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Exterior Design Trends 2022

The veranda is a multifunctional room we must pay attention to A real living room, the veranda is one of the most popular rooms in the house. It is more than a simple extension, it is part of the living space by appropriating relaxing events such as meetings with family and friends.

The purpose of a veranda is not necessarily to accommodate a living room, dining room, or swimming pool. A growing number of people are also turning their veranda into a kitchen. Indoor or outdoor kitchen, the veranda takes on a whole new dimension.

Exterior Design Trends 2022: The advantages of the kitchen veranda

A kitchen veranda offers many advantages, starting with incredible brightness thanks to the many bay windows that surround the veranda but also at the roof level, which makes the kitchen experience more pleasant and more “comfortable” and fun.

In addition, the possibility of visual access to the outside, and in particular the green and flowered areas of a garden if the veranda is in front, is a significant advantage to be taken into account. it goes without saying that it is more pleasant to cook in lush greenery than between four concrete walls!

By moving your kitchen to your veranda, you increase the available space (old kitchen) which is now free. You can thus completely reorganize your interior living space around an airy and bright kitchen.

An outdoor kitchen for any season

Finally, you can choose to use your veranda as an annex to your outdoor kitchen. So you can use it on sunny days or even in mid-season. A great way to get more out of the late-season while being sheltered if necessary.

To transform your veranda into an outdoor kitchen, plan a fixed barbecue, as well as a chimney flue allowing the evacuation of fumes associated with cooking food. It is also preferable to opt for an electric or gas barbecue for safety reasons in the home.

Design your Aranda according to the  Exterior Design Trends 2022

The first visit to your town hall should already be able to tell you whether or not you have the right to carry out an extension of your house! Ask for the land use plan (POS) as well as the land use coefficient (COS).

A building permit must be submitted to the town hall if your veranda exceeds 20m². Allow a few months to obtain it (3 to 4 months).

If the surface is less than 20m2 you must still file a declaration of work with your town hall. The latter does not incur any particular cost, however, it will take a good month.

If the total area of ​​your house + land exceeds 170m2, you must call an architect gippsland to apply for a building permit.

Choose the right color

White is back in fashion and it is dominant. It is generally associated with certain specific colors to highlight the structure, such as green, gray, blue, or dark red.

Do you like wood but it is too expensive? No worries, you will find aluminum or PVC frames that mimic wood.

Choose the right material

What seasonal use will you make of your veranda? Mainly summer, spring or winter, or all seasons? Choose the right material to enjoy the seasons you want.

To cook in all seasons, there’s nothing like a fitted kitchen on the veranda. A sweet dream? Not that much. Kitchen areas are more and more common in verandas. The possibility of enjoying a meal with family or friends in a bright place surrounded by greenery is attractive, to say the least. Incorporating a small kitchen is now possible and is sometimes justified by the distance between the veranda and the original kitchen.

The veranda can be transformed into a living room in the same way as the other rooms of the house, as long as its heating system is efficient and allows you to enjoy your veranda from January 1st to December 31st.

It can therefore be transformed into a second living room or into a play area for your children. Lighting, brightness, air conditioning, and ventilation systems (to avoid greenhouse effects) as well as the number of doors (sliding or not) must be studied even before committing to a particular model. For play areas, care should be taken to choose an appropriate floor covering such as lino that is less “brittle” than tiling and therefore safer for the safety of children.

Choose the right craftsman

There are several types of professionals capable of supplying and installing.

The vernalizes. They do just that and are therefore generally good advice. They will help you with the choice of insulation, styles, heating system, veranda dimensions, light supply, orientation, etc.

Craftsmen. Craftsmen are called upon mainly for custom work and most of the time for certain types of materials such as wood and wrought iron. Precision is their job, so they will know how to best advise you according to your wishes. Disadvantages are the prices and often the delays.

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