We cannot stress enough about how important getting your skin ready prior to applying your makeup. A well-prepared skin makes it a more smooth canvas for makeup application, but it can also make your makeup last longer. It’s easy to think that you’re adding all kinds of items prior to the time your makeup routine starts but be aware that this will ensure that your skin appears healthy and plump prior to when applying the foundation and concealer. If you’d like to learn a step-by-step guide of how to prepare your skin prior to apply makeup, this is how to get it accomplished…

Apply a correcting facial wash

Your skin will not change just by applying a fairness face wash once. Certain face washes can bring instant radiance to your skin and ensure your skin is free from dead skin cells as well as dirt. We recommend applying Fair & Lovely’s Fair & Lovely Fairness Clean-up Face Wash which will eliminate pollution and dirt from your pores, giving your skin a more attractive appearance while also exfoliating your skin. Use this as a regular preparation step prior to applying makeup.

Rub ice

Rub ice onto your face can have many advantages, especially as a pre step prior to applying makeup. When you’ve finished washing your face, be sure you lightly rub ice cubes onto your face. This will increase blood circulation and give an energizing glow to your skin. Additionally, it can reduce tired eyes and to reduce your pores.

Apply a cream that is extremely hydrating.

If your skin feels dry and flaky, you’re in dire need of a deeply hydrating moisturizer. For those people who feel that the skin’s flaking off or experiencing a slight itch be sure to apply the right cream to make your skin soft before applying makeup. Apply The Lakme peach milk soft Creme Moisturizer that is easily absorbed into your skin and holds in moisture for up to 12 hours. If that’s not enough, be aware that it’s an excellent supply of Vitamin C that comes from the peaches it contains. This, along with the milk that is in it, both of which aid to keep your skin well-hydrated prior to applying makeup.

Use an appropriate primer

A very crucial preparation steps for applying makeup is to use primer. If you’re still not aware of the need for primer in your kit, this guide will assist you. More than anything else, you need to know that the primer you use is an anti-glare product that will draw out the excess oil from your skin, allowing your makeup to remain in place. Our recommendation for makeup is to apply The Lakme Absolute Blur Primer. While ensuring the skin isn’t greasy It also covers the pores that are enlarged and prepares the skin to be ready for makeup.

Do not forget to apply the lip balm

Before you apply your makeup or lipstick, ensure that your lips are hydrated. If you have dry, chapped lips, the color of your lipstick will always shift or transfer. To ensure that your lips remain all day long it, be sure to apply an lip balm, and allow it to set for at least 5 mins. We recommend applying Vaseline Lip Care Total Moisture. Vaseline lip Care Total Moisture which instantly softens and soothes dry lips due to its main ingredient Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.


Wash your face with warm water. Use a mild and gentle cleanser to help smooth out your skin. This can also help improve the appearance of your skin.

How Do You Select the Right Cleanser?

Selecting the correct cleansing products is the very first stage towards getting your face ready for makeup. When your skin type is prone to irritation, be sure to stay away from cleanser that contains glycolic acid, as it could cause irritation and redness. Choose a gentle cleanser that will assist you in achieving your desired appearance and make your face ready to give your face a radiant glow.

Additionally, you should look for a cleanser with a pH balance. Ideally, your skin’s pH should remain between 5 to 6. A lower pH, the more acidic. If you don’t suffer from any skin issues it is best to select the right cleanser for the pH balance of your skin. If you suffer from acne-prone skin choose an cleanser that is more acidic, as it will aid in fighting the presence of bacteria on your skin.


It’s not a good idea for your makeup to appear cakey, do you? Therefore, eliminate the primary cause of this cosmetic disaster Dead skin cells! Exfoliating is the process of revealing new smooth skin underneath.

How to Choose The Best Exfoliator?

Choose a gentle, daily exfoliator that contains tiny granules of granules which are circular in shape. Unusual and rough ingredients could be harmful since they may damage your skin and cause it dry and scaly. Cleanse your face thoroughly using lukewarm water to ensure that your makeup doesn’t become thicker after applying. Don’t forget to cleanse your neck!


After you’ve exfoliated your skin thoroughly then apply a toner or serum and wait just a few minutes for it to dry. Toner is beneficial for people who have oily skin, while serum is perfect for people with dry skin because it moisturizes the face. This is an aspect we tend to overlook but is vital.

How Do You Select the Right Serum?

Make sure you choose a product that contains some of the ingredients listed below:

Vitamin C helps smooth the skin

This ingredient seals the moisture levels of your skin

Herbs to hydrate your skin and reduce the signs of ageing

Eye Cream

Did you think that this process was not necessary? Rethink that because this step happens before applying your moisturiser. Similar to serums the eye cream you use should be very thin. It aids in moisturizing as well as even the tone of your skin around your eyes to make you appear more alert. The skin area around you is thin and fragile, so ensure that you apply your eye cream in the right way to even out skin tone.


This is an absolute requirement no matter if your skin is dry or oily. When applying makeup, you’ll require a gentle moisturizer so as not to cause the foundation to become oily. Use the right moisturizer for your skin type, and gives an all-day water-retaining. One method for applying it would be to rub the moisturizer into your skin , instead of rub it into. This allows the moisturizer to penetrate the skin and stimulate skin cells.

How to Choose The Best Moisturizer?

If you are prone to acne or acne-prone breakouts, look for a non-oil moisturizer that is not comedogenic. If you’re suffering from dry skin, you should look for a moisturizer that is more hefty to wear in the daytime. A thicker cream will also prepare the base for a dewy “right-out-of-shower” look.

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