How To Find Citizenship And Naturalization Attorney?

If you’re planning to apply for U.S. citizenship, it’s important to find a Citizenship & Naturalization Attorney experienced in the area of immigration lawyers who can help you through the process.

There are several things you can look for when searching for the right attorney to handle your citizenship & naturalization case.

What Is a Citizenship & Naturalization Attorney? 

A naturalized citizen is someone who has become a U.S. citizen through a process of naturalization. However, people may also be citizens by virtue of being born in or having parents or grandparents born in a certain country. 

For example, if your father was born in America, then you are automatically an American citizen at birth—even if you have never visited or lived in America yourself.

In some countries, it is possible to obtain citizenship for a child born overseas by a parent who is a national of that country. Even if neither parent lives there permanently anymore and one or both parents were not from that country originally.

While in other countries, such as France and Japan, only children with at least one parent who is either French or Japanese can be citizens; children with two foreign parents may only hold permanent resident status (or right of abode) but can never receive full citizenship. And if their children also want to receive Japanese citizenship when they turn 20 (or 18), they would need to submit their own applications when they turn 15.

What Is the Role of Citizenship & Naturalization Attorney? 

For legal advice and guidance on an immigration matter, finding a good immigration lawyer is your first step. 

The next step is finding out what kind of immigration attorney you’re looking for. There are two main types of immigration lawyers: citizenship and naturalization attorneys and green card attorneys. If you need help with paperwork or questions about entering or leaving the country, an attorney who focuses on citizenship and naturalization will be more up to speed than one who specializes in green cards. 

However, there is some overlap between these two areas; if your visa expires while waiting for a decision on your citizenship application, you may need to consult with both kinds of lawyers to sort it all out.

Experienced immigration lawyer

An experienced immigration lawyer can review your immigration history and help identify any potential problems in your naturalization case. 

An experienced immigration lawyer can also help ensure that your naturalization application form (N-400) is filled out correctly and completely and that all required documents are being submitted. This can help streamline the process. 

There is no doubt that you should consult an immigration lawyer before submitting your application for naturalization if you have any questions or concerns about your eligibility for naturalization or if there is something in your history that may cause a problem.

How to Submit Your Application (Application) for Naturalization or Citizenship?

Instructions on the form explain the documents to be submitted, although in all cases you will need a copy of your green card and two identical color photos.
Once your application is submitted, you will be scheduled for a biometric interview (fingerprinting) and then you will be scheduled for an interview for your naturalization application using the N-400 form.

Here are ten important things you should consider while hiring a citizenship & naturalization attorney. Have a look! 

  • Does The Immigration Lawyer Positively Recognized by Other Professionals?

The best immigration lawyers are recognized by peers as the most knowledgeable, professional, and leading in the industry. Those seeking immigration assistance should avoid lawyers with little or no positive experience. Please note that so-called “notaries” are not certified to practice immigration law in the United States.

  • What Were Your Successes in Such Cases?

During your first interview, ask about past cases similar to yours. Find out how successful immigration lawyers are in situations like this. Look for links and reviews if available.

  • Is The Immigration Lawyer a Certified Member of the American Bar Association and The Prestigious Texas Council of Legal Specialization in Immigration and Civil Law?

Find out if the immigration lawyer has been certified by the respective associations. If not, you should look elsewhere. 

  • They Are Nearby?

The location of your immigration lawyer is very important. Being close is especially important if you or your family are involved in a conflict that requires the immediate protection of an immigration attorney. Contact the best immigration attorney in Encino at Sidman Law Group Immigration Law Firm.

  • Do They Speak Your Language?

Legal advice can be complex and requires complete understanding. Companies that provide multilingual assistance ensure that their clients understand the strategies, risks, costs, and associated processes.

  • Does The Company Offer Free Consultation?

Professional and responsive law firms offer free initial advice. These meetings are vital to meeting with a lawyer. Likewise, an immigration lawyer needs to thoroughly understand your situation to determine if he can provide meaningful assistance.

  • How Professional and Informative Is the Site?

Please visit the company’s website for details. 

The website is a great example of information worth looking for. 

The site should reflect the scope of services of a lawyer, professionalism, approach to immigration law, awards and certificates, composition, and reviews of the company and the founder. The website for the best immigration lawyer in California should contain informative news and a blog covering the latest immigration developments. 

  • Is Your Firm or Lawyer Specialized in Immigration Law?

When you first call, interview, or visit the website, make sure that a lawyer specializes in immigration law. Many companies are “one size fits all” and cannot cope with rapidly changing immigration problems.

  • How Many Years of Experience?

The phrase “experience is the best teacher” is relevant both in immigration law and in life. Companies that have been in business for many years specializing in immigration issues, know the best strategies. Stay informed and maintain good relationships with law enforcement and judicial officials.

  • Does The Firm Work in A-Team?

Coordination ensures that there is always someone to represent your case. The immigration lawyer will be assisted by staff who work diligently to prepare and complete all the legal details of your case.

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