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How many types of female orgasms are there?

Orgasms are divinely satisfying. However, vaginal sex or clitoral stimulation are not the only ways to experience this bliss. A woman’s body has several erogenous zones that can be explored during solo or partnered sex to let that cascade of pleasure flow throughout the body.

Blended Orgasm

Well! Why not go for a double dose of pleasure?

  • Experience vaginal and clitoral orgasm simultaneously by having your partner stimulate the clitoris while also engaging in vaginal penetration.
  • Blended orgasms may feel more intense compared to the usual clitoral or vaginal orgasm.

Anal orgasm

Also called a P-orgasm, anal orgasm is a result of stimulating the anus and rectum. Since these two organs are close to the nerve-dense pelvic floor area and internal clitoris, anal orgasm alone can help women reach orgasm.

G-spot orgasm

Since its mention by a German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg in 1950, G-spot has been a subject of curiosity and mystery.

  • Those who can find and stimulate it have reported experiencing explosive pleasure. However, those who cannot end up frustrated and doubtful about its presence.
  • Some people confuse G-spot orgasms with vaginal orgasms, but they are not the same. The G-spot is located on the frontal vaginal wall, 2 inches deeper, toward your pubic bone and just in front of the cervix.
  • It seems to be the clitourethrovaginal area i.e. the point where the urethra, clitoris, and vagina interconnect; that explains why G-spot feels wildly good when rubbed or pressed against.
  • Use a bent finger (avoid to insert things that are not supposed to be inserted into the vagina) can help find the right angle for hitting the G-spot.

Cervical orgasm

First, let us get clear about what a cervix is!

  • It is a cylindrical set of tissue that connects the uterus and vagina.
  • It can be felt like a round lump or a tip of the nose at the back of the vaginal canal.
  • Stimulating or pressing against the cervix induces orgasm.
  • However, it takes deep penetration to feel a cervical orgasm.
  • That is why a few days before menstruation, when the cervix is lowest, is the best time to go for this type of orgasm.
  • Besides, going slow is the key here because thrusting with too much force may result in an injury or pain during sex.

A-spot orgasm

  • An A-spot is one of the deep vaginal erogenous zones (DVZs) located at the end of the vaginal canal, between the bladder and the cervix.
  • If you have found the G-spot, move your fingers down the same front vaginal wall (two to three inches deeper) until you feel a squishy and soft spot, which is the anterior fornix erogenous zone.
  • Before trying penetration, use a curved finger or a sex toy to find the A-spot.

Squirt orgasm

Did you think only men ejaculate?

Nope! A woman can squirt too, but that discharge isn’t semen.

  • Released by the Skene’s gland (found at the lower end of the urethra), it is a mix of uric acid, urea, and creatinine.
  • In most cases, squirting ensues G-spot stimulation or a combination of G-spot and clitoral stimulation.
  • Understandably, the chances of you getting between the ‘wet’ sheets are high with this type of orgasm. So, prepare well! For example, you can try it in a spacious bathtub or use waterproof bedding.

Nipple orgasm

Nipple play is not just the way to arousal but climax too.

  • MRI scans have shown that nipple stimulation triggers the genital sensory cortex, the same part of the brain gets aroused by clitoral or vaginal stimulation.
  • The possibility of experiencing nipple orgasm is more before menstruation as breasts are extra sensitive to touch during that period.
  • From using fingers during solo sex to oral stimulation while getting intimate with your partner, and from gentle squeezing to playful biting, there are several ways to achieve nipple orgasm.

O-spot orgasm

  • If you love feeling him going deeper and deeper, then O-spot orgasms are for you.
  • The O-spot is the deepest vaginal erogenous zone located between the rectum and the cervix. At the back end of the vagina, and on the opposite side of the cervix from the A-spot.
  • It is difficult to describe its exact location.
  • If you or your partner has long fingers or if they know the art of going deep into the cavern of joy, then experiencing an O-spot orgasm is easier.

Full body orgasm

  • Tantric sex, wherein partners synchronize breathing and enjoy every sensation meditatively, is not the only way to achieve full-body orgasm.
  • Your partner can try the layering technique, which means stimulating erogenous zones one by one. But ensure that in the end all the targeted areas are being stimulated simultaneously. For example, they may start with kissing, then nipple play, and then clitoral stimulation while continuing the first two actions.
  • Reacting and responding to each touch with a sound (for example, moaning) are worth trying and undulating your body during foreplay are also tips worth trying.

U-spot orgasm

  • Close to the urethra, the U-spot is a highly orgasmic and sensitive part of tissue.
  • Tracing this U-shaped area with a finger creates pleasurable sensations in the skin.
  • On the top of the underside of the clitoral hood or shaft, which is why it feels so gratifying.
  • The tissues in this area are delicate so be gentle to explore and stimulate it is the best bet for a fulfilling result.

Sleep orgasm

Well! It is one of the most elusive of orgasms.

  • Women who use a health tracking app for females to record their sexual experiences may find sleep orgasms indescribable.
  • Men wake up soggy down there after a sleep orgasm.
  • However, in the case of women, they wake up experiencing it, or
  • Sometimes they might even wonder whether it was a dream. However, the reasons behind sleep orgasms are clear—sexual dreams or repressed sexual desires.

Female Health Tracking App

Which type of orgasm interests you the most?

Do you already use any female health tracking app to know your sexual activity?

We would love to hear from you.

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