How to Look Gorgeous In a Cocktail Party

Congratulations! You got a cocktail party invitation. Now you want to look dashing and gorgeous but have some questions about how to look, how to dress up and so on. We all are getting so excited to go to a party and want to look good and attracted by everyone. So in this article we will discuss how you can look good in a cocktail party. Whatever your skin tone it is tan color or white color, whatever your height or weight, you have the right to look good. So let’s start:

1. Choose your outfit:

After a shower, choose your favorite outfit which is perfect for your body and for the occasion. You can wear dresses or jeans with some bold tops or skirts. If you have a pear body shape then you can wear flowing tops with a skirt or if you have a rectangular body shape then you can wear short skirts with high heels. In this context, you must have a question: which color suits you? So I will tell you that not every color suits everyone. If you have a cool skin tone then you can wear blue, green, purple, and silver. If your skin tone is warm then wear brown, gold, red and deep yellow. Wear warm and cold colors if you have a neutral skin tone.

2. Fix your hair:

Before styling your hair blow dry it whether it is long or short. You can make a cute or bold style with your hair. If you don’t want to do style then you simply straighten or curl your hair. You can watch any YouTube video for hairstyling knowledge. And try to avoid such hair accessories.

3. Apply makeup:

Makeup is the major key to look gorgeous. If you are not doing perfect makeup or the makeup does not match with your outfits then it will be ridiculous. So here are some tips for a perfect makeup guide:

i. Use a bright lipstick:

Parties are the finest occasion and chance for you to show off your favorite bright lipsticks that you avoid a few times. Bright lipsticks can go wrong not at all for late-night parties. Actually, it will emphasize your attire and add the proper glamour and vigor to your look.

ii. Highlight any one feature:

Focus on your best feature and highlight it. You can either highlight your lips or your eyes. You can’t highlight both at the same time. For example, if you highlight your lips with bright lipstick then you can apply a subtle eyeshadow.

iii. Apply a full coverage foundation:

For a cocktail party, it’s always finest to apply a foundation that gives full exposure. You must cover all your pigmentations, black spots, and even your skin tone. Thus pick a high-quality, full coverage foundation.

iv. Use eyeliner and metallic eyeshadows:

Never apply pencil eyeliner mostly when you are going to a cocktail party because it will smudge with time. Liquid eyeliner is the best option. The thickness of your eyeliner totally depends on your choice. Dramatic eyes are best for any cocktail party. So you can use anti metallic eyeshadows and shine your look. Although remember when you use metallic eyeshadows you must have subtle lips.

v. Use setting spray:

Suppose you have done makeup and look gorgeous and after going to the party the makeup will smudge and boom! You lost everyone’s attention. So after finishing makeup use setting spray, it is the most important tip to look perfect so that you can look fresh and gorgeous till the party ends.

4. Some other tips:

i. Groom your feet and hand:

Suppose you look gorgeous but your nails are so dirty and if anyone noticed that you lost your reputation. That’s why you should clean your finger nails before a day ago. You can also apply a nail polish and removed the old. If you are wearing heels or shoes make sure that your toenails look clean.

ii. Find out dress code:

Before going to the party have some knowledge about the party dress code. You can wear a bold dress or jeans with a tank top.

iii. Stay with comfort:

Comfortable is the main key of any party. You think you can wear a bold dress and wear heavy makeup and heels but you are not comfortable. So don’t wear these. Wear your comfortable shoes, dress and also makeup.


So these are tips you should follow to attract everyone. I am sure this article will help you to look good.

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