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Easy procedure of getting embassy attestation in Dubai

Studying or working in Dubai is something that everyone desire. Nowadays, to shift to any other country to experience a brand new work culture or education is what everybody wants. Shifting overseas additionally means you’ll be expanding your career opportunity. A candidate may be the one in search of admission to a Dubai school/college, for higher studies or a better job possibility. When looking for this kind of change one has to understand that relocating to a new country is not an easy task. You need to have certificate attestation to prove to the other country’s government that you are a genuine immigrant and moving to their country legally.


Certificate Attestation 


Settling down in a new country isn’t a stress-free chore. There are a lot of things that you need to get accomplished before achieving this. Registering for a college/university is only a few of the responsibilities that are vital for you to finish and can involve substantial paperwork and time. Your preliminary setup can be extra hard in case you do not have the suitable documents in hand. Certificate attestation is a legal system through which a visa applicant proves that the documents and certificates he/she is using are legit and authentic. It is a procedure that involves various authorities of issuing country and destination country.


Embassy Attestation in Dubai


Attestation/legalization of certificate through the Embassy of the traveling country is called Embassy Attestation. Dubai is one of the world’s most famous places. An increasing financial system, intentional global vicinity, and amazingly appealing tax regime have long made it a favorite destination for job seekers and students from other countries. 


Dubai Embassy is located in every other country in the world; anyone can easily locate it to get an Embassy attestation for their documents. An attestation procedure from Dubai Embassy starts with issuing place of the documents and completes at the Embassy in the country the applicant is currently residing. This procedure needs to get verification stamps from Home department, External Affairs Ministry, and Dubai Embassy in the home country of documents. Further attestation will be completed in Dubai, UAE from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).


After the Embassy Attestation in Dubai, certificates and documents would be ready to use in another country for various reasons. For those that aren’t conversant with this procedure, attestation of certificates can be a lengthy and difficult task for them. As such, it might be beneficial to have guidance regarding this process to complete the legalization of your documents in Dubai. You need to look for a genuine and certified attestation service provider agency. These agencies can assist you and guide you throughout this process so that you can complete it easily.


What is the procedure of Embassy attestation in Dubai?


Embassy attestation procedure in Dubai completely depends upon the type of certificate you want an attestation for. Three types of certificates require verification – Academicals, Personal, and Commercial.


Academicals certificates


Academicals certificates are Degree certificates, Diploma certificates, HSC, SSC, School Leaving certificates, Mark Sheets, and others.




Human Resource Development (HRD) /Education Department legalization from issuing state

Ministry of External Affairs, issuing country

UAE Embassy legalization in Home country 


Personal certificates



Personal certificates are Birth certificates, Death certificates, Marriage certificates, Medical, PCC, Divorce certificates, and others.




Home Department legalization from issuing state

Ministry of External Affairs, issuing country

UAE Embassy legalization in Home country 

Commercial Documents


Commercial Documents are Power of Attorney, Bank Statements, Memorandum of Articles, Company Invoices, Product List, and others.




Chamber of Commerce legalization

Ministry of External Affairs, issuing country

UAE Embassy legalization in Home country 


For a procedure of attestation Embassy of UAE will provide the final legalization stamp and sign on certificates to prove their legitimacy and trustworthiness. Rest of the procedure will be provided by MOFA in Dubai, UAE after which certificates can be used to apply anywhere abroad.


Purposes to get Embassy attestation 


For getting an Employment visa/labor Card in Dubai for the majority of the designations.

To pursue Higher Studies


To open a Bank Account

To start a Business


If you need an attestation for your personal/professional documents for immigration and search embassy attestation services in Dubai, you can find many of them. Several attestation service providers are available in Dubai and UAE that offer their best services for every type of certificate and document. These agencies are well-versed with the procedure and can complete it on your behalf successfully. They have crews of expert and experienced agents who know every detail of this process. You can go for a web search to find the best suitable for you.


What is the price/fee for Embassy attestation services?


An Embassy attestation fee is different for a different country. It can be high or reasonable according to involving countries, certificate type, and requirements of a visa candidate.

It can take 5-7 days to complete an Embassy attestation but sometimes take a long time.


Embassy Attestation Services


If you are in Dubai, it is a great idea to hire a professional attestation service provider agency. Hiring professional services means permitting an agent to perform the whole procedure on your behalf. These are professional attestation agents in Dubai to assist you with attestation from any country or for any certificate.


Embassy attestation is the very last process to be done in your authentic certificate. Embassy attestation can complete on Academicals certificates, Personal certificates, and Commercial documents from your Home country. Consulate attestation additionally may be done at the certificate instead of Embassy attestation; however not all the countries accept Consulate attestation.


To help you with excessive paperwork and tedious strategies, attestation service agencies help you with their quality and stress-free services. They provide specific and advanced Embassy certificate attestation services like Marriage certificates attestation, Birth certificate attestation, Degree attestation, and every other visa formalities. 


When choosing an attestation service agency or agent in Dubai, make sure they have complete knowledge of this process and experience in this field. Ensure that the agency you are choosing is familiar with all the details concerning authorities, type of certificates, and every procedure of attestation. Choose a legal and certified agency to avoid a fake attestation. A fake attestation can cause you several legal troubles and fines. Choose a best attestation agency that can provide you with every service at your doorstep with a pick and drop facility for your documents.

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