How to Keep your Dogs Safe During Holi Celebrations

One of the most fun and colourful festivals in India must be Holi, simply referred to us “the festival of colours”. It’s that time of year again where we celebrate the arrival of spring and give each other a playful dousing with coloured powder. It’s also a time for us humans to don our vibrant dyes, even if we are wearing white or black clothing. 

Not everyone who lives in a country that celebrates Holi goes out to enjoy the festival with their friends. Some people just stay home, enjoying their day with their family, partner, or pets. Not all dogs are kept indoors — some enjoy going outside and roaming around in their garden or house compound.

If you live in India and celebrate Holi like most of us do here, with lots of colorful powder and water guns, then you’re probably wondering whether you’re allowed to have fun with your dog on this fun-filled day of splashing colored water.

But are these powders safe for your dogs? Here’s some information about celebrating Holi with your dogs.

Things to do

  • Put a collar on your dog before you leave for celebrations.
  • Make them happy with best and comfortable dog clothes.
  • Keep an eye out for signs of anxiety or stress in your dog.
  • Keep your dog indoors during celebrations.
  • If you are playing Holi with your dog, keep it as stress-free as possible. Don’t throw water balloons at them or splash them with buckets of water. Instead, use a soft sponge or spray bottle filled with clean cold water to wet them down instead.
  • Rather than throwing colours, you can play with dog accessories which makes them feels happy.

Things not to do

#1: Keep Dogs Away From Fireworks

Fireworks are banned during Holi but that doesn’t mean that nobody sets them off! If you live where fireworks are common, try to keep your dogs inside and away from windows, where they could see the fireworks go off. If you’re out at a celebration and there are fireworks going off nearby, make sure to keep your dog on its leash and away from any loud noises—dogs can get scared or even run away if they’re frightened by fireworks, so be sure to always have them on a leash when there’s a possibility of loud noises.

#2 : Avoid the color powders.

Even though the colors themselves aren’t toxic, the chemicals used to dye them can irritate your dog’s skin and even cause eye damage if it gets in their eyes. Plus—they’ll get it all over your furniture and carpets!

#3: Keep an eye on your dog at parties.

If you’re going to a big party with lots of people, be sure to keep an eye on your dog at all times—or leave him at home if you can’t be there with him. There are lots of people around a Holi party who might not love dogs (or who might want to play a prank), so make sure they stay safe!

#4: Do not apply colours on your dog’s face


Your dog is a part of the family too. However, do not make the mistake of applying colours on their face or body. It will only irritate their skin and cause allergic reactions. Let them enjoy their own play time without having to worry about getting coloured by anyone.

#5: Do not spray water through a pichkari

You should avoid spraying water through a pichkari or spraying any kind of liquid directly into your dog’s face or eyes. They may get scared if suddenly showered with water

#6: Don’t force your dog to play with you or enter the Holi crowd.

If he doesn’t want to join in, don’t try too hard to make him do so as he could get frightened and react badly in this situation.

#7: Don’t leave food lying around after Holi celebrations.

Dogs are scavengers by nature and may eat anything that could be harmful for them, especially the food items prepared during Holi like gujiya, mathri etc.

#8: Don’t allow anyone or strangers to apply any chemical-laden

colored powder or liquid on your dog as it can cause serious health problems and skin infections for him.

#9: Do not rub colours on the dogs eyes and nose.

This could lead to irritation, blindness or injury. It will also cause respiratory problems if ingested by accident through grooming later on.

#10: Do not force the animals to play Holi against their will.

This can cause them high levels of stress which may lead to behavioural problems in the future as well as physical injuries.

Precautions Should be taken

Although it’s going to be a ruckus outside, there is no reason your furball should remain cooped up inside and bored all day long. Plan ahead so that you can wake up an hour or two earlier and get him his long walk done in the morning (or even later at night). While out on the walk, make sure to keep him away from kids too!

Just in case your dog eats something he shouldn’t or gets colour in his eyes, nose or mouth, keep your vet on hand to figure out how best to deal with emergencies. Always remember to wash sensitive areas with pure, distilled, tepid water.

Colour on the skin should only be removed with water and your dog’s mild shampoo. At most, you can use some coconut oil to remove some stubborn colour. Under no circumstances should “popular fixes” and urban myths such as kerosene, turpentine oil, hydrogen peroxide etc be used.


Holi is all about bringing people closer, friends and families. The festival is the great life of fun and frolic.The holi with dogs is the celebration of love and affection of man towards the dog. On this day we see an unusual sight, colours flying high along with burnt gunpowder as people throw colourful water balloons filled with dyes at each other. Kids and grownups alike enjoy every moment of this day as they dance around throwing colour full water balloons on each other in playfullfulness.

The immerse dyes present in the balloons spread across the sky dyeing it vivid orange-red, lilac or fluorescent green. As Holi rolls into evening, a most beautiful sight appears, one that will surely leave you mesmerized: a riot of colours on the faces of laughing, carefree children and adults clad in brightly coloured clothes standing amidst a riot of colours on the ground.

Keep an eye out for neighbourhood dogs if you live in a neighbourhood with them. They are, sadly, the most vulnerable victims of a festival dedicated to the force of love and goodness! It’s a good idea to teach the local youngsters about the dos and don’ts ahead of time, as well as some basic safety and first-aid recommendations, so that everyone may have a pleasant, cheerful, and gorgeous celebration.

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