How to Decorate Neon Signs in Restaurants and Cafes?

Neon signs have become very popular as decorations for people’s homes and for office artwork. In addition, it’s hard to find coffee shops and bars or restaurants that don’t use clever slogans or images made from LED neon signs on their premises. It not only adds a fab aesthetic that is so on-trend right now but also adds a mesmerizing glow to your interior. Social media is a big part of the reason for the new popularity of neon. Allowing people to capture a snapshot with the sign and let people know where they are and what they are doing. 

Popularity of Neon

There was a time when neon lights were limited to outdoor advertising and even today we see some signs outside the diners and ramen shops. However, restaurants and cafes have been experimenting for a while and today, you are more likely to see a neon sign gracing the indoor space of a restaurant. It is no more limited to a means of beckoning potential customers but it has become a part of the ambiance. Today LED neon signs are exhibited as a piece of art in cafes and restaurants. Branching beyond colorful restaurant interiors, these bright lights are sure to catch your eye, as well as add a personalized pop to each of these spaces.

If you have a big neon sign on your restaurant window that says “steak”, you are likely to have more customers ordering steak instead of that salad which has a much lower sale value. Not only are neon signs perfect for displaying in windows and doors to attract attention, but they are also perfect for lighting up the bar interior, especially if you choose to go with led neon signage. It’s important for your customers to enjoy the environment they are in whilst socializing and neon bar signs can help to set the mood. Set yourself apart, attract new customers, and increase your social media exposure with your very own LED Neon sign.

The personalized neon signs in bars and restaurants are usually for enticing customers to enter and make sure they enjoy themselves while there. With vivid colors and an inimitable glow, a neon sign is a great backdrop for your diners and drinkers. People simply can’t help themselves when it comes to catching glimpse of neon: we’re attracted to it, fascinated by it, and impressed by it. 

Neon Signs

Since neon signs are handmade and can be bent into various shapes and designs, the stylistic opportunities for LED neon signs are essentially endless. Placing it, for example, above the bar, the stage of performing artists, decorators focus on important areas of the business. Let’s have a look at how it can be used to decorate in different ways: 

Some restaurants choose to only display their company name, as they view this as the most important information for customers. These restaurants elect to incorporate their company’s logo into the design of their personalized neon signs.

Though your restaurant’s sign may only include the name of the business, there’s no need for it to look boring. LED neon signs can be designed in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and fonts, so even if you stick to a more minimalistic style, your sign will still be eye-catching, attractive, and unique.

Neon Sign for Business

Many restaurateurs take a more practical stance when designing a neon sign for their business. The most popular practical neon sign idea for restaurants is a simple open sign. Open signs generally follow a fairly generic style and color scheme, which ensures that customers can easily recognize and understand them. With an attractive, brightly lit, neon sign, catching the eye of passers-by couldn’t be easier. A neon ‘open’ sign is a prime example of a way neon signage can be used to gain attention. 

Many restaurants and bars design a large neon sign with a witty phrase that invites diners to take a photo alongside the sign. This creates a unique dining experience for customers, and it increases the likelihood that the photo will be shared across social media accounts, which helps create more widespread awareness about the business.

We love a snarky saying or inside joke that brings a smile even before the day’s first coffee is brewed. Neon kitchen signs are an easy way to add some color to a communal space without having to paint or spend every weekend on expensive decor ideas. 

Custom LED Neon Sign

Now when you know these many decoration ideas, try adding a custom LED neon sign to your restaurant decor for that extra touch of class and liveliness. Quite often, bars and restaurants can be dimly or intimately lit on the inside, so at first glance, they may appear closed. Having the right signage is extremely important if you want people to find you and neon can help you to achieve this. When it comes to choosing a neon sign for your restaurant, the options are endless. You might choose to add a quirky neon image of your guests’ favorite food on your menu, like a taco or a slice of pizza. You can also choose to make it more personalized, and add your favorite quote about food. Or, keep it simple with something like a “we love pasta” sign (because really, who doesn’t love pasta)?

With a variety of colors and sizes of our LED neon signs, we would like to invite you to open your mind and your home to the stylish enhancements that Neon Attack has to offer. In a world surrounded by smart technology, they are providing LED Signs that can be remotely operated. Their LED lights have been appreciated and recommended by a dedicated and growing group of loyal customers from all corners of the globe who recognize the personal touch that they have placed into the company that they have come to love.

Neon Flex Technology

Neon Attack signs are mounted on a high-quality acrylic backing, easy to hang. The package comes with installation accessories for easy hanging & wall mounting. They use high-quality material and the latest neon flex technology, which is stronger and lighter than glass neon. Their neon tube has a long lifespan and remains cold, silent, and eco-friendly. They are also safer because they do not contain gas or mercury. With lightweight and portable features, their neon sign is easy to carry. You can remove and reuse it on different occasions to be a brilliant decor for restaurants and bars. 

To shop from Neon Attack, you are allowed to create your own design through their online design maker and be your own designer. You can take full charge of your personalized neon signs. Different text, sizes, fonts, colors, packing styles, and dimmer are all available on their online design maker. Other than that, you can create your neon sign with the help of their talented design team. Send them the text, photos, logo images, drawings, or just list your ideas. Lastly, they have a diverse range of pre-designed neon signs to jazz up your party, events, restaurant, bar, cafe, or home. Specially designed to fit perfectly in your home or party. Contact them to purchase a custom neon sign and help you achieve your vision and brand identity.

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