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Home Improvement

How to choose the size when using a multi-cover as a bedspread.

“I want to use the multi-cover as a bed cover, but what size should I choose?” Products sold as bedspreads (bedspreads) have a limited selection of items, colours, and patterns, so it seems that many people use multi-covers, which have many stylish products, such as bedspreads. Here, we will tell you how to choose the size when using the multi-cover as a bedspread. We have also prepared a bed cover size chart for each bed size. Please help us.

Table of contents

  • How to choose the size when using a multi-cover as a bedspread
  • Determine the best bed cover size based on the size of the bed
  • Check if the multi-cover you like fits the bed size
  • A quick reference table of the ideal size and required size of the bed cover for each bed size

How to choose the size when using a multi-cover as a bedspread

I will tell you how to choose the size when using the multi-cover as a bedspread. Follow the steps below to determine what size you need, and choose a multi-cover that fits your size.

First, determine the bed cover size you need from your bed size.

Then find a mulch that fits that size, or see if your favourite mulch fits your bed size.

We will walk you through each step in detail.

1. Determine the optimal bed cover size from the size of the bed

The best bed cover size guideline is

Width: bed width + 80cm

Length: [When wrapping a pillow] Bed length + 60cm

Length: [When putting a pillow on top without wrapping it] Bed length + 40cm is.

The required length varies by 20 cm, depending on whether the pillow is wrapped in a multi-cover, like a hotel bed, or placed on top without being wrapped. The width should be larger than the width of the comforter. Because you can see the comforter, try to find a mulch cover that is at least 10 cm wider than the width of your comforter.

2. Check if the multi-cover you like fits the bed size

Multi-covers come in various sizes, and the dimensions vary depending on the product. If you know the minimum required width and minimum required length, you can purchase a multi-cover of a larger size and use it as a bedspread that is just the right size for your bed size. The table below shows the ideal size, minimum width, and minimum length required for using the multi-cover as a bed cover for each bed size.

* The minimum required width for a wide double bed is 200cm when using a double-size quilt and 220cm when using a queen-size quilt.

** The minimum width for a wide queen bed with a queen-size comforter is 220cm, and the minimum width required for a king-size comforter is 240cm.

So far, I have told you how to choose the size when using the multi-cover as a bedspread. Make your bedroom a wonderful private space and enjoy a relaxing time with our multi-covers, which come in various patterns and sizes.

Do you need bedspreads? Bedspread types and how to choose

We receive inquiries such as, “Do you need luxury velvet bedspreads? Is it better to have them?” This is a question from a person wondering what bedding is necessary for the bed and what to prepare. Here, what is a bedspread? And I will tell you how to choose the bedspread’s necessity, type and size.

What is a bedspread?

A bedspread is bedding for a bed, and it is a cover that is used to cover the entire bed over the comforter. It is used for decorative purposes to enhance the interior of the bedroom and for dust protection on the bed. Also called a bed cover.

In Europe and the United States, different names may be used depending on the bedspread’s material, style, and size. For example, bedspreads, coverlets, quilts, and bed throws.


Bedspreads cover the entire bed during the day when the bed is not in use. Hide pillows and comforters out of sight. Sometimes the pillows are not covered and laid out so they can be seen.

Remove the bedspread when using the bed at night. Fold the bedspread and place it out of the way. Depending on the situation, you can fold it toward your feet and sleep with it on about 1/3 of your feet.

  1. Need bedspreads?
  2. “Do you need bedspreads?”
  3. Bedspreads are not a necessity.
  4. “Is it better to have a bedspread?”

If you want to clean up your bedroom, make it a bedroom without life, want to make it look stylish around your bed, or enjoy the interior, we recommend you prepare it. Just having a bedspread can completely change the atmosphere of your bedroom.

Especially in the summer, if you sleep with only one towel blanket, the bed will be just a pillow and a towel blanket, and it may not look cool. A bedspread hides the bedding on your bed and keeps your bedroom neat.

Bedspread types and how to choose

We will tell you about the types of bedspreads and how to choose them. The point is to choose according to the image of the interior of the bedroom and the ease of use.

Bedspread style

Bedspreads into two styles.

  • The bed length reaches the floor:
  • The pillow around the bed, the length of both sides and the direction of the feet are to the floor.

Short enough to hide the quilt on the bed:

The size is enough to cover the quilt, but the length on both sides and in the direction of the feet does not reach the floor. It can also be used with a bed skirt. This style is sometimes called a coverlet or a bed throw in Europe and the United States.

The first, all-enveloping long type, is a rather classic style. The second short type is rather a fashionable style. It is smaller than the floor-to-floor style and is easier to handle.

Bedspread fabric types and how to choose. Bedspread fabrics into the following types:

  • Quilt type with thin cotton
  • cloth type
  • knit type
  • Made-to-order
  • multi cloth

1. Quilt type

A bedspread of quilted fabric. Quilting is a fabric with a thin layer of padding between two layers of fabric sewn together.

Some bedspread quilts have square designs stitched in a square pattern, and others have designs stitched according to the pattern, such as the Hawaiian quilt. Depending on the stitching, the design can be divided into a wide range, from modern interiors to country-style interiors. It is recommended to choose according to the image of your favourite interior.

Considering the ease of use, choose products that use lightweight fabrics.

2. Cloth type

It is a cloth-type bedspread that is not quilted at all. There is also a type with a single piece of solid fabric and a type with a lining.

Depending on the material of the fabric, products that feel heavy or old-fashioned are still being sold. When choosing a fabric type bedspread, we recommend that you pay attention to whether the look of the fabric matches your interior preferences and whether it is not too heavy.

3. Knit type

A knit-type bedspread with stitches. From simple knits to patterned knit bedspreads such as motif knitting. There is also a transparent type, like lace.

Depending on the colour and knit design, it can be matched with simple natural interiors, modern interiors, and Scandinavian interiors. Recommended for those who want to create a warm and friendly atmosphere in their bedroom.

4. Made-to-order

It is also possible to create a made-to-order bedspread together with the made-to-order curtains. You can enjoy a stylish and high-quality interior by unifying the fabric of the large area curtains and bedspreads.

Since it is an order, it is possible to add decorative tape to the hem of the bedspread for a cute finish. Let’s consult with the interior shop for custom-made curtains.

The critical thing to note when ordering is the weight of the fabric. Some curtain fabrics are thick and heavy. Heavy fabrics look terrific when made into bedspreads, but they can be challenging to fold and handle. Keep that in mind when choosing fabrics.

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