How to Get Sling TV on FireStick | Easy Step-by-Step Guide

This guide will show you how to set up and use Sling TV on FireStick. Sling TV is a live TV app that is available for Android, iOS and Web platforms.

Cable TV isn’t at a bargain price. I’ve spent close to $100 a month on different subscriptions for some time currently. In addition, there is the high-priced equipment I had to purchase for the connection. It’s even more frustrating the fact that it all comes with a contract that I am unable to get out of quickly. I am happy that streaming TV online is more than just caught up, it’s become mainstream. I am able to stream my entire collection of channels on the internet for a the fraction of what a satellite costs me.

If you’re thinking of making the switch to cord-free I’d recommend to look into Sling TV. The online division of Dish Network, Sling TV allows you to watch live TV on a broad variety of devices at a monthly cost as low as $20. Sling TV brings to you the most popular channels in the monthly plans or via a-la carte subscriptions. Although the service is primarily focused on live TV, you can discover a variety of online content on the site as well.

Sling TV doesn’t require any additional installation or equipment, it does not tie you to an agreement and allows you to stream your preferred channels at the touch of an button. In conclusion, Sling TV is every bit worth the cost. In this post, we will discover the steps to set up and run SlingTV on FireStick. Read More About Activation of Sling Tv on

What exactly is Sling TV?

The first time I heard about Sling TV I was a bit confused. it was a similar device to Slingbox or perhaps the Slingbox manufacturer had changed the name of their product. I dug a little deeper and discovered the fact that Sling TV was a vastly different product from Slingbox.

Slingbox will take the feed of your cable TV service and uploads it online so you can stream TV from anywhere. Slingbox requires a cable television subscription in order to function.

Sling TV, on the contrary, takes cable TV from the equation. It allows direct streaming of the satellite channels on supported devices at, as I mentioned previously – less than a quarter price. Despite the subscription-based model as well as the tiered pricing, SlingTV significantly brings lower your costs for cable TV.

Slingbox requires you to setup another device. SlingTV requires no special installation whatsoever.

Use an Internet connection to stream Sling TV From Anywhere in the World

SlingTV is available only in the United States. However, don’t despair as of now. You can make use of the VPN service to unblock Sling TV’s geo-blocked SlingTV service no matter what part of the world you are in.

With the help of a VPN you are able to locate yourself anywhere around the globe in which the VPN service is available. You can select one of the numerous VPN servers in the US and then enjoy SlingTV.

Utilizing VPN You can bypass internet throttling and use the the internet to its fullest potential.

I utilize Express VPN and highly would recommend it to anyone. Express VPN is the fastest VPN service available. It’s FireStick compatible and offers hundreds of servers throughout the globe (including those within the US).

Sling TV Registration

To make use of to use the SlingTV service you need to register for your account and pay for the plan. The positive side is SlingTV has a 7-day trial, fully-featured, and absolutely free. You can watch all channels in your package at no cost for seven days.

Contrary to other streaming services that cost the fee upfront and then refund the amount later in the event that you cancel prior to the expiration of the trial, SlingTV does not charge anything during the seven-day trial period. It is only charged when you decide to stay using the service beyond your trial.

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