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How to stop the auto scanner service and improve the PC speed?

People store their crucial data on the system. To keep the data secure; he should adopt various protection measures. Various security programs provide advanced tools for data and device protection. When the user scans the device; all the viruses and malware gets removed from the device. Some antivirus programs offer good features for scanning the device. The full scan feature of antivirus inspects all the files, programs, etc available on the device. The scanning process needs time to complete. You should run the full scan on the device once a week. The custom scan allows the user to scan a particular folder or drive of the system. The quick scan feature scans the device immediately. After using the device, the user should run a quick scan. Many antivirus programs allow a real-time scanning feature that checks all the files at runtime.

Auto Scanning service of your antivirus

Auto scanning is a very advanced feature of your antivirus which scans the device at run-time. McAfee scanner service checks every file or document you are accessing. When the user opens a file, antivirus immediately scans it for malware. If any malware is available on the system then it won’t open. It also scans all the flash devices. When you insert the flash drive, antivirus scans it and checks for any malicious threats. If any malware is available, the antivirus will remove it from the file and then load the file. But when the whole file is malicious then it won’t load the data and show an error message. Auto-scanner is a very reliable tool for scanning the device but sometimes may get the device into speed issues.

Increasing speed by disabling auto-scanner service

When your antivirus auto-scanner feature is making the system slow then you should disable the service on your device.

  1. Close all programs on the device
  2. Go to the dashboard and click on the antivirus icon
  3. Windows dashboard will open on screen
  4. Click on the Real-time time scanning feature
  5. Toggle the real-time button to Off
  6. You will get the restart the scanner option
  7. Choose manually option

Hit the Turn Off button and your auto-scanning service will get disabled on the device. Now, the user has to restart the device and check the system’s speed. There can be other reasons for speed issues.

Common methods for increasing device’s speed

Clean all junk files from the system

The junk files affect the device’s speed a lot. When the user opens a file, a temp file gets created to hold data. After completing the task, these files are completely useless. Temp files become junk and accumulate space on the device. Sometimes these files also start conflicting with other processes and affect the device’s speed. When the system speed seems slow then check the temporary files on the device. Open the PC and click on the temp folder. Now select all files and remove them. Users can run a junk clean-out tool. This inbuilt tool of Windows will remove all junk files including temp files from the computer. You can use this tool directly by running cleanmgr on your Windows cmd screen. The tool will check files on the device and create a list of junk files. Now the user can choose the files he wants to delete. After removing those files, you have to restart the device and now check the speed.

Clean background programs from device

The speed of your computer gets affected when lots of programs are running in the background. When the device is lagging then check all background programs to remove the unnecessary ones. These software programs use the RAM cycle and decrease the speed.

  1. Open the computer and go to the Windows Task Manager
  2. Hit on the Applications tab
  3. Choose the program to cancel
  4. Select the End Task button
  5. Go to the Processes tab
  6. Choose processes and hit the End Process option

All the unnecessary programs of the device will be removed and then other processes will get more RAM cycles. Now run a program on the device and check the speed of your computer.

Free your hard-disk space

Your device can show speed errors when the space in the hard disk is very low. You can speed up the device by removing large files and programs. Remove all large files like games, editing software, etc. After increasing the free space of the computer, it will start working at a good speed.

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