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Do this to Increase your YouTube Subscribers

People try many ways to increase YouTube subscribers and you must have tried it too. But did you get good results from them? If not, we will tell you how to increase your subscribers on YouTube. But before that, let’s know some interesting facts related to YouTube.

Some Youtube Statistics 2022

Do you know that, according to Google, more than half of the total YouTube audience is female? Many people used to believe that the number of men on YouTube was higher. 

And there are over 37 million channels on YouTube, and millions of channels are created daily. This figure shows that increasing subscribers on YouTube has become very difficult. Because the options are increasing with people.

So let’s know what the ways are that will help you increase your YouTube subscribers. And if you want to get quick results, then you can also see Followersindia as an option.

Always create a relevant thumbnail

You must have often seen that many people use such thumbnails to get views on their YouTube videos so that anyone clicking on their videos But when they do not find anything related to the picture or title shown in the thumbnail, they dislike that video.

You can get millions of views by doing this, but it will not increase your subscribers. because you did not show the users in your content what you did in the thumbnail, as a result, if you want to grow your YouTube audience, keep the text and images in the thumbnail relevant to your content.

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Learn from other YouTubers 

If you want to increase your YouTube subscribers, then it is very important that you learn from the people who make videos in your category. You can view their videos to see how they present their content to the public. What do they do so that people subscribe to their channel?

By doing this, your knowledge will increase in that niche more, and you will be able to create your content more properly. This is also called competitor analysis. And when you follow this method, you will start seeing results automatically.

Produce informative and entertaining content

It would not be wrong at all to say that everyone likes to watch videos that are entertaining and informative and also subscribes to the channel. That’s why the combination of these two things in your videos is very important.

Because if you make informative videos but your way of telling is boring, then the user will get bored and start watching someone else’s video.

But if you give the same information in a little entertaining way, then everyone will like to see your video. and will also subscribe to your channel and share it with your friends.

Maintain your uploading frequency

If any user subscribes to your channel, then it means that he has liked your videos and wants to see more of them in the future.

But if you put your video once every 2 months or after a long time, then that person will unsubscribe from your channel. Furthermore, YouTube’s algorithm does not promote channels that upload videos after a long period of time.

It should be your effort to upload one video per week or month. And you upload the video only at a particular time so that your subscribers will know when you upload the video. This shows your professionalism.

Don’t miss a chance to promote your channel

The best way to gain YouTube subscribers is to promote your channel on every social media platform. because you can’t reach more people with just one platform

That’s why you promote it on every platform that you use. Maybe you have a large audience on Instagram or Facebook. You can ask them to subscribe to your channel and also tell them a little about your content.

The person who has the most active social media friends or followers will get the most benefit from this strategy. And with this, you can increase your subscription by more than 100 in a single day.

The title and description should contain keywords.

Keywords are used not only in blogs but also in the titles and descriptions of YouTube videos. But some people did not know this. Maybe you don’t even know about this thing.

Google’s crawler is not able to crawl videos like the content written in blogs, so it is very important that you put keywords in its title and description.

You have to keep your title to less than 66 characters and your keywords should be at the beginning of the title and description. And your keywords should be related to the content.

And try to use long-tail keywords more. With this, any particular audience you want to show your content to, that video will be visible at the top.

A collab will help you to get new subscribers

Have you ever tried collab with a YouTuber who makes videos in the same category as you? Because nowadays, every big or small YouTuber is doing the same thing.

Because you can only show your content to the people you want to see it. If one YouTuber gives fitness tips and another YouTuber also does the same thing, then both of them can collab with each other.

With this, both will be able to know each other’s audience and both will be able to grow their YouTube subscribers.

That’s why you have to collab with those creators who are in your field. But if you want, you can also join forces with YouTubers of any other niche.


Have you applied all the methods mentioned in this blog? If not, then definitely try these methods and you will see an increase in your subcarriers. And if it doesn’t, then you can also buy YouTube subscribers in India from a trusted website.

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