How to Look Stylish with Grey hair and Beard?

Grey hair is a common issue for a lot of people, both men and women alike. As people grow older, the hair follicles have fewer pigment cells, which affects natural melanin production. As a result, the hair loses color, and strands of grey appear. 

In this context, experts in the hair care and beauty industry currently offer grey style trends. For example, like the Grey Hair and Beard look for men. Instead of coloring your hair continuously and speeding up hair damage, this practice is simpler to handle and creates attractive looks still. 

Types of styles for men to flaunt their grey hair attractively 

There are many different options for hairstyles and even beards that you can wear to show off your grey hair stylishly. These are some of the most popular selections. 

  • Slicked back + undercut 

The slicked-back hairstyle is an appealing style that provides an edgier appearance. Keep the upper hair longer and use a gel formula to slick it backward. Also, hair stylists give an undercut in the back and a full beard in the front for an overall aesthetic look. 

  • League cut 

This hairstyle is a classic selection, with the front hair brushed at an upper angle and then combed to one side. For an added appeal, many experts recommend pairing it with facial hair in a stubble manner. 

  • Pushed back 

Hairstylists use a little bit of pomade to comb the longer top hair backward for a set look. 

  • Long hair 

Another stylish grey hair option is to flaunt longer hair past the shoulders to some extent. Here, most men keep their long hair in a hand-swept manner instead of an extremely well-designed style. Stubble in the front completes the look. 

  • Subtle layers 

Light grey tresses generally look weaker and thinner. To add volume here, many hair specialists cut the hair in subtle layers for men. At this point, it is important to not add a lot of layered steps.  

  • Messy hairstyle

Many people chose to keep their hair in messy disarray or classic bed hair. This is very low maintenance and suits with different beard styles as well. 

  • Grey hair + beard 

For this look, keep the hair in a shorter cut and add most of the volume to the beard. It works well with people who are facing the problem of receding hairlines. 

  • Quiff + Stubble 

To create an attractive quiff, hairstylists cut the top hair longer. At the sides, the hairstyle is kept short and faded. Then, they use a  hairdryer and pomade for increasing volume and shaping the quiff respectively. Add a short stubble here, too. 

  • Pompadour 

The front hair on top appears in a high mound appearance and is best for male clients who have naturally thin hair. Indeed, this is effective for adding some much-need texture. 

  • Undercut + Full/Stubble 

In the undercut, shave the hair from the sides and the back completely. Leaving the front of your hair longer is suitable here. As for the beard look that pairs best with this, clients prefer either a full face of beard or a shortened stubble.

Tips to maintain your grey hair

 To maintain your naturally greying hair, you should take particular measures. 

  • Color your hair platinum completely 

To combat the situation of greying hair, many experts currently suggest embracing it entirely. For this purpose, a lot of the clients choose to colour their hair completely platinum. Certainly, this colour suits many of the skin shades and is comparatively easier to maintain. 

  • Adopt fashionable clothing that suits grey hair 

The correct kinds of clothes in specific colours can improve your overall look with grey hair. Here, opting for clothes in charcoal or silver tones sets off the grey locks in a prominent manner. 

Also, choose shades like ruby red, deep purples, sapphire blue, black, white, and grey shades mainly. For the best look, male clients must stay away from olive or beige tones in their clothing.

  • Use techniques to smooth and polish your grey tresses

Generally, the grey hair types have less pigmented cells which also make them get dry quicker compared to naturally dark hair. 

Thereafter, they look dull if one does not follow good maintenance rules and frizz too much. In this context, you need to switch to the right products that would polish your tresses consistently. 

For example, blue-hued conditioners and shampoos help reduce the possibility of a violet cast. Here, experts suggest this practice one or two times per month for customers.

  • Choose your hair care products carefully 

Make sure to select and utilize high-quality products for your hair care regularly. In this concern, check out the main ingredients in the product composition.

So, avoid mineral oil-rich products since this reduces the ability of the hair to retain moisture properly. Plus, this component weighs the hair down after it coats the fibres. 

Moreover, use sulfate-free shampoos mainly. This can dry out the hair fibres and promote faster hair discolouration. Additionally, consider natural-based clarifying shampoos to perfectly remove mineral oil deposits. 

  • Nourish your hair with protein treatments 

Grey hair does not have high elasticity or strength. So, experts suggest going for a protein treatment every 4-8 weeks, especially for men with very brittle hair follicles. 

  • Use Vitamin E oils

Choose and apply products like conditioners that have high Vitamin E and other natural-based oil content. These improve the shine, moisture, and strength of the weakened grey hair. 

How to book your next appointment with Zoylee?

For getting a grey-centered stylish hairstyle that compliments you, hiring A-grade stylists is important. For that purpose, download the Zoylee app to get in touch with a variety of options. First, you should register for an account and then search parlors and specialists in your locality. 

Read the reviews and then make your choice. Also, see what services they offer carefully and book a date and time with the stylist. Make your payment online and set the appointment. 


Overall, flaunt gorgeous hairstyles and beards despite having intensely greying hair. For the best results, add platinum highlights or adopt completely greyed tresses for an intense and classy look. At this point, hire well-trained professionals who would cut the hair and beards appropriately in trendy styles.

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