How To Choose The Best Event Catering Planner

The good quality food and beverages, and the beautiful appearance of the venue are essential for a successful event. Your guests will surely remember the kind of decor and outstanding meals you organize.

So, the first decision everyone should take to host an event is choosing the right catering planner. They will make sure your day is a special occasion and your guests will see off with happy faces. 

Many event catering in Melbourne are specializing in various services, such as weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, etc. So, before selecting the best one, make sure which type of event you are employing them for. Additionally, we are bringing some tips to help you select the best planner.

7 Tips To Select The Right Planner For Your Event

Get The Referrals

The most important advice for choosing the right event catering planner is to get referrals. You can ask your friends, family, or relatives if they are ever impressed by any particular catering services.

If any of your people suggest a particular catering provider, ask them about their experiences with them. It will make you clear about their services. 

In addition, asking for referrals will make the work easy and saves time finding that particular catering planner. 

Consider The Catering Specialization

Various event catering companies have different specializations. Some provide selected menus only while some give customization benefits. So, you need to decide for what occasion you are looking the planners.

Like, if you are looking for the best birthday catering in Melbourne, choose the one that specializes in such types of events.

Ask the planners for the menu their catering company delivers or recommend the style of food you want for your party. They are well-trained to organize everything in accordance with the choices, party theme, and the number of guests invited.

Thus, it will give the guests a happy experience and definitely gossip about your event. Additionally, make sure the event planners will provide the proper assistance, as it will make you free from any worries or concerns throughout the party. 

Check The Experience

Everyone should know for what type of occasion you are hiring the planners. If looking for a big corporate event, ensure to choose the experienced one as hosting such an occasion is not an easy task. Thus, it is necessary to check the experiences and knowledge of the event catering planners.

You can get the details regarding the big events they hosted or worked on before from them. If their work seems satisfying, it will be easy to trust their services and feel cool-headed as a host or hostess.

A professional planner will help in deciding or suggesting the delectable foods and beverages, and amazing decors for your event. They will make sure your guests are impressed and enjoy everything that is organized for the party.  

So, choosing the right planner will definitely keep your respect and dignity among the guests. 

Consider Proper Event Arrangement

To make your party special, make sure the event catering planner understands each and every little detail you want to include. Firstly, you need to talk about the profile of the guest list. By understanding it, an event planner will get well-prepared to consider what food or beverages to offer. 

The following considerations are:

  • An older group of people might choose a moderate menu.
  • People who are health and fitness conscious might desire to have seafood and veg options.
  • Younger or adult ones might like spicy meals and sugar-sweetened beverages.

So, to avoid such situations, event planners should always prepare and offer different menu options to assure the guests will be satisfied with each meal. 

On the other hand, if you want a theme wedding, make sure the event planners are well-informed about organizing such ceremonies. They should know which color patterns or coordinations to follow, what styles of decors will be perfect for each function, etc. The right one will effortlessly understand and provide you with great work without any complaints. 

Know Your Budget

As we all know, these days food and decorative arrangement prices are going high. Therefore, it is very important to discuss the budget for organizing any event. The charges differ from one event catering provider to another. For some planners, a particular amount of money you are providing will not be enough.

However, some event planners are willing to organize a successful party within your budget. So, it is necessary that people should always be open and clear about their expenses before choosing them.

Additionally, be sure that they will accomplish all the tasks on time before moving ahead so that there remains no misconception later. 

Consider The Flexibility

Different event catering planners have various strategies when planning a special occasion. There are some of things that people should never negotiate. Like, Can they manage numerous tasks elegantly? How do they represent their ideas and creativeness? 

For instance, you are organizing a corporate event like launching a fresh new product that can impact your corporation. Creating it unforgettable for colleagues and guests might boost business sales.

So, choose the one who will be willing to learn and understand your business needs. They should be capable of adjusting in accordance with the type of enterprise you have and what its goal is. 

Customers’ Reviews

Once you research a particular event catering company online, make sure to go through the customers’ reviews on their work. It is essential to get information regarding how gracefully they provide their services. 

By checking the customers’ reviews, people can analyze how particular event planners manage their work and how politely they cooperate with their clients. Additionally, you can get to know about the negative feedback they receive which can be a great help. 

Thus, choosing the right event planner can definitely avoid the blunder that could happen. 


Event catering planners surely bring a special occasion to life with delectable food and appealing arrangements. So, making the right choice will surely help to host a grand party and make your guests happy. 

You would now have a clear idea of how to choose an event planner for any of your special occasions.

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