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How to ensure that you are doing optimum Kitchen Cleaning?

The kitchen is an integral part of the premises. All those who consider the kitchen as just a part of the premises and ignore its regular cleaning need to get acquainted with the reality check. Poor hygiene in the kitchen can be the root cause of several issues that may take a severe turn. Look at common issues that you may face in a kitchen (whether residential or commercial):

Poor ventilation

You will be surprised to learn the importance of having adequate ventilation in the kitchen area. Inappropriate or poor ventilation in the kitchen allows poor quality air circulation within the premises, and it becomes the cause of health issues. Cooking is one of the major causes of poor air quality in the premises as it leads to the emission of smoke while cooking is in progress. If the smoke does not get a proper outlet or exit, it circulates within the premises and poses significant health hazards.

Issues like respiratory disorder are triggered due to the release of irritant gases caused by cooking. Electric and gas burners cause pollutants that require emission from the premises. Nitrogen dioxide is emitted due to fumes caused by combustion of any type, even cooking. Inmates also get exposed to carbon monoxide that is believed to trigger cardiovascular issues because it affects oxygen levels in the human body. Proper kitchen cleaning can be initiated by installing chimney/range hoods to take care of such gases wisely. If you cannot establish a range hood or chimney, then ensure that you have a window or exhaust on while cooking to decrease the level of irritant pollutants in the premises. 

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Spills in the kitchen

It is but natural to face the spilling of items while work is in progress in the kitchens. But the process becomes worrisome if the spillage is not cleared and left to cause staining that attracts dirt and germs. Always keep a dry wipe/tissue handy so that quick wiping is possible. A clean kitchen will not attract flies and pests because pests can lead to germ-causing diseases. 

Clean-up after every meal

If you are the kind of person who allows piles of dishes after meals to dry, you need to be aware of the hazards that such a habit can cause. If you do not have a dishwasher or a helper to clean the dishes, then at least rinse the dish and clear the left-over food particles from the dishes to avoid dryness of the vessels that again becomes the breeding ground for pests and other germ attraction. Then washing the utensils can be postponed for a while. If possible, ask for help from kids as they too will learn the importance of kitchen cleaning. 

Messy counters are hazardous.

Mess in the counter creates not only workstation problems but also health hazards. A dirty and messy counter will result in the poor organization of the kitchen because the workspace is reduced, and spillage on the workstation attracts germs and pests. 

Sink clearance

The sink is the place that bears the brunt of cooking and after-meal disposal. Hence, keeping the sink should not be neglected under any circumstances. A dirty sink attracts bacteria that can lead to infection. So, keep the sink inside and faucets clean. Simply wiping it with a scrub dipped in the soapy solution can do the trick and help maintain the required level of cleanliness in the kitchen.  

Sponge cleaning

If you want your dished to be clean and odour-free, then ensure to clean the scrubber or sponge used for cleaning the utensils to clean after every meal. Replace it regularly so that a higher level of cleaning standards is achieved in the kitchen. A dirty and smelly sponge results in futile efforts of dish cleaning because the results are not very effective or impressive. 

Maintain cleanliness of chopping/cutting boards

If you are a vegan, ensure to clean the cutting board after every use. If the kitchen witnesses veg and non-veg cooking, then become more vigilant while chopping meat and veggies. any possible, have separate boards for both. But in case you have the same board for cutting veggies and meat, then avoid cross-contamination of meat and veggies. The germs of raw meat may get transferred to veggies. So, ensure to handle the board either for meat cutting or veggie chopping individually.  

Replacing the cutting board becomes inevitable if you notice deep cuts and grooves on the surface.

Space organization

Having designated cabinets in the kitchen is ideal for making space and lending organization to the area. It is not necessary to have a big kitchen to keep it clean. Even small sites can be optimized and kept clean. Ensure keeping vessels in proper place after every use so that the workspace looks organized. Keep electronics like mixer-grinder, microwave, hand mixer, etc., in designated places. A neat kitchen is like half the battle won towards a clean kitchen.

Trash management

Keeping the garbage properly is an important issue that should not go unnoticed at all. Keep the trash that smells away from the kitchen. Keeping a bin without a lid will attract flies in the kitchen apart from the odour. So, take the garbage out and trash it in the allotted area before it gets picked by the curb side. 

Floor cleaning

Keep the kitchen floor clean as it will get dirty after cooking. Mop it at least once a day to keep away the stains, crumbs, etc., that can make the area appear dirty. Ensure that the area is dry after mopping before stepping on the wet floor.


These are a few handy tips that can help you maintain a clean kitchen. Clean kitchen maintenance is not a difficult task if regular kitchen cleaning becomes a habit. It will also support in maintaining optimum health levels within the premises. 

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