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Digital Wallets: Choose the Right Strategy for Your Business

The popularity of digital wallets has seen increases in the past few years. Today digital wallets play a vital role in all kinds of business across the globe and are a necessary tool for most people and businesses. Over the past few years, e-wallets have grown rapidly and as per research, the e-wallet market size was estimat at 1043.1 billion$ in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 28.2 % to reach 7580.1 billion$ by the year 2027.

Digital wallets enable affordable transactions and ease the seamless management of various accounts. In addition to these, the rise of NFC-enabled terminals will drive mobile wallet adoption. Digital wallet app development can be beneficial as it is more secure and has diverse features. Now let us understand the significance of digital wallets in today’s time.

Significance of digital wallet

Swift, Flexible, and convenient

In this digital and fast age, most people need faster and more convenient payment methods. One of the best things about using digital wallets is they are capable of making immediate payments, and purchases, and can send or receive money instantly. Building a popular mobile wallet app will require a lot of effort and strategies to stand out from the crowd. With the help of digital wallets, you can execute payments from anywhere within no time and much easy than the traditional payment systems.

Improved Security

When you lose your wallet, it can be dangerous. You have to cancel all your cards and get them reissu. But with e-wallets, they are more secure as your mobile phone has security measures such as passcodes, and fingerprint scanning to protect others from accessing it, and the financial data carried in your digital wallet itself is secured. Digital wallets come up with improved security like when you make a payment a unique transaction identifier or token is exchanged that helps in boosting your security.

Wide and increasing acceptance

As we all know that more and more people are now opting for e-wallets, it is clear that e-wallets are here to stay and it is due to their unique features. To build a wallet development solution, you must decide for which industry you are going to design an app. Many businesses have realized the importance of wallet apps and have started adopting them.


Digital wallets assist you to organize everything from credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, and much more. You can also have a view of your transaction history and set your budget. There are various apps available that permit you to organize payments by scheduling them.

Discounts and Rewards

Using e-wallets when you purchase or make payments can save you bucks as most digital wallets these days provide a good discount, promotion, rewards, and much more to their users. Digital wallets permit you to earn more points at your favorite store like Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.

Cost – effective

A digital wallet provides all its services free of cost. But some transactions come with a small service fee like transferring money within a wallet from credit cards or anything else but the remaining digital wallets do not charge. Because of all these unique features of the digital wallet solution, it is in more demand.

Executing the right strategy for digital wallet app development

For developing a brilliant digital wallet app development, you must first determine the right strategy to build a perfect app. Here are some of the strategies for digital wallet app development.

Determine what type of wallet you will offer

When you plan to develop a digital wallet, you must first decide the type of digital wallet that you are going to provide to your audience. Let’s have a look at them:
Closed-loop wallet – In a closed-loop wallet solution users can use the spared amount to conduct online transactions with the wallet provider. Amazon Pay is the perfect example of a closed wallet.
Semi-closed loop wallets – It empowers users to perform transactions at listed merchants and locations. The wallet can be utilized for both online and offline purchases. The best examples are Paytm & Mobikwik.
Open-loop wallet – These are issu by banks or institutions. The future of banking with digital wallet solutions is bright as it offers various benefits. Customers employing open wallets can use them in all transactions such as semi-closed wallet allows. Google wallet, square wallet, etc are examples of open-loop wallets.

Build customer-centric App

Develop an app that links to all of the information available about customers’ needs and preferences. Must include plenty of options for customers to make them more engaged like promotions, offers, reviews, loyalty programs, etc. The importance of customer-centric development must be emphasiz to assure a seamless customer experience.

Research & Analysis

Market research and competitor analysis are basic steps in mobile wallet app development. During this stage, you must determine for which country you will be designing your app and who are your target audience. Market research will help you how to differentiate and stay ahead of the competition.

Detailed overview of your customer’s needs

Consumers develop market demand. Businesses should analyze customer needs and demands with various preferences. To begin digital wallet app development, one must have a clear vision of your target customers’ needs and expectations. Data mining of targeted clients will aid in evaluating various criteria like ease of use, enhanced UI interaction, wallet security and encryption, and transaction history. Allow merchant payment solutions so that they can accept credit card payments and finances would be managed efficiently.


This blog was all about the points to consider when you want to develop a digital wallet. A digital wallet is used by everyone and now it is an important tool. However, developing a mobile wallet is not a simple process. It consists of numerous stages that gradually take a long time. The current market statistic clearly states that mobile payment will boost across every industry. If you want to develop a brilliant digital wallet app, get in touch with the leading mobile app development company that will offer you seamless and world-class digital payment solutions.

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