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How Is A Top Gun Leather Jacket The Best Pick For Men?

Top gun: Maverick is the upcoming action movie. It will be released in May 2022. The shot of the film is complete now, and we can see trailers and teasers on social media platforms. Tom Cruise will be seen in the main lead role of Lt. Pete, AKA Maverick. He is the part of the Navy squad and training the young officers. He was spotted in this Top Gun Jacket, which has become a fashion sensation already. It is one of the bestselling products in various online stores. The movie is expected to break many records, but this jacket is already an icon. Men love the jacket, and let us see how is a Top gun leather jacket the best pick for men?

The leather material

The top gun jacket is manufactured with the best quality leather. Leather is a natural material that gives a classic look. The leather used to make this jacket is not shinny or distressed; rather, it gives a genuine leather look. Leather is considered a sophisticated and refined material for outfits. This jacket has a rough look as it’s an aviator jacket. Men love this appearance as it’s perfect for a macho personality. Leather is a durable material, and you can use it for years. Men are picking this outfit because it’s a great investment; they can get a stylish look for years. Moreover, leather is natural and can be used almost every year. In summer you can wear it with a t-shirt, and in winter it can be a stylish outer layer to protect you from cold winds.

The style

This is a typical aviator jacket inspired by the style in the ’60s. Firstly, the brown military color is the most popular choice in jackets. Black is also common, but brown is the standard of class. It is easy to match with a wide range of colors and men can wear it with any trousers in their closet. That is a major factor behind the popularity of this jacket.

Moreover, the front of the outfit has a zip closure; the same color zip is hard to notice. The shearling cuff is another prominent feature of the outfit. The Brown fur cuff looks very stylish. Full sleeves have rib knit cuffs which are very soft. The waistline is also rib-knitted, typical for aviator jackets. The outfit has two large pockets on both sides of the zip, covered with flaps and enclosed with buttons.


Since it is an aviator jacket, we cannot ignore the badges on the jacket. It has more than 15 badges in various sizes and colors, giving it a distinct look. All the patches are very significant; for instance, a Patch states the name of Tom’s character, which reflects that he is part of the US Navy. Another beautiful patch shows that the officer is trained for nuclear weapons as well. A large patch at the back reflects that the cruiser is converted to a rocket cruiser. A badge reads Taxes, Dallas, which means the Lt, wearing this jacket belong to Taxes. A badge is about USN Seabees; this is a special naval force, which helps the top gun team shoot the film. So, there are many patches, and each one of them is significant. These red, blue and white badges are prominent on a brown aviator jacket, adding more to the style. The unique look these patches give to the jacket makes it the best pick for men.

A versatile outfit

We have already discussed the style of the outfit and what makes it unique. But another reason which makes it so popular is the versatility it has. You can wear it for everyday use; it seems perfect for a shopping spree. You can wear it for a semi-formal gathering, and it’s is perfect for friends’ hangout.  If you love bike riding, you can wear it for a riding adventure, and it will provide you with the necessary protection.

Moreover, if you like hiking and other adventurous activities, you can use them for that too. It will give you protection and style all at once. The top gun jacket is the best pick because it suits every age group. Young to older men can wear it for a stylish and sophisticated look. Manufactured with the best quality leather and inner shearling makes it a comfortable choice. You can wear it for a long day, and it will not irritate you. You will get the necessary warmth with this latest outfit. If you are a Tom Cruise fan, you cannot miss this jacket, as everyone can recognize it at the first instant.

It is hard to find an outfit with so many qualities. Men always want a stylish and comfortable outfit, which they can use at multiple places. So, all these features of the Top gun jacket make it the best pick for men.


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