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How to build backlinks from Wikipedia?

How to build backlinks from Wikipedia?

Wikipedia has grown into a minefield for marketers. Everything comes with troubles, so does Wikipedia. But it is still powerful and is widely used by content marketers for SEO and contributes as the largest free encyclopedia in the world.


Often content marketers have underestimated how Wikipedia backlinks function. It is assumed that if the topic is appropriate, then adding an external link is not good enough.  Attaching a link to Wikipedia operates like a surgery. If not performed accurately then it might lead to troubles like getting halted from Wikipedia.


But obtaining a link and maintain it is so difficult. In this article, we have listed the best ways to build Wikipedia backlinks. If these points are executed properly then it’s good for SEO. Check our Wikipedia creation page in the given link: Wikipedia page Creation agency


Best ways to build Wikipedia backlinks:


  1. Proceeding from do-follow to no-follow


First, understand how backlinks have evolved in Wikipedia with time. In 2001, when Wikipedia had started, backlinks were “do-follow” for SEO purposes. With Google’s complicated weighing of Wikipedia and backlinks, content marketers picked up on the SEO impact.

Then, marketers tried to curb spam which included converting links to “no-follow,” which has less SEO impact comparatively. Also, creates a blacklist to block domains that are estimated spam.


Hence, Wikipedia backlinks are coveted in the marketing industry as Google provides heavyweight to Wikipedia links.


  1. Recognizing where to link


For recognizing where to link you need to remember these points. Have a look!


  • Don’t hunt for citation entries: Wikipedia searches for and examines citation required templates automatically. The attached links don’t add to the entry’s value, then those entries will be removed and blacklisted.
  • Find entries that need cleanup and extension: For better content quality, there’s an opportunity to extend knowledge given on that topic. Also, it contributes to Wikipedia’s purpose of openly sharing information.


  1. Understanding the kinds of links

Now, that you’re aware of where to obtain links from, let’s examine the best suitable kinds of links:


  • Keep in mind that the links should be from reliable sources: Wikipedia’s customs on reputable sources should be lengthy. Avoid usage of self-published origins like press releases and make sure that the associated website uses fact-checkers. With this, they can assure the efficiency of the content.
  • Check whether Wikipedia examines the source to be reliable: If the cited website has its article, for example, AdAge has its own Wikipedia page. It enhances the possibility that links from its site will be acquired as a reliable source.
  • The cited website should be used as a backlink: Check the search box and enter the URL. A site that is used many times enhances the possibilities of it being accepted as a reputable source.
  • The link should be more than a landing page: Add a link to the landing page without the knowledge. To promote the content it is considered spam by the editors.
  • Link straight to the appropriate content page: The link should have content that promotes the data which is added. If you are attaching advertising data, then you can’t link it to your website’s home page. You need to connect to the specific page that maintains the content. 


  1. Dead links 


Dead links are links that hold the message such as “Page not found.” These pages are deleted or are transferred to a separate URL. Also, a sign to the website is momentarily down. These links are inactive. Once they hold appropriate content and then cease. If your content meets the Wikipedia needs, then you’re in an excellent position to introduce your page. 


  1. Broken links


Broken links show HTTP errors i.e. “Error 404”. They’re similar to dead links, but don’t jump to the result that they’re broken. Faults occur due to:

  • An invalid or non-existent URL is provided on the website. 
  • The website deletes the linked web page.
  • The website gets permanently removed.

Check your links that they’re broken on these tools: Ahref, Screaming Frog, SEO Spider, and SEMrush.


  1. Unique links

Grab the possibility to edit. As anyone can do edits on Wikipedia, use your website as a source for similar pages. Begin by creating your Wikipedia account. Login to your account and begin editing.


Don’t add links as changes to the data is a matter of approval. Instead, add varied links leading to your website that triggers arbitrators to discard changes. Mend the broken links and add new ones. 


Guide on how you can build backlinks on Wikipedia


  • Pick your reference content


First shortlist the pages from your website. Do check the quality of the content. To be noted as a reference, see that the content isn’t a landing page. The link has to be enlightening, rich in substance, and well-sourced with links and subjects.


Your page should declare its expertise on the subject. If your content lacks relevant information then regulate it with the idea of the Wiki article. Then, there are chances that you won’t last on the page. Make sure your content can back up citations. 


  • Add relevant keywords


Before content publishing, examine the relevant keywords related to the subject. It helps in searching Wikipedia for articles with backlink chances. 


  • Discover the article to assist


Citation alone is not enough for improving articles on Wikipedia. Hunt for the support articles that improve your content and based on which you can supply your content.


  • Learn the article’s history


Click on the view history tab of the Wikipedia article. You get a list of modifications that are made in the article. Also, you get to see what is inserted, updated, and deleted. So, you get to know whether your content fits into the article subject. 


  • Implement the edits


When employing edits, you can ideally log into an account. So, the changes can be traced through IP addresses. If the update isn’t followed by Wikipedia’s standards, then future edits may be disregarded. Make sure you describe the edits clearly and in short. Just a normal before and after the description is needed.



 For you to put things together, add more links other than the backlinks. Try to contribute and utilize more to this encyclopedia. So, you’ve learned how backlinks can affect your site. Check our Wikipedia creation page in the given link: Wikipedia page Creation service


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