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Guide on Certificate Attestation in UAE for Indian Documents.

The UAE is one of the most Business-friendly countries in the Middle East among all GCC countries. It is considered a Gateway for many companies to set their businesses and enter the Asian & Middle East Markets. Foreigners, especially Indians it is an increasing number becoming employment prospects for engineers, medical doctors, and other technical employees. UAE welcomes students from various countries to study inside the country as well with well-known International Universities. The lifestyle here also attracts many people to relocate to UAE.

However, migrating to a new country is as difficult as it is exciting. You need to have a visa to enter a country with legal status. The traveler needs to get authentication for all of his/her personal/ professional certificates and documents. If you are an Indian and want to settle in Dubai, for work or study there Indian document attestation Dubai is necessary to prove yourself legit and genuine. A certification will help you to get a Dubai visa easily as soon as you prove that you are entering the country with the right intention.

To get through a certification procedure, you need to get it through various governments of your Home country and Destination country. It will start with a state confirmation, then go to the Ministry of External Affairs, India, and then the final verification in the Home country will be complete at UAE Embassy with its final legalization stamp. The documents will be forwarded to MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), for further legalization in UAE itself.

What is UAE Embassy Attestation in India?


UAE Embassy Attestation in India

Every Indian document which you need to use in UAE needs to legalization by UAE Embassy in India. An attestation confirms that documents are real and can be used in UAE. UAE Attestation process is the act of witnessing the certificate via the signature/stamp of a person/ authorities department of the government.

Those government authorities are SDM – Sub Divisional Magistrate/ GAD – General Administrative Department/ RAC – Regional Authentication Center/ Home Departments of respective state for Personal documents. HRD – Human Resource Development Department/ Education Department (school/university/board/council) of respective state for every Educational document. Chamber of Commerce validation for Commercial documents then MEA and UAE Embassy will perform UAE attestation in India.

Before relocating to UAE, one has to pass via a channel of legalization procedure that’s essential and might be lengthier. For this reason, it becomes obligatory to get your legalization to get it completed by professional and reliable attestation providers. Even though there are many professional and dependable attestation agencies in India, finding a genuine attestation provider is most important who will help you to tackle a legalization procedure on your behalf.

A UAE attestation fee in India varies depending upon document type and issuing state and the chosen agency.

Purposes to Get a UAE Embassy Attestation


  • Residence Visa
  • Student Visa
  • To get admission to UAE college/school
  • Employment Visa
  • Trading
  • Doing Business
  • Changing name in passport
  • Residence Permit

Many attestation services are serving UAE Embassy Certificate attestation services in India majorly in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, etc. These attestation services can easily complete an Indian birth certificate attestation in UAE according to its type as they are well-known for every type of certificate attestation procedure. 

UAE Embassy certificates Attestation is a stamp issued by the UAE Embassy or Consulate and pasted at the back of the document promising the report’s authenticity. The Embassy’s stickers are taken into consideration as a sizable verification of that document.

Attesting a file for the UAE can be a complex manner. Every certificate and document type has its method for legalization, and a few might also even require more steps before they will be acceptable in the country. For example, to complete an Indian Marriage Certificate attestation in UAE you need to follow a Personal certificate attestation to verify an Indian Marriage certificate.

Indian degree certificate attestation charges in UAE

Whether you require a document attestation from India to use in UAE or vice versa, an attestation agency can manage the complete attestation procedure, which means you don’t have to run to numerous authorities and Embassies to get legalization for your documents. They will collect, check, and get them legalized and deliver the documents back to you safely after completing the legalization process.

Major types of documents that require attestation are Academic, Personal, and Commercial. The procedure and fees for legalization depend upon the type of certificate, e.g. Indian degree certificate attestation charges in UAE will be different from Indian Birth certificate attestation charges in UAE.

  • Academic Certificates 
  • Degree certificates
  • Diploma certificates
  • HSC
  • SSC
  • School Leaving certificates
  • Mark Sheets, and others
Personal certificates

Birth certificates, Death certificates, Marriage certificates, Medical, PCC, Divorce certificates, and others.

Commercial Documents

Power of Attorney, Bank Statements, Memorandum of Articles, Company Invoices, Product List, and others.

Process of UAE Embassy Attestation

  • Academic certificate:

HRD / University Validation

Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Authentication

UAE Embassy Authentication

  • Personal certificate:

Home Department/SDM Validation

Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Authentication

UAE Embassy Authentication

  • Commercial documents:

Chamber of Commerce Validation

Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Authentication

UAE Embassy Authentication

Indian Certificate Attestation Services 


If you require Indian certificate attestation services in Dubai, or anywhere in UAE these attestation providing agencies are providing perfect services by assisting you with assuring protection for all your documents. You can complete your attestation with their extremely good services for certificate attestation in UAE. These agencies have spread all over the world to help people get legalization for their certificates and documents easily at a reasonable fee.

Service Fees for Indian Certificate Attestation – 

Indian certificate attestation service fees depend upon the type of certificate. E.g. Indian Marriage certificate attestation for UAE charges can be different from an Indian Degree certificate attestation for UAE charges. Certificate attestation for Indian documents varies from agency to agency and also depends upon issuing state, Destination country, and requirements of the candidate.

Completing Time of Indian Certificate Attestation –

To complete UAE Embassy attestation in India it takes 8-10 days to complete this procedure depending upon the type of certificates, issuing state, and destination country.

Whether you require a successful attestation from UAE Embassy in Delhi or you need documents attestation for UAE in Mumbai, certificates attestation services can complete this procedure effectively for any certificate/document from anywhere in India in minimum time at reasonable fees.

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