How to select a perfect name for your business?

Before opening any business or company, its name is first considered so that your business can be recognised. The name is very important for any company. You can call it the face of the company in a way. It gives recognition to your business, and through this, the customers know your business. That is why every person chooses the name of their company very carefully.

Is it good to take help from a professional?

It can be very beneficial if a name choice can have a significant impact on the prosperity of your business. Some firms hire trained professionals who help to choose company names. Additionally, many of them can help protect you from trademark issues and keep you out of legal matters. They can also help design company logos, letterhead, business cards, and websites,

Enrolling specialists can be expensive. The cost of a firm that helps you come up with a name can range from £80,000 to £100,000. This kind of company can also help you come up with a catchy phrase to promote your business and creative branding ideas. Nevertheless, the cheaper company services are also available. There are also naming services that only charge £100 to 200. If you have difficulty, spending a reasonable amount initially can help your business last longer.

Creativity is important

Never put unnecessary keywords in your company name. The use of keywords in a business name is unnecessary. Alternatively, choose a modified version of the keyword that is attractive and works well too. It should express what your business does. The name you choose will also define your products and services.

Never act vague

Complicated and vague names are always confusing and annoying to pronounce. The best name is the one where you don’t need to explain it. Like a normal company name, Shyam Painting Service is boring and hard to remember. In addition, it does not make your company different from other businesses. Now consider – Brush Painting Services. It’s catchy and easy to remember.

A short name is great

The name of the company or business should not be too big. It is more applicable in the case of finance companies. Imagine a company that offers easy loans in the UK that should have a short, crisp name. It should be something like – Instant loans.UK, Smart Loans.UK etc. People are unable to remember a big name. It is trouble for you too. Pamphlets, brochures, visiting cards, everywhere you need to promote your name. In that case, it is not possible to get a long name printed.

KISS approach always works

Long or complicated names are always bad for the image of a business. The business name needs to be attractive. It should feel familiar and pleasant if it’s hard to pronounce and at the same time vague. A simple name always works best for businesses because people can remember it easily. It’s okay to be smart, but don’t overdo it!

Take a feedback on a business name

Once you have your list, ask around. Ask friends, relatives, employees and others. It works. It is very easy to narrow down a list by taking an informal survey. More often than not, you will find that one or two names are liked by most of the people you ask. Do not forget to do a trademark search for your business because that is the safest way to play. Hiring an attorney or specialised firm that specialises in finding and filing trademarks is a good idea.

Avoid Business Competitors Always

Never choose a name that is similar to the name of the competitor. It can make your business name unreal. Also, it can damage your brand image. In addition, your potential customers may also get confused between you and your competitor. As a result of which you may also lose out on your existing buyers. Always wear a unique identity because that is the most important thing in business. Focus on the strong points of business and try to communicate them through the business name. Chasing competitors desperately causes loss only.

It is necessary to spend some money on this aspect. Imagine printing thousands of business cards and letterheads. Then you invent a great product with your company name on it and apply it to the surface. Feedback from the people around you can be helpful.

Some tips to finalise a good business name –

  • What do you think about customers? It is great then to select a good name. What are you trying to attract? It is always important to work on these questions because they help select a good name.
  • Try to touch the heart. People have a flood of emotions. If you touch it in the right manner, they can become loyal customers. The name should be related to their daily routine life.
  • Choose a name that gives good feelings or makes people smile. Perhaps a simple name that is easy to pronounce can solve this purpose. It is important to mention that you need to connect to people to smile on their faces.
  • Make it clear and don’t confuse the public. After all, they are the end-users who can take your businesses to heights. The business name should show some utility because that helps to sell a product more.
  • No joke or funny thing, please. You are attracting customers, not pleasing yourself. It is vital to be very careful because funny things can make people feel bad. You do not know what emotion you may touch or disturb. It is better to sound rational and professional.


Review the above points and ask some questions to yourself. Which name communicates best to your customer? Who tells the public what you do? Which name would evoke good feelings about you and your company? The final decision is up to you. What will help you reach your conclusion the most? Do you like to ask around? Try adding a little artistic touch, even if the best thing you’ve done can be boring. Try to see if you can think of a logo to go with your name.

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