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Essential Bike Transportation Tips You Need To Know

Did you search for bike transport by train process on the internet but you think you cannot handle the process alone rather you need bike transportation services in Trivandrum/Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala?

Most people do not opt for the services of motorcycles transportation in Trivandrum due to the higher bike transportation charges. They think bike transport by train is way cheaper than hiring professional bike transport in Thiruvananthapuram. People who love their vehicles, wouldn’t have thought so because they know moving professionals are well-trained and experts in handling bike transportation.

If you want to transport your bike from Trivandrum safely to your new destination then you should always go for trusted packers and movers in Trivandrum that offer bike shifting services. Yes, this is the best way to transport a bike from Trivandrum to Mumbai, Delhi, or any other city in India.

And our first tip regarding hassle-free bike transportation services in Trivandrum is hiring the best packers and movers in Trivandrum.

Hire Trusted Professionals

Whether you want to transport a luxury motorcycle or an antique one, it’s important to go with a reliable and experienced bike transporter in Trivandrum, Kerala. This is because only experienced bike shipping service provider knows how to safely transport the bike from one city to another.

To hire the best bike transporter, you can search on the internet for the best bike transport companies near me. This will give you a long list of agencies that offer bike transportation services in Trivandrum.

Get their quotations to compare bike transportation charges and hire the one that best fits your budget. But before hiring a bike removal company, ensure the company is licensed and certified. Check its Google rating and read customers’ reviews to know about the quality of its services.

Transporting your motorcycle with professional movers has many advantages. Moving companies do proper insurance against any damages so that you can claim for damages and insurance coverage will help you recover the damage costs.

A reputable auto transport company in Trivandrum uses different trucks and trailers for bike transportation from Trivandrum to other cities. They use lift gates to make the bike loading and unloading process seamless. They are well-equipped with the right technologies and armed with special team members, who are qualified, skilled, and expert in handling bike transportation efficiently.

Know the Difference Between Open and Enclosed Shipping

While transporting your two-wheeler with the help of moving companies, you will get two shipping methods to choose from and they are – open-air trailer and enclosed trailer.

According to their advantages and disadvantages, select the right shipping method. Commonly, people use an open-air truck to transport motorcycles. This is an inexpensive and fastest way to transport bikes from one city to another. About 90% of people use this shipping method for two-wheeler transportation from Trivandrum to Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, any other city.

But open-air truck provides no security to your vehicle. Due to having no roof and body, your bike will be exposed to air and other weather conditions. While an enclosed truck keeps your vehicle safe throughout the transportation process. It is fully covered with sidewalls and a roof. Your bike will reach its destination in safe and damage-free condition. But, this is an expensive transportation mode than open-air truck transportation.

For optimal protection, it is recommended to transport your two-wheeler or motorcycle through an enclosed truck or trailer.

Prepare Your Motorcycle for Shipment

Most people do a big mistake while transporting their bike without realizing its consequences. They just select a transport company and hand over their vehicle to the mover. And when the bike reached the destination in a damaged condition they blame the movers. The bike needs to be prepared before being handed over to the movers.

If you want to transport your bike from Trivandrum then follow the few steps to prepare your bike: –

  • Clean your bike

Cleaning your bite is very much important before transporting it. You might be thinking why it’s important when the bike will actually get dirty during transportation. So it’s because identifying the dents and marks on a clean bike is clearly visible. You and your movers can inspect the bike for dents and scratches so that you can know if any new dents occurred during the transition.

  • Check tire pressure

Check the battery, fluid, and tire pressure before your movers will load the bike onto the truck. If the fuel tank leaks then fix it before handing it over to the movers.

  • Secure loose items or remove accessories

All the loose items should be fixed so that nothing will be lost. And remove a few accessories that you have on your bike like mirrors, etc.

This is how you prepare your bike for bike transportation from Trivandrum. Follow the tips step-by-step to experience hassle-free bike transportation in Trivandrum, Kerala.

The movers will not only help you to load and transport your bike but also unload the vehicle as well. Unloading a bike is just the reverse of loading the bike. You may damage your bike while unloading, but an expert knows what safety measures to be taken while unloading a bike. Hence, it’s important and beneficial to transport bikes with a professional bike transporter in Trivandrum or Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.


I hope these bike transportation tips will help you to transport your bike from Trivandrum to Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, or any other location in India without any hassles. And do not forget to buy insurance for your bike while transporting it to a distant place.

Author Bio:- Vishal

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