How do I know if I need Professional indemnity insurance?

Even if you did nothing wrong, professional indemnity insurance Malaysia protects you if a client sues you for errors, oversights, or negligence in your job.

When your organization provides professional services to clients, the stakes are high. A minor work error can cost you much money and harm your reputation.

If a client believes they lost money due to your work or advice, they may hold you responsible and sue you for the losses. You’ll have to pay for legal fees on your own if you don’t have the right company insurance coverage.

Professional indemnity insurance is required (PI insurance). Errors and omissions insurance (E&O) and professional liability insurance are two alternative names for this insurance coverage.

What is covered by professional indemnity insurance?

Litigations involving the quality and accuracy of your work are covered by professional indemnity coverage. Here are a few instances that pertain to technology businesses and consultants, but they can be used in any industry:

Errors at work

A web development firm creates a pre-order form for a video game publisher’s latest release. Customers are frustrated, and the publisher loses crucial pre-orders because the form breaks as soon as pre-orders begin. The game’s publisher is suing the developer for its losses.

Awful advice

A financial services firm receives advice from an IT specialist on database software. The client puts money into the application and devotes significant time to moving all their data onto it. The client quickly discovers that the tool exceeds what their company needs. They file a lawsuit against the consultant for proposing a product that wastes their time and money.

Professional blunder

An intern is hired by a data science firm to help arrange data for analysis. Because the intern forgot to incorporate some data, the analysis is incomplete, and the suggestions are incorrect. The customer is dissatisfied and sues the company for breach of contract.

Deadlines that were not met

Before the holiday shopping season, a retailer employs an app developer to create a shopping app. The developer goes behind schedule, and the finished product is not delivered until early December, leading the merchant to miss Black Friday and Cyber Monday. To recoup their lost revenues, the store initiates a lawsuit against the developer.

Contractual Breach

An IT training provider is hired by a call center to lead quarterly training sessions for new hires. When a trainer fails to show up for a training session, the call center is left with a new class of untrained staff. The client files a lawsuit against the training company for failing to meet their quarterly commitment.

Which industries require professional indemnity insurance? 

Professional indemnity insurance may be a crucial investment if you operate a business or are self-employed and offer professional services, recommendations, or advice. Without it, you may be unable to afford the cost of fighting against a pricey claim. 

Although it isn’t usually required by law, regulatory or professional bodies frequently do. Additionally, many businesses think that it gives their organisation and their work some legitimacy. HanHan is a licenced insurer who is aware of the need to adhere to industry standards.

By deciding on our professional indemnity insurance, you’re preparing for the worst, safeguarding yourself from any adverse outcomes, and assisting your company’s survival in the event of an unforeseen claim.

When would professional indemnity insurance be necessary? 

It will protect you if you offer designs, specifications, recommendations, or instructions as part of your job

This would assist you with your charges if something you did or advised caused your customer to suffer financial loss and they decided to sue you. The problems brought on by improper expert consultation or poor design may not manifest immediately, so you must be ready to deal with the fallout.

You will therefore have the choice to get coverage for earlier work, even if you are retiring or closing your business. Additionally, some clients will only cooperate with companies that are suitably insured. Thus it can help you land contracts. Again, whether or not you have professional indemnity insurance may affect your ability to join trade organisations.

Is a professional indemnity policy required? 

Although professional indemnity insurance is not legally required, it is frequently necessary before becoming a member of a chartered body; by preventing you from having to pay significant sums of money to fight against a claim, having this coverage might be a substantial investment in your future. 

Professional indemnity insurance may be pretty helpful if you offer professional services or counsel. Additionally, some customers will only do business with companies with professional indemnity. Thus it might be a crucial boost to your firm.

Common claims for professional indemnity insurance Malaysia  

Most new business owners eventually wonder whether they need professional indemnity insurance. Typical circumstances when you could be thankful you have it include the following:

Private information loss 

An iPad is being used by a headhunting consultant who is assisting a large company in its search for a new CEO. The iPad, which is not password protected, is taken, and the information is leaked to the public, harming the company’s reputation. They then decide to hold her accountable for carelessness. 

Construction blunders 

A conservatory on a client’s house is being renovated by a building contractor. But when a structural issue is found after the building is finished, the customer decides to sue in order to recover the costs associated with rectifying the issue.

Failed design: 

For a brand, a graphic designer creates a new logo. The public no longer recognises the corporation as a result of the rebranding, and sales decline. The client alleges revenue loss. 

These illustrations show how professional indemnity claims can affect small business owners in virtually any industry.

Wrapping up

Professional indemnity insurance Malaysia is not required by law, but it is often a requirement of professional or regulatory bodies. It can also give your business legitimacy in the eyes of customers and help you win contracts. Most importantly, it can protect you financially if you are sued for something you did or advised that caused your customer to suffer financial loss. HanHan is a licenced insurer who offers professional indemnity insurance and can help you decide if it is right for your business.

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