Illustrate 3 Amazing Skills to Boost Your Pillow Boxes Business

You can create your pillow packaging more attractive by adding enticing features. There are packaging design experts available in the market who embrace dull pillow boxes by adding great graphical features. Just always try to give pillow boxes an attractive outlook so you can catch the glance of the people at once. However, the outer look of custom pillow packaging is a key feature in appreciating the sales.

Moreover, you can add innovative designs, eye-catchy color combination hues, attractive features of embossing and debossing, and eye-captivating coatings to make your pillow packaging look lavishing.

Further, you can embrace the pillow packaging by putting on beautiful color harmonies. Therefore, if you have any idea regarding pillow packaging, just convey your idea to your favorite packaging company. They can implement your imaginative ideas for you. 

The experts present in the packaging company understand the need for time and help you to generate the desired pillow boxes in all luminous looks. Thus, now you don’t need to settle your accessories in plain-looking pillow boxes when there are awesome packaging companies that proffer a wide range of elegant pillow packaging.

Wholesale Pillow packagingBelow are illustrated three elegant skills which you can avail of to transform your pillow boxes and boost your pillow packaging business.

Select a Durable Material

There are eco-friendly materials for your pillow packaging printing & designing. Sustainable packaging attracts onlookers. However, there are some of the best material choices you can pick from the market:

Kraft Material Pillow Boxes

  • Kraft material is a sufficiently strong material to shield your accessories from the unfavorable impacts of the climate. 
  • This material is eco-friendly and biodegradable.  
  • Kraft material packaging is extremely lightweight. 
  • The Kraft pillow boxes are adequately strong to secure delicate items.

Card Stock Material Pillow Packaging

  • The cardstock material texture is lightweight. 
  • The printing alternatives look astounding on the cardstock material pillow boxes because of their great surface 
  • However, you can alter the cardstock outer box shape as you require. 
  • The cardstock pillow box packaging upholds local shipments, and you can alter the inner space of the box incredibly.

Corrugated Material Pillow Boxes

  • The corrugated pillow box is thicker than cardstock and kraft material boxes. 
  • You can improve the thickness of the corrugated sheet as per the inside product prerequisites. 
  • The corrugated pillow box packaging is useful for worldwide shipment. 
  • This material box involves liner boards and flutes
  • You can modify the pillow box flutes thickness. There is various kind of flute thickness available in the market.

Rigid Material Pillow Packaging

  • The rigid box packaging comprises a high standard, and it is the most luxurious packaging.custom-pillow-boxes-wholesale
  • Additionally, you can change the outer look of rigid pillow boxes to make them look attractive. 
  • It is also known as unbending material, which keeps your delicate products safe and is ideal for global shipments. 
  • You can likewise utilize the rigid pillow box packaging for giving your products a luxurious outlook.

Add Attractive Elements on Your Pillow Boxes

You Can create your pillow packaging to look stunning by adding additional features. However, below are illustrated some of the attractive elements which you can select:                                                      

Raised UV Pillow Boxes

Raised UV feature makes it easy for your design to stand out. Therefore, choose one of the amazing textures as a background layer for your pillow boxes. The product boxes in customize form look wonderful. Moreover, the packaging company provides full-color printing, your choice of matte aqueous, matte, or soft-touch lamination, and raised UV coatings. 

Digital Foiling

The customized pillow boxes provide an upscale finish for your marketing materials. Further, there are elegant colors in digital foil pillow box printing, which you can avail of.

Foil Stamping

The foil stamping and embossing features work wonders in order to embrace your brand. Additionally, it creates an elegant outer look of the pillow packaging. Further, it will assist you to have greater sales.

Go for Adding Coatings

Pillow Packaging Boxes

The custom pillow boxes wholesale is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The packaging company has the utmost confidence in its designers and will provide you with every solution that is possible in the field. 

The creative designers make it easy for you and are able to produce fine cutters were required to give the pillow box a unique shape and design. However, they are proficient when it comes to finishing processes such as spot UV, Gloss, Matt, and soft-touch lamination but aren’t limited to only these but have also worked with block foiling and embossing if you want something distinct and special hire competent custom packaging services.

Below are listed some of the coatings which you can avail of from the diverse market

Gloss Lamination

In the gloss lamination technique, you can apply a thin plastic film to give your pillow box surface a glossy touch. What is a gloss coating? It is a kind of coating or finish that you can apply to the pillow boxes.

Matte Lamination

In the matte lamination technique, a thin plastic film provides the pillow box surface a matte touch. However, the matte finishing is perfectly suitable for decent pillow packaging. Moreover, the matte coating is stylish and deeper.

Soft Touch Lamination

Soft-touch lamination provides a smooth touch and velvety surface to the pillow box, making it look very elegant and eye-captivating

AQ Coating

AQ coating is a water-based coating that gives a soft semi-gloss surface to the pillow box.

UV Coating

In UV coating, UV-cured ink is utilized, which allows for spot and flood applications.


The varnish is the most inexpensive choice of coating that coats and adds surface protection to the gift packaging.

Metallic Coating

The metallic coatings give an extra metallic sheen outlook to your pillow box packaging.

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