How to Rent a Tent for Parties?

When planning a wedding, birthday party, or any kind of gathering outside, your tent is one of the most important considerations. Renting a tent for your special occasion shouldn’t be rushed nor taken lightly.

In this article, I’m going to walk you through everything you should know about tents and their accessories.

So you can ensure that you will have the best experience that’s comfortable and what your guests deserve various special events, people often decide to go out into nature and host a party outside.

The preparations I think it’s the most important step. This article will show you everything you need to know about procuring the perfect tent for your next outdoor party or event.

Including but not limited to what varieties are available, how one should size their tent so they don’t get too hot or too cold, it remains weather weather-resistant the day/night, and more.

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Why tent is important

Why tent is important

If you have an outdoor wedding, one of the biggest threats to your reception is bad weather. You also need to consider heat.

Either one can make things challenging for your guests or even worse, dangerous. Rather than having a bland banquet hall with no meaning or history to it, consider renting out a tent and having a party there instead.

Plus this way you can use the space even if it doesn’t rain – you never know! Having an outdoor wedding reception is great.

But unless you have a good backup location for the event that is something other than your local park, you need to be sure you know what type of tent you’ll need and at what cost.

For some venues, it can be cheaper to rent a tent rather than using your venue (e.g. if you’re having a party in a large community park).

Unless there’s a great indoor facility near where your event is taking place or you’re planning on having things like heaters and lighting indoors.

It makes perfect sense to look into renting one, just in case things go wrong with the weather on your wedding day!

When you know you’re having an outdoor wedding reception, take one day to make a trip around town with your fiancée to scout out possible venues and potential vendors.

Size of tent:

Size of tent

Let’s face it, when we were forced to learn about vector addition and the Pythagorean Theorem in high school, we never thought we’d actually be able to put it to use.

The number one question that any bride who is planning a wedding inside of a tent has: “How big of a tent do I need?”

You can’t begin to price out tent rentals until you figure out the size you need, so don’t think you’re going to be able to eyeball it.

Most tent-rental companies carry 10 x 10 models and up in 10-ft increments. Don’t be intimidated by the huge range of sizes available.

Instead, look for something that complements your theme and doesn’t steal all the attention away from your reception tables or whatever else will be inside at the time.

You can’t seriously begin to price out tent rentals before you figure out the size you need, and the layperson just isn’t going to be able to eyeball it.

Most tent-rental companies increments. Don’t be intimidated by the huge range of sizes. The great thing about having your wedding or party inside of a tent instead is that once you get over how awesome it is.

Plan the Layout of My Tent?

It’s more than just buying a tent and throwing it up wherever there’s space. You need to consider where people will be sitting, where the food will go, where you’ll put the microphone for the speeches, etc.

If you have decided to go with professionals, they should be able to help you with this aspect of your wedding already.

If not, sites like McPlaza or Marquee offer tent layout planners to help you see how things fit together visually.

The wedding day is just as important as the wedding itself, which is why we’re always looking for cool ways to make them even more fun.

A wedding planner recently told us about a new online feature from County Marquee that lets you try out different table layout options within your desired tent space, allowing you to see.

She uses it herself and loved it – what an interactive way to prepare for our big day! It is important to sketch out the layout of your tent.

Where will you put the guests, bridal party, buffet table, and stage? If you’re not a fan of graph paper or engineering drawings, don’t worry.

There are several online programs designed specifically for event management professionals. For example, County Marquee, a UK-based tent rental company offers a handy Flash.

Based tent layout planner where users can enter measurements in either meters or feet and choose from a variety of table sizes. I have never used this company.

Which can add-ons can I skip

The price on these definitely fluctuates depending on where you are in the world and whether or not you’re getting it from Amazon or from the artisan community.

I base out of the southeastern United States; if you’re in Chicago or Los Angeles, things will cost a tad bit more.

When pricing these tents there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration. There’s delivery, set up, any accessories, fire/zoning permits if necessary and then take down as well.

If at all possible try to get the tent delivered and set up a couple of days ahead of time so you have time to properly set up your artwork before your opening day.

So it doesn’t look like it was thrown together at the last minute. A 40′ x 80′ tent is going to take anywhere between 2-4+ hours for the tent company to set up and decorate for an event with no slides inside.


No, you cannot just put a carpet on the grass. It will look rumpled and stupid after about 20 minutes, much less a whole wedding day event!

One way to fix it is by putting portable flooring rugs down over the grass if you’re just looking to keep your feet dry; they typically cost about $1.50 per square foot.

This is pretty reasonable for an inexpensive solution that lets one enjoy their outdoor wedding without ruining the grass or creating a tripping hazard in the process.

However, what you need is a more permanent, sturdy flooring solution so that guests can walk around comfortably without having to worry about keeping their balance?

When walking from place to place, then you’ll need to find flat land that’s more suitable for structures like homes or stores where homes are likely built with asphalt or concrete floors. ​


Renting a tent is a great idea if you are planning a party at a park or beach and want to protect your guests from the elements.

If you are planning a backyard party, you can rent a tent for more privacy, shade, and protection from the sun and insects. In order to plan the perfect party, you need to start with the right tent.

Here is a guide to the most important things to consider when choosing a tent for your party rental.

The last thing you want for your wedding or party is for bad weather to ruin it. So it’s important to have a backup plan and that’s where a tent rental can come in.

When you rent a tent, you can be sure that if the weather turns, your party will go on uninterrupted. We hope that you found the information in this blog post to be helpful.

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