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Furnished or Unfurnished: Which is Better When Looking to Rent?

When you want to rent a condo, you soon discover there are several decisions you have to make. One of the biggest choices you’ll face is whether you should choose a furnished or unfurnished condo.

Both types of condo rentals have their benefits and disadvantages. No tenant wants to be just a few months into their rental agreement and discovers they’ve made the wrong decision.

This post will help you decide whether a condo that is furnished or unfurnished better for you. Reviewing some key points about unfurnished or furnished condos in Calgary could save you both money and headache months down the road.

Furnished vs. Unfurnished Condo: Which to Choose

1. Renting a Furnished Condo Makes Moving Simple

The most obvious advantage of renting a furnished condo is that renters save time on both purchasing and moving furniture. If you’re moving from a house, it’s likely you’ll have some pieces of furniture that will not easily fit into the smaller living quarters of your condo.

Choosing a furnished condo means you won’t have to worry about deciding whether your furniture will fit. Likewise, you won’t need to deal with the hassle of moving the furniture yourself (or recruiting friends to help). The move-in and move-out processes will go much quicker and smoother when moving into your furnished condo.

2. Renting an Unfurnished Condo Could Save You Money Long-Term

When it comes to determining whether choosing a furnished or unfurnished condo will save you money, you’ll need to consider long-term vs. short-term costs. Buying new furniture to fill your condo will likely cost a lot of money outright, meaning spending the extra money on a furnished condo for the first month would be a cheaper option initially.

However, over time, that additional monthly fee for the furnished appliances adds up. By the time you move, you could find yourself having paid even more money through these fees than if you would have bought your own furniture outright.

3. Deciding Between a Furnished vs. Unfurnished Condo Depends on Your Lifestyle

Another consideration you’ll want to keep in mind when deciding between unfurnished and furnished condos in Calgary is your lifestyle. Specifically, how well do you care for your home? If you choose a condo that comes furnished, you’re responsible for keeping the provided items in reasonable condition.

In order to prevent hefty damage fees, you’ll need to take precautions to ensure no drinks are spilled. If you rearrange heavy furniture like dressers or couches, you’ll need to make sure they don’t get damaged in the process. Having to replace damaged furniture is a surefire way to lose money at the end of your rental agreement.

4. Is Furnished or Unfurnished Better for Your Interior Decorating Goals?

Do you look forward to making your home match your personal style? Do you enjoy picking out items for each room and creating an overall aesthetic? If so, you may gravitate towards an unfurnished condo. Choosing to forego the included furniture will give you the ability to design your own look for your home, picking out pieces of furniture and other appliances that will suit your tastes to a tee.

On the other hand, if interior decorating is not your forte, you may appreciate the look a furnished condo provides. Most furnished pieces are already color coordinating and match a similar style to one another. You’ll save time decorating your home while having sturdy furniture already assembled for you. Tenants won’t need to worry about assembling anything when they move in and disassembling it when they move out.

5. Renting an Unfurnished Condo Means More Hassle When Moving Out

If you decide to provide your own furniture for your condo, it’s important to remember that you’ll be responsible for moving all of the furniture when you leave. One of the benefits of renting a furnished condo is that you get to leave all of the furniture on-site when you move. You won’t have to worry about hiring professional movers (or convincing your friends) to assist you with transporting the cumbersome items.

Not having to take furniture with you could also help reduce your overall moving costs when leaving the condo. You won’t need to take up extra vehicle space with bulky furniture or make as many trips to and from your next home during the moving process.

Do you have questions about furnished or unfurnished condos? Are you currently a resident at a Catalyst Condo Management property? Contact us directly. We’re here to answer your questions!

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