage the maintenance schedules, predict the routes and weather conditions, etc. In addition, you and your fleet’s driver can contact each other through chatting or calling options available inside the app. Overall, launch a fleet management app and increase the efficiency of your business.

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