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How Long Do You Have to Report After a Hit & Run Accident?

In this article, we explain how to act and claim compensation. It is your legal rights to effectively receive compensation for the damages, regardless of whether the deceased wants to be responsible or not. Hiring a hit and run accident lawyers helps you to get maximum compensation from insurance company.

What To Do When They Hit the Road in A Car or Motorcycle Accident?

Unfortunately, hit and run accident lawyers can tell you that it happens more frequently than we would like. The accidents between vehicles or pedestrians outrages themselves are a constant in today’s society. Still, if we add the escape of one of those involved, the problem that arises is even more significant.

The reasons why a driver hit the road can vary, whether it be because they do not have insurance, have not passed the ITV, or, for example, are driving under the influence of alcohol.

What To Do If You Get Hit in The Car, & They Hit the Road

As you well know, when you have a collision with another vehicle, you should immediately take note of the data of the drivers and cars involved to proceed with the relevant insurance claims. However, there are many cases in which one of the parties runs away, which is when we can panic.

One thought that may come to your head in such a situation is how do I claim damages if I don’t have the driver’s details to submit to hit and run accident lawyer?

Well, you should know that when the cause of the crash has fled, you have the right to claim compensation.

In the first place, it is important not to go out behind the car that is on the run. On the contrary, you must remain at the scene trying to collect as much information as possible. Some data that will be key to claim are the license plate, make, model and color of the vehicle that fled, and any other description that may be useful to identify the car.

Immediate Action

You must immediately call the Police or hire a hit and run accident lawyer, informing them that you have suffered a hit in the car. On the other hand, if there are witnesses. However it will be fascinating to have their statement to confirm that there was indeed an accident in which a driver fled.

In case you have suffered any type of injury as a result of the impact, you should go to the hospital, where they will provide you with an injury report that you can include as proof when claiming. These medical tests must be carriy out within a period of no more than 72 hours after the accident occurs.

At this point, you must manage the claim and search for the offender with your hit and run accident lawyer. In the most favorable case, they will be able to find the escaped driver. If they have insurance, they will claim the corresponding compensation for personal and material damage.

However, sometimes it is not easy to find the identity of the driver and the vehicle involved. In these cases, and since there is no insurance company to claim, hit and run accident lawyer help you to get legal rights.

 Insurance Compensation Consortium (CCS)

The Insurance Compensation Consortium (CCS) is a public body that acts as a guarantee fund in some instances. It includes when an accident occurs and the offender is not responsible for the damages or it is impossible to know the latter’s identity. In other words, it acts as any insurance company would with its clients.

Thus, if you have suffer a hit and the other car run away, you can request compensation from the CCS, providing the relevant evidence that proves the facts and that the other driver has not been identify.

In these circumstances, it is more than advisable to have the support of a specialized hit and run accident lawyer who supports and advises you at all times. Indeed, it is not mandatory to have a lawyer to claim the CCS. Still, you should know that the procedures are usually complex, there is a lot of documentation require, and it will probably be necessary to file a lawsuit.

On the other hand, it may also be the case that the claim is managed through the affected person’s own insurance company. If your company does not offer you this service, do not hesitate to a hit and run accident lawyer.

What Does the Insurance Compensation Consortium Cover?

The Civil Liability regulates the limits regarding the expenses covered by the CCS and Insurance Law in its article 11, is establish as follows:

  • Personal injury: € 70 million, regardless of the number of victims.
  • Material damage: 15 million euros per claim.
  • Medical, pharmaceutical, and hospital care: without limits until the full consolidation of the sequelae, having duly justifiy said expenses.
  • Burial and funeral expenses: up to the amount that is justified.

However, you should know that in cases where the hit-and-run driver is not identify. The CCS is only liable for personal and not material damage. With the exception of those that are more serious, although a franchise of 500 euros is set, if the total sum of the damages is less than that amount, the CCS does not cover it.

The Hit-And-Run Car Has No Insurance

Above we mention that in those cases in which it is not possible to identify the escaped driver. It is the CCS responsible for covering the expenses. Although what happens if the offender’s identity has been find, but we discover that he does not have insurance?

Suppose you suffer a blow to your vehicle. In that case, once you notify your insurer and provide them with the data about the hit-and-run driver. The company will consult the Insured Vehicle Information File (FIVA), where You may know the other party’s insurer. If no data appears, the claim will be directed to the CCS.

Given this circumstance, the CCS would also be responsible for compensation, and it is no confine only of personal damages. And subsequently, the CCS itself will be in charge of claiming the number of injuries to the escaped driver.

Hit With a Car on The Run

Accidents can occur between two vehicles, but in the same way, the blow may hit a pedestrian. It result in a run over. If unfortunately, this happens to you and the driver runs away, the steps to follow are the same.

It would help if you remained at the scene of the incident. Try to gathered as much information as possible about the driver and witnesses. It is better to collect well as the facts themselves. As we mentioned before, the exhaustive collection of data will be essential in order to prove that you have suffered an accident after which the driver fled.

The Insurance Compensation Consortium (CCS) will be the body responsible for covering the damages if the offender is not located or does not have the relevant insurance.

File A Complaint About a Hit-And-Run Accident

You have already know that there is a possibility of compensation when you are hit and run away. Still, you will also have observed that there are several aspects to consider. You have to file a justified claim to achieve success and achieve that. Either the other party’s insurer or the CCS, cover the damages incurred.

To avoid problems when justifying the facts, it will always advisable to have the support of a specialist lawyer. They will know the type of evidence that needs to be present to the CCS. They know how to act to file the corresponding complaint.

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