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How to Reduce the Risks of Laser Hair Removal?

While these side effects are possible, there are steps you can take in the days or weeks before laser hair removal to reduce these risks.

In the event of a hormonal problem or herpes in the area to be treated: You must inform the professional before starting treatment.

Avoid tanning or sunbathing without protection for several weeks before laser hair removal. This is because results are maximized and side effects minimized when patients undergo laser hair removal with the fairest complexion possible at the start of treatment.

Hair removal.

Make sure the area is clean on the day of best laser hair removal Manhasset: if you eg. If a certain part of your face is growing, don’t use makeup.

You must always listen and prioritize the advice given by the professionals who treat you because they know your case and its specificities. If you are not receiving appropriate advice, ask what steps to take before treatment.

Contraindications to laser hair removal.

There are some things that are incompatible with laser hair removal or that can create serious problems if they are not identified or brought to the attention of the specialist or general practitioner or even the dermatologist if you are undergoing specific treatment or even if you are are suffering from a serious illness. You should always consult your doctor before performing hair removal involving laser treatment.

Here are some of the main contraindications to laser hair removal:

Hirsutism – is the medical term for excess body hair and can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition.  The first point of contact if you have excess body hair should be your doctor to discuss the problem and rule out any related health issues that could be causing the problem.

Herpes simplex viral infections, active or chronic: Laser hair removal treatment can cause serious problems for people with these infections. Your doctor should know this before treatment if you have such an infection. Antiviral drugs are especially important if you have viral lesions in the area you want to treat.

Hypertrophic or keloid scars: Caution should also be taken if you have this problem.

Psoriasis, bleeding disorders, vitiligo, and severe reactions to histamine – Other conditions that should be approached with caution include
Laser hair removal treatment should not be performed on tanned skin or if you have had surgeries such as laser surface treatment and chemical peels.

Drugs contraindicated for hair removal: Certain types of drugs can affect laser hair removal treatment and the healing period. If you are taking isotretinoin (Accutane), stop it 6 months before undergoing hair removal treatment.

Other photosensitive substances activated by ultraviolet light may also contraindicate certain laser treatments for hair removal. There are a multitude of common medications that can also interfere with treatment. Steroids, antibiotics like tetracyclines, and pain relievers like ibuprofen are just a few of these drugs.

Tattoos – Laser hair removal treatments can change the look of tattoos. If you have a tattoo in the area you want to treat, think carefully about your decision. The laser can cause changes in the pigments of the ink used in tattoos and this will change their appearance. Not all pigments react with the laser, but although changes may not occur, there is a risk.

This group should grow with other techniques such as wax, razor or depilatory creams.

Hair removal is a method that, in addition to being very fashionable, is very convenient to forget about unwanted hair. Few of us like razors or waxes any longer. It is a technique that will fascinate you as long as you have all the precautions.

This option gradually reduces the amount and thickness of the hair while reducing the activity of the hair follicle.

Like any cosmetic treatment, there are positive and negative properties. The important thing is to always do it with experts.

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It is a permanent option for hair removal.
It’s less painful
Ideal for all skin types
Reduces new hair up to 80%.
Reactivates collagen formation


There may be cases of dermatitis or itching… which is why it is important to see a doctor and do it with experts.
You need multiple sessions and continuity to achieve a permanent effect.


According to experts, there are two methods: diode laser or pulsed light (IPL). The biggest difference between the two is in the power of the laser.


Go for an exfoliation and shave 12 hours apart
Avoid sunbathing 3 days before and after the sessions.
Moisturize your skin every night, at least a week before the sessions.
Avoid hair removal methods before the first session.

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