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Graphics Designing

How to Pitch a Logo Design to Clients

In business, logos are a visual identity of a particular brand, but there is a complete science behind it. An attractive and alluring logo does not happen by chance and requires considerable time, effort, and skills.

A logo designer must first know about certain details about a brand, such as its offerings, message, and values. Without knowing the details or the market segment, it can be quite difficult for a designer to develop an appropriate logo.

Apart from the client’s brief, the designer needs to have valuable design skills and be aware of the market trends and changing consumer perspectives. Often, a client provides an adequate budget just for a logo design, so the designer needs to do extensive research and analysis.

A designer’s work is not done until and unless the client approves the logo design. Most logos are developed for a startup business which makes less room for error as the business owner will want the business to take off from the beginning.

A logo is the face of the brand and must effectively communicate the message and value of the brand. It is not how glitzy and sparkling a logo looks but how a target audience may perceive it. A designer always has to visualize the design from the client’s perspective and, most importantly, how potential customers may see it.

The Best Way to Pitch a Logo Design to the Client

It can be a daunting task to pitch a business plan or logo design to a client, but some essential steps to follow can make it easy. One pro tip is that during the ‘briefing stage,’ it is necessary to ask for some benchmark logos that a client likes so the design can be made in similar fashion. However, one only has to take inspiration in a subtle way and not just merely copy the design and tweak few changes.

The innovative and advanced online logo design tool is valuable help in coming up with distinctive logo design. The steps to follow before making a pitch are

  • Preparing a Presentation

Just like for a job interview, you select the best clothes to wear, make a haircut and make yourself presentable. Similarly, you have to ‘dress’ the logo you designed to impress the client. Today, there are many easy and innovative ways to make a presentation as intriguing and incredible as possible.

The first thing is that you need to make sure that the logo design is appealing, enchanting, and per the client’s requirements. The next thing is to ensure that there are few words and sentences and focus on the visuals. The fewer words you need to say, the less explanation you need to give and fewer questions from the client. Experts suggest that visual aids help the client connect the dots on his own, and the designer has to do a little explaining.

  • Researching

Apart from comprehensive research in designing and developing a logo, you need to research how to present the logo to the client. It is best to make points that you need to cover. Mostly the startup business owners have dozens of other things on their mind and commitments to me, so they will have less time to go over lengthy explanations.

The ideal approach is to first lay down the requirements, how much research was done, the importance of custom logo maker, and the outcome. Also, including statistics can make it easy for the client to understand the blueprint of the logo design.

  • Explaining the Concept

Although a client has less time for the presentation, he always wants to know the complete thought and design process. The best way is to start with the brief and then explain the elements of the logo design, which include shape, style, color, lines, and typeface. You also need to connect the elements and explain how it reflects the brand identity. Of all the elements, color selection is most important and must be done according to the client’s wishes.

As a designer, you need to know about color psychology as different colors represent a particular market segment. For example, tech brands and companies usually prefer the color blue, which represents ‘dependability, and trust.’

The key is to answer all the questions the client had right at the first meeting and answer the questions the client may ask during the presentation. Try to complement the logo design with a movie story or character or any trending topic which may help to build the narrative. Also explain the help you got from best Logo Maker that made it easier to experiment and come up with a fabulous logo.

  • The Final Design

You may have sent a demo or sample logo design to the client, who may have asked for corrections and modifications. You need to answer few questions, such as

What does the logo design represent?

How may the potential audience perceive the logo?

Is this the best logo design possible, or if a better one is out there?

You need to present both visuals and statistics to convince the client. The crucial part of the presentation is showing the logo against all the printed and digital formats. One of the key factors of a good logo is that it needs to be scalable as the logo today has to feature across a wide range of platforms that includes

  • Website
  • Social media pages
  • Product Packaging
  • Email template
  • Brochures
  • Merchandise

A custom logo design tool can help to place the logo against various background and make the logo more flexible. It is best to show the client and save his valuable time by showcasing the logo on different platforms; otherwise, the client will be coming back for scalability issues. Also, you need to focus on explaining the choice of colors as the potential customers develop a particular emotional attachment with the colors of a brand.

  • Drawing Comparisons

Most business companies are bound to face competition from existing companies and other new players entering the market. Even if a startup brand chooses a certain niche, it still belongs to a particular segment. During the research, a designer must look for other logo designs of competitor brands to understand how a particular concept works.

  • Long term Branding Strategy

A logo is just like your name, which you have for the rest of your life. There are exceptions to some companies coming up with new logo designs, but those are quite rare. A logo redesign and modification is something that only an established company can afford as the people already know about that brand. For example, beverage giant ‘Pepsi’ did a logo design in 2009 and paid Arnell Group $1 million.

The designer needs to know that the startup business owner has long-term goals in mind, so only a purposeful and attractive logo design can help achieve those goals. At the end of the presentation, you need to give examples of industry giants with fantastic logos and how people feel about them. The designer needs to specify why the proposed logo can help the brand to reflect its value and impress the target audience.

Closing Thoughts

As a designer, you need to end the presentation by specifying all the challenges and fun you had in designing the logo. In the end, ask for feedback and prepare the answers to the obvious questions the client may ask. Stay focused and keep emphasizing the key elements of the logo and how it reflects the client’s business goals.

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