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How to Convert EML File to MBOX Mac?

Are you working on a Mac platform and carrying plenty of EML files on the same? But utilizing Apple Mail email client! Finding difficulties to convert EML file to MBOX Mac? If yes, then MacMister EML Converter for Mac is here to help you out.

There are numerous users who has a habit of changing email platforms frequently. Each email platform has its own way of storing user’s account database. Moreover, every email file of a specific email client is represented with a format. For e.g. if a user is using Thunderbird or Apple Mail, then their single email file will saved in EML format. And, if a user tries to save entire list of emails of a specific account, then they will be saved in MBOX format. Therefore, many times users carry numerous important single emails with .eml extension and look for converting them into MBOX so that the files remain safe and manage at one place.

Because after extracting EML files, it will become difficult to import them into a required platform. As the process will be challenging and only a single file could import in a single time. This will consume user’s time as well. Thus, lot of users will feel to convert all the individual EML files into MBOX and then import the same into a required platform. It will be a onetime task and users will be able to access every EML file data properly.

But, the issue is how to convert EML file to MBOX Mac. It is a matter of concern because there are many organizations and individuals who saves their crucial data in EML file. So, they look for a method that is simple but secure as well. And, now here we will be discussing the best approach that will ease the conversion and carries out 100% accurate result in minimum time.

How to Convert EML File to MBOX Mac?

EML Converter for Mac – The strong and tested MacMister solution that allows to batch convert EML file to MBOX Mac at once. The application has a simple environment which is free from all the complex-structure and help technical and novice users to perform the conversion without efforts. Even, there are just three steps which users can operate quickly to convert EML file to MBOX Mac.

Mac EML Converter is equipped with numerous advance options and features that allow users to convert EML file to MBOX Mac according to requirements. However, the tool has a trial edition which will prove useful to those who wants to convert EML files to MBOX Mac for free.

Steps to Convert EML File to MBOX Mac

Step 1. Download and open EML to MBOX Converter for Mac on macOS.

Step 2. Load the essential EML files/folder by clicking Add Files or Add Folder buttons. Click Next.


Step 3. EML files will be listing in a hierarchical form and each item will display with a checkbox. The checkbox will help in converting selective EML file conversion to MBOX. Click Next.


Step 4. Choose MBOX format from the list of Select Saving Option.


Step 5. Apply the other options displaying under MBOX format to save EML file to MBOX accordingly and then click on Export button to start EML to MBOX conversion.

Step 6. Now check the EML to MBOX process as Live Conversion report will be appearing on the screen showing the file status.


The conversion procedure will take few seconds and complete with 100% accurate data. And this will be confirmed through notification which will show “Conversion Completed” on the screen. Now, one can import the MBOX file in a required supported email client. The data will be accurate and the formatting properties will display without alteration.

Why EML to MBOX Converter is a Best Approach?

EML to MBOX Converter has many amazing benefits and some of them are:

Batch EML to MBOX Conversion at Once

The software includes Add Folder option that will help in converting EML files to MBOX in a batch at once. Just load the single folder containing numerous EML files folder/sub-folders. The tool will start loading all its files and allows to convert all of them into MBOX at once.

Use Dual Options to Load EML Files/Folder

Utilize Add File(s) or Add Folder options to load the necessary EML files or folder for conversion on the software. The Add File(s) will help to load the essential EML files for conversion and the Add Folder allows to upload the complete folder with multiple EML files and perform the conversion.

Maintains Accuracy of EML during Process

EML Converter for Mac has the ability to perform bulk conversion in a single time. But with that it also takes care of data originality. So, after the process completes and users open the required file, they will see that the file is converted with accurate formatting properties and folder structure.

Complex-Free GUI with Three Simple Steps

The software has a simple and straight GUI. The professional and non-professional users can utilize the tool quickly and execute the required task effortlessly. Moreover, there are three basic steps that one can implement instantly to carry out the successful result.

Convert EML file to MBOX on all Mac OS

The Mac EML Converter has the ability to convert EML file to MBOX on all Mac OS version. With the help of the tool, users will be able to convert EML file to MBOX on macOS Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, High Sierra, etc.

Final Thoughts

In the section we have mainly highlighted a direct time-saving application to convert EML file to MBOX on Mac. The EML to MBOX Converter for Mac is a reliable solution which not only perform the batch conversion but also makes sure that the data of users remain safe and original during the process. Download the tool free demo now and convert 25 EML file to MBOX free of cost. It will help you to attain the experience of software functioning for free. The process is very easy and anyone can perform it without any help.

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