Impact of Healthy Food Claims on Custom Cereal Boxes

The increased intake of processed and high-calorie foods has led to rising rates of overweight and obesity across countries worldwide. While various factors are related to obesity, the main reason for obesity is the energy imbalance between calories consumed and calories expended. Obesity and other related morbidities can be prevented through supportive environments that shape consumers’ choices. For instance, making the selection of healthier food items to be consumed is the easiest option for consumption custom cereal boxes.

Better For You Products

Many consumers are looking for custom cereal boxes and other food products that reflect health and wellbeing. These are usually products low in fat, sugar, salt, or calories. Consumers often seek out claims on custom cereal boxes wholesale that fall in line with their wellness and wellbeing goals. This has culminated in the rise of so-called “better-for-you” (BFY) products. These products are often advertised as either low in fat or completely fat-free, typically contain artificial sweeteners instead of sugar, or have an added quantity of fibers or vitamins.

BFY products are gaining popularity due to their strong association with a healthy lifestyle and the societal interest in eating healthier. Many sugar-containing products use labels on the custom cereal boxes wholesale that position them as healthy despite containing high levels of
sugar. Changing the custom cereal box design, adding information on labels, or even altering brand names are a few of the commonly used strategies to guide health-conscious consumers towards these BFY products.

In particular, custom printed cereal boxes help consumers intuitively assign food into categories such as “healthy” and “unhealthy.” In relation to cereal boxes, it means that health-related claims like “lower cholesterol, low in fat, without added sugars, “good for your bones,” or even specific images or custom cereal box design or colors that denote health induce consumers to believe that the packaged cereal is good for them and as a consequence, influence consumers’ purchasing behavior.

The Packaging Republic believes that there is a strong relationship between consumers’ responses to packaging cues that convey symbolic meaning, healthiness, and buying intention. The concept of cereal boxes’ design consists of many different elements such as shape, logo design, size, colors, illustrations, material, and nutrition information. There are two kinds of packaging cues that are different in attracting attention and communicating information. Both of these cues can convey symbolic meaning about the product’s healthfulness. The cues of custom printed cereal boxes are visual cues (focusing on color) and textual cues (with a focus on advertising claims).

How to Create Your Own Custom Cereal Boxes?

You must create your own cereal box so that the cereal box’s design makes a positive and long-lasting impact on consumers’ buying intention focused on healthy food products. In addition, you must also consider individual susceptibility factors when you create your own cereal box, such as food knowledge and consumers’ interest in healthy food. You can trigger interest in healthy food by printing the relevant information on your custom cereal boxes and urge the consumers into your putting your brand’s custom cereal boxes in their shopping carts. Read more the general time.

Incorporating Design Elements and Health Claims

You must incorporate such design elements and informational elements in your custom cereal box that can motivate your consumers to choose more healthy food and improve health outcomes. Palatability is a hedonic attribute, i.e., a feeling of pleasure. It is often associated with unhealthy foods, stimulating more intake than others. Healthfulness attributes are associated with a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing. Different colors and health-related claims can be modified to impact consumer perceptions about custom cereal box.

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