How to Get YouTube Video into device?

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YouTube is one of the greatest video streaming platforms today. Every age – group of people is very much fond of YouTube. It offers a large pool of content. It provides every kind of content, you look whether you are searching for entertainment, or finding any cooking blogs or education. It contains a huge variety of data. People love to watch youtube videos in their free time. I think nothing is there, that you can’t find on YouTube.

I am sure while watching youtube, if you find any interesting, you definitely want to share it with your close ones. But is it possible? can you share YouTube videos through WhatsApp? yes, you can share, but only the link. You can’t share the whole at once. Because youtube has some policies, might be some copywriting issues. That’s why you have to go for a third-party downloader, but one problem is that not every youtube video downloader that appears on search engines is authentic or genuine. Few of them are genuine downloaders, and it’s very difficult to find the right one by visiting each and every page. So don’t worry, today we are going to discuss the downloader, called Keepvid.

Keepvid is an open source and one of the popular YouTube video downloaders, that lets you download and save the video from youtube to your device. As it’s open-source, it is totally available for free, you don’t require to pay any money for it. Moreover, it doesn’t have any subscription plans which is the best part. Because today almost every single application has its own subscription plans. If you have used another downloader, you have found that they are fully packed with ads and redirection issues. Whenever we try to download, it takes us to another page. That’s the reason, keepvid is totally ad-free and you won’t face any redirection issues as well. You just Go to the site and download your video.

Keepvid supports more than 1000+ sites and offers you unlimited video downloads. You can download unlimited videos from more than 1000+ sites. It supports sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram, gfycat, Reddit, apart, rutube, yahoo, Southpark, club, fc2, gyao, TikTok, and the list is more. You just have to copy the video link and paste it into keepvid’s search bar, We will look out for the steps to download videos later in this article.

The best part of Keepvid is, that you don’t have to install any specific software to use keepvid because it runs on a browser only. You can easily use it on your browser and it is compatible with any other browser, you just require your data connection. Keepvid is perfectly suitable for any kind of operating system like Android, IOS, Windows, etc. But it is best suitable for Windows 10. Keepvid is packed with so many options and features for downloading.

Keepvid Various Options and Features

It offers an Mp3 converter
Keepvid Mp3 converter, lets you convert your video into mp3/mp4 format. It helps you to download any videos and convert it into any format you require.

480p downloader

480p is the standard quality for viewing any video. It is used by many broadcasting channels too. 480p downloader allows you to download your videos into various quality formats. Even it offers 150 formats to download videos as per your required quality.

HD downloader

If you want to download videos into HD quality, that too it can be done through an HD downloader

Instagarm video Downloader

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms offering various content in form of videos, especially Reels. Because of Reels, Instagram has so many popular creators. Keepvid Instagram downloader lets you download reels, IGTVs, stories, etc with a single click.

Facebook video Downloader

Just like Instagram, Facebook also provides content in form of videos only. That’s why facebook downloader is here, it allows you to download Facebook videos, shorts, etc in less time.

Twitter video Downloader

If you find any interesting videos on Twitter, it helps you to download them too from Twitter

Not only these you can use the link from a different site and paste it into the search bar, downloading will start by itself. just use it on your browser.

Keepvid suppressed all downloaders

As an youtube video downloader, we don’t want to provide any fake content to our user, and that’s why we have compared our downloader with different available downloaders on the web like,,, ytmate,,, and got ourselves much better in terms of performance as well as security.

Keepvid Maintains Security

Security is a very important thing to focus on. Because if security is not maintained properly, the site can have many losses. That’s why Maintaining security is our topmost priority. Keepvid does not download any kind of videos, which may harm our terms and conditions. So you should download only those videos which are legal as per terms and conditions.

Advantages of Keepvid

Using Keepvid you can have various benefits, so just look at these
It’s an open-source downloader, so it is available for free
It is 100% legal and verified
Maintains security, protects data of the user
While using keepvid, you don’t have to go through any sign-in or registration process
Consists of various features and options
Allows unlimited downloads
Supports more than 1000+ sites
Compatible with all browser and Operating systems
Suitable with every device, only requires a data connection
smooth user interface

If the browser downloader not works then you can use the keepvid software, which is extremely lite-weight and will take up little space in your device. You just have to bookmark it, and whenever you find any videos to download, just open it in the bookmark section and start downloading. While downloading videos from the keepvid bookmarklet, you don’t have to perform copy and paste, just add it into your browser bookmark and choose your output quality and download it.

So if you have found keepvid an awesome  downloader, then grab these free options and features and enjoy unlimited downloads

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