How To Make Your Bakery Boxes Packaging Stand Out

For any business, the packaging is of utmost importance. After the coronavirus hit in 2020, everyone realized that you shouldn’t completely rely on your job and you should be prepared for rainy days. This realization opened many gates for new opportunities, and one of those opportunities were opening home bakeries. Every restaurant or café was shut, and if there were any open, people feared that workers might have positive results of COVID-19.

Hundreds of bakeries started in the lockdown period, and now they are thriving. Of course, there were some failures because there is always competition in every market, and as you don’t have the luxury to examine the food before ordering online, it became difficult for some startups. You can’t lure customers to your website because they can’t taste the food, but you can attract them through packaging. In this blog, you will learn about making the bakery boxes stand out from the competition so that you can have a thriving business.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Use Lively Artwork:

Using a simple brown box with your bakery logo on top won’t be enough when you compete in a highly competitive niche like a bakery. Colors influence the way people look at things, and the same is the case with bakery boxes.

Get creative and think outside of the box so that you can come up with the most creative design possible. An artsy layout can surely stir the interest of your customers. Try and get different boxes for different products, like if you have an order for cookies, use a packaging design that revolves around the cookies. This goes for other products too.

Use Premium Finishing:

The icing on the cake is a sentence we hear almost everywhere, and the same is the case with the finishing of the packaging. The finishing on the packaging can make or break the total aesthetic of the packaging. Using premium finishing won’t cost much as it sounds, and small details can make your packaging look better than the others.

The quality of the packaging is as important as the product these days. Try using window cut boxes because it will enhance the overall vibe of the box. For a premium finish, you can use a ribbon on top of the box, and use golden tape instead of transparent tape while packing the product.

Add Glam:

What about turning your packaging into a series of interesting stories? Not bad, right? You can use pictures and innovative texts to tell the story of your brand, how it started and what is your cause. This will encourage the relationship between your customers and the bakery, and you can get loyal customers.

Feature A Cause On Packaging:

There is no denying the fact that customers feel special affection towards the brands that have a solid cause. Your bakery might be working towards a social cause like hunger issues or other social issues, so print that cause on the packaging to gather the public’s support, and you can grow through that cause.

Add A Gift or A Note:

If you have high hopes for your business and don’t want to end up like average businesses, you must engage with your customers and build a healthy relationship. Adding a note filled with love or a small gift can make the day of your customer, and they will be forever attached to your bakery.

A brilliant example of this is McDonald’s, McDonald’s uses a small toy inside their happy meals that makes them loved by the customers.

Make It Easy to Identify Packaging:

Getting creative and thinking outside of the box will play a huge part in the success of your bakery business, but make sure you don’t make the packaging too complex. This can confuse your potential customers, and you don’t want that to happen. Keep it simple because it never goes out of fashion.

According to Forbes, your packaging must pass the 5-year-old test. This means that your product packaging should be understandable to a 5-year-old.

A tip here for you is that the next time you buy boxes for your bakery, make sure you buy bakery boxes wholesale because it will save you cost, and you can use that excess money in another part of your business.

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