How Do Muslims Worship?

The religion of Islam teaches Muslims the right path that leads to the One Almighty. There are five pillars of Islam, which is the base of the religion itself. If a Muslim punctually obeys the regulations of these, he is worshipping the Almighty. Worshipping implies the lifestyle of the Muslim, as his entire life is devoted to the Lord. 

The Five Pillars of Islam

Once the Muslim recites the Kalma Tayyaba, which is the first pillar of Islam, he/she enters the door to Islam. The rest four pillars are all worships. 


The prayer, the form of physical worship. Muslims are obligated to offer prayer five times per day. They have 2 to 4 Rakats they pray in five different parts of the day. The first is offered at the dawn break. The second offered in the afternoon, known as Dhuhr. The third is obligated at evening known as Asr. The fourth, Maghrib is offered at twilight. By nightfall, Isha is the last prayer of the day. The loop goes on all year round, according to Madina Mosque Oldham Prayer Time.

Salah is one of those first questions asked in the grave. It is more important than any other form of worship as it is the first step to get closer to Almighty. Beloved Prophet (SAW) has called Salah the coolness to His eyes. Salah cleanses the soul, gives peace of mind to Muslims, and is the basic form of worshipping that a Muslim cannot miss.


The third pillar of Islam, and the cleanliness of wealth of a Muslim. This is also a form of obedience of Allah SWT. It is the second most important obligation after Salah. It takes a specific amount of gold, silver or wealth to give zakat, which is given to the destitute. Financial worship cleanses the hands of unjust money. Wherever there is the mention of Salah, Zakat’s mention is there right after. It is the ultimate worship and the second greatest step towards the Almighty. When a Muslim is clean of sin, arrogance and greed, then it means his worship is affecting his soul deeply. 


The fourth pillar of Islam is to keep fast. From the break of dawn to the dim twilight of the day, a Muslim restrains himself to eat or drink anything for his Lord. This is another most beloved worship to Allah SWT as fasting is just for Him, and nobody else. Allah SWT gives tremendous reward for this worship. During fast, whatever good deed a Muslim does, the reward is 70 times more than normal. Fasting is important to worship that is obliged once a year, in the holy month of Ramadhan. 


The fifth pillar and the king of all worships are Hajj. The last and most crucial worship that a Muslim is obliged to perform once in his lifetime at least. Hajj and Umrah are both the worships of the holy city, Mecca. It is where the Muslims spend three nights repeating the stay and travel in the remembrance of Allah and then seven rounds around the Ka’ba. 

This was all about worshipping in the religion of Islam. 

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