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eDiscovery – Choosing the Right Technology for your Law Firm

eDiscovery – Choosing the Right Technology for your Law Firm

eDiscovery allows for the review of electronic documents and information, usually for use in litigation. Law firms and corporate legal departments use eDiscovery platforms to collect legal files and associated databases, filter out relevant information, and determine the case’s relevancy. In addition, users can integrate eDiscovery software with database or backup systems to streamline this process.

It is a crucial litigation process that helps lawyers/or attorneys prepare and investigate for legal trials. A good document review will provide clarity to the lawyer and support him in winning a case. End-to-end eDiscovery solutions assist legal departments and law firms in managing operations and workflows throughout the information life cycle, including legal content management, enterprise search, eDiscovery, and other functions.

The legal procedure requires parties in a state and federal court to exchange legal information and evidence about the case. Therefore, a comprehensive approach to eDiscovery is necessary for producing a non-privileged document relevant to any parties’ claim or defense during the procedure of litigation.

An effective end-to-end legal information management and eDiscovery solution integrate AI and machine learning, analytics, and automation. This provides accurate and timely access to relevant information while reducing risks. 

Document review software is another name for E-Discovery software, such as NexsureHawksoft, Newton, and Vertafore. These enable lawyers to analyze and manage electronic databases while conducting investigations and research. Such tools optimize discovery jobs such as data uploading, file indexing, virus scanning, and much more. As a result, the final documents are now ready for review and approval. 

eDiscovery software is cloud-based and has the added benefit of allowing users (your team) to upload, review, and produce documents online. This eliminates the drawbacks of traditional approaches. Manual review, third-party vendors, or legacy software can cause delays, additional costs, and dissatisfaction. Documents can be easily traced by searching using fields such as document upload date, tags, subject, etc. 

A large number of files can be easily traced by finding documents using data fields such as the creator of the document or creation data and tagging the files as responsive, non-responsive, by subject, and so on.

eDiscovery solutions can significantly reduce the number of documents. It Enables the teams to eliminate redundant data files and irrelevant information quickly, emphasizing relevant databases only.

Why Does eDiscovery Matter?

eDiscovery is one of the first and most essential steps in assessing the facts of a dispute. Traditionally, parties used to exchange paper documents that would constitute a majority in the number. However, over time the paper documents are finally transformed into software curated content, thus changing the complete fundamental of the discovery process.

Today, expertise in eDiscovery is a must-have. A managed Electronic Discovery requires:

  1. Serve the interest of your client
  2. Fulfill your ethical duties
  3. Save Time and Money
  4. Avoid eDiscovery sanctions

The majority of attorneys said AI-based software tools saved them a lot of time and increased their efficiency by nearly 41%. Law firms with 100 or more attorneys led the way with 55%, compared to 48% for firms with 10 to 50 attorneys. Thirty-eight percent of law firms with 2-9 attorneys benefited, as did 32 percent of solo practitioners.

Avoid Inefficiency and Adopt the Right Approach for eDiscovery

Even today, many lawyers use the traditional method to review documents. Clients’ electronic files are collected, and each file is reviewed in programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Adobe Acrobat, with the database organized in a massive spreadsheet. However, the process is ineffective and inefficient. The Review Teams face challenges when searching across multiple and large database files at once or organizing information by metadata such as date, creator, and recipient in a timely and efficient manner. As a result, the manual approach to document review may cause the documents to alter, resulting in notable errors. In addition, copied and irrelevant files can cause the team to become bogged down amid a massive amount of unnecessary information.

In todays’ time, a manual approach is no longer relevant with the arrival of eDiscovery software. Innovative screening, such as fixating on those containing a specific keyword or detail, can help. That way, you save time and effort by eliminating the need to review the entire database.

With the help of a two-phase process, eDiscovery services can help accelerate document review while also managing costs. This brings a drastic change in the work operation of the associates. With their excellent expertise and skills in utilizing different legal platforms, associates can increasdocument review efficiency and productivity. 

Norma Harris 540

Norma Harris is a senior paralegal in Cogneesol. She has been a major contributor to the legal sector for the last 8 years. She writes about the technological transformation of the legal sector, helping legal professionals and law firms to manage their legal offices and helping them to drive growth in the agile market.

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