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Different Styles and Patterns of Herringbone Flooring

Whenever we hear about herringbone flooring, we think of beautiful patterns arranged in rectangles to form a visually stunning floor. Aside from the popular oak herringbone flooring and engineered herringbone flooring, there are different styles and patterns that make this late 1600s style a versatile one.

What makes it so popular?

Herringbone is a type of parquetry, which defines hardwood floors that are laid in a specific pattern. Parquet floors also include chevron patterns as well. The herringbone pattern has its origin in the royal castles and mansions of Europe. However, even now in the 21st century, this flooring design has a broad appeal for modern homes and offices. The design can adapt easily to any background and gives an interesting texture to the floors. The cohesive zigzag pattern creates an illusion of movement—making smaller rooms appear more prominent and spacious.

What are the types of herringbone floors?

There are many options for herringbone flooring available in the market.

Engineered Herringbone

For moisture-prone areas like the kitchen or bathroom, grey engineered herringbone flooring can look beautiful. They are more practical than oak-engineered herringbone flooring as they won’t soak water and moisture. These floors are affordable and equipped to handle heavy foot traffic.

Herringbone Engineered Flooring

Also, these floors won’t buckle under extreme humidity changes.

Hardwood herringbone flooring

Hardwood herringbone is the definition of luxury. The richness of solid wood combined with mesmerising herringbone pattern can look exquisite in places like the living room or the foyer. Solid oak herringbone flooring looks fantastic. However, if you are willing to splurge, go for mahogany.

Laminate herringbone flooring

Laminate herringbone flooring gives you the beauty of herringbone design but with the practicality of laminate. These floors have a tougher surface which makes them perfect for places with heavy foot traffic.

Laminate floors are moisture-resistant and can resist stains, spills, scratches, dents, furniture scratches, etc. They are affordable than solid wood, so if you are tight on budget, this should be your choice.

Vinyl herringbone flooring

If you want something with amazing texture but easy to maintain, vinyl herringbone flooring is the way to go. Vinyl flooring is very common in commercial and office spaces because it is affordable and super easy to clean.

These floors have a multi-layer structure and can withstand moisture and foot traffic. Vinyl herringbone can be used in outside deck or balconies as it has a UV-coated surface that protects the floors from heat. The tough outer layer can resist daily wear and tear as well as impacts from falling objects. This is an excellent option for bathrooms as well.

What are the popular herringbone patterns?

Recently this popular floor pattern has been adopted by many homeowners. Nevertheless, over the years there have been quite a few patterns of herringbone have been developed beyond its classic zigzag style.
Some of the most popular herringbone patterns include:

Traditional herringbone

This pattern is the most common and loved universally. This is the pattern from where herringbone got its name, as it looks similar to a fish’s skeleton. This design creates a zigzag effect on the floor.

Herringbone with square inserts

In this pattern, a row of a traditional block of squares is inserted in a clever way to make an interesting showcase. Sometimes it is done horizontally; sometimes, a right-angled zigzag pattern is created.

Double herringbone

A simple but effective trick can go a long way!

This pattern is made by taking two long blocks together each time when adding a layer. This is quite outside the norm but frankly looks terrific and makes a floor stand out.

Extra-long herringbone

For a large room, using of extra-long thin herringbone gives a certain depth to the room. Commercial settings or modern office designs look great with this pattern adding extra length and depth to the floors. Which one did you like the best? Are you planning to renovate your floors soon? No matter what you choose, you can find so many options at Floorsave. They have the most innovative range of flooring options in the UK at unbeatable prices.

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