Delivering Parcel

Delivering Parcel

Parcel forwarding service / DeliveringParcel is your one-stop shipping shop, specializing in Ecommerce Fulfilment Services, product management, and storage for online shops and shopify.

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Order anywhere from amazon and get it reshipped to any country. We will deliver the amazon parcel to your door step. By forwarding and reshipping it from US, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe and Asia. DeliveringParcel is your one-stop shipping shop, specializing. In Ecommerce Fulfilment Services, product management, and storage for online shops delivering parcel is best.

Parcel Forwarding is your one-stop shipping shop, specializing in Ecommerce. Fulfilment or Parcel Forwarding Services, product management, and storage for online shops.

Parcel forwarding service:

Shopify, Woo commerce, eBay, and Amazon sellers. Our system seamlessly integrates with the most popular online store. Software as well as eBay fulfillment and Amazon fulfilled by the merchant to automate. All your orders from receiving orders to shipping them out. We cover the whole process automatically so you can sit back, relax and concentrate on sales.


Reshipping services worldwide / Parcel forwarding service:

Parcel forwarding service can also control your stock, send us your stock direct from anywhere in the world and we can help with importation, customs, stock checking, and condition reports on your behalf, we have daily arrivals of containers and couriers from worldwide, we accept deliveries direct from manufacturers.

The work out of picking, packing, and posting:

Parcel forwarding service take the work out of picking, packing, and posting your customers orders and our competitive postage rates ensure a reduction in your postage costs, we can also offer competitive packaging costs with a large stock of bags, boxes, and packing materials always kept close to hand. you can shop to ship anywhere to everywhere.


Get the most economical rates from the most trusted couriers across the globe. Parcel forwarding service work hard to give you the best solution according to your budget and requirement. Please get in touch with us to get a quick quote through live chat, email, or phone number.

How Parcel forwarding service works?

Firstly, if you need or like something online or even from a retail store outside your country or territory, and you can not purchase it yourself, or need help with billing and shipping and wants to Become a shopper and purchase assistance .

Secondly, we will give you the best possible and friendly service to get you overcome that shopping and shipping barrier.

SHOPPERS are all those people who need help with their desired items and international delivery.

Thirdly, we will make sure we get your item purchased, given you access to all our service points, and get your package delivered by following step by step guided process.

Create a free request:

There are no registration or subscription fees to submit a request to Become a shopper and purchase assistance and no hidden fees to registered user.

However, you may request as a new user or you can sign up as a shopper. you need to provide information about the items, products, and services you want.

Further, you need to mention which country you want to shop from and where do you want it to be delivered.

For that you will be given three options:-

Choose your option

Parcel forwarding service want to bring the world to your home and are here to provide you all the available services which you can have.

Parcel forwarding service are giving all the control to you to decide where and how to navigate with your request and to choose the best option which suits your services required.

How it works for Shopper

For that you will be given three options:

(A) Need an address

(B) Need an address + Purchase Assistance

(C) Need an address + Purchase Assistance + Shipping

Need an address:

Get a free residential address in every country of the world where you want to shop from. If you need a forwarding solution for any of the products. You want to purchase or need from any international store or abroad.

Firstly, we will provide you a physical and most importantly a residential address, so the store or company got no reservation to book the order and send it to the given address which you can use for forwarding with the help of our members..

Purchase Assistance / Parcel forwarding service:

Secondly, this option suits the Shopper the most who need just an address. They can manage the rest of the operational activities. If a person can purchase the item for himself and then can book the shipping of his own choice from our service point ”address”, He can opt to go for “need an address” and can keep the cost as low as possible for forwarding.

Purchase Assistance own choice / Parcel forwarding service:

Thirdly, shoppers are required to book the shipping of their own choice and do a custom declaration of their own will, the shopper will be provided with dimensions and weight of the package once received and confirmed by our address, which will be notified automatically by the integrated system.

To sum up, all the additional services will be provided to the shopper which they have asked for while making a request like providing photos so that shopper can recheck the item.

The shopper can confirm that item can be packed and labels can be attached and make It ready for collection.

package consolidation service / Parcel forwarding service:

shopper can use any comparison websites of the couriers or can go directly to any company website to book the shipping and delivery.

Such a unique facility and option is been provided so that the shopper can manage his funds and get the best of the service available..

While booking shipping online, you are required to fill up all the information from the sender and receiving side and also to fill up the customs declaration.

You will have our service point full address and name, you can ask for any further and additional information if you need it.


Deliveringparcel.com makes sure that your delivery is handled with care, we will provide all the services been asked which can include checking the content, package consolidation, repackaging, and available for collection.

For some countries, invoices are mandatory to be posted and are necessary to be attached with the package. So there are required to be given with the labels and custom declaration.

The customs declaration is something which is very important to be done and that can save shoppers almost half of the money which they are spending.

The shopper can let us know any value they want to declare.

Items can be marked as personal belonging or a gift send from the individual as well.

Firstly, when a package is all ready and marked by the shopper to be sent. The shopper can send the labels alongside custom declaration to us.

Secondly, in order for all the service to be good and smooth, please do keep a 1-day gap for collection. Or you can ask the member or shipper the ideal date for the collection. So that they can be available for collection at the given date and time.

Shoppers are requested to be aware of custom duties and any taxes which the government had set up for that country.

Shoppers can communicate with us all the time to have the best solution for customs clearance.

Once all the documentation and packaging is done, the date of the collection can be set. We can make sure that the parcel is all available for collection on the set date

Here point to be noted is that all addresses are residential address. So that leaves a positive factor for cheap shipping rates, customs clearance and also for good collection point.

Member’s and Shippers’ phone numbers

Firstly, all member’s and shippers’ phone numbers will be provided. So that in case the couriers can call the person before coming to collect the parcel.

Secondly, after the package is been collected. The member or the shipper can mark the item as shipped. All this will be visible to the shopper on the deliveringparcel.com platform.

Tracking number

The tracking number or the receipt of the collection is provided by a member of our team. So that you can be fully aware that your parcel has left our service point.

Parcel forwarding service:

Parcel forwarding service await for the parcel to be delivered to complete the deal. The shopper can check the content and the quality of the item with packaging. Once they are all satisfied with the package which is been delivered. The shopper can mark the item as delivered and leave honest feedback for the service been provided.

In case of any faulty item, the shopper can always ask for help. We will make sure you get the best from us. Getting your money refunded from the seller or company, or we can help you get it replaced by sending back the item to the sender.

Need an address + Purchase Assistance

Further, if you need an item that you can not buy yourself due to payment restrictions or billing address. We can buy the item for you. Order it and give you end to end facility to deliver them to your doorstep.

This option suits those shoppers who need an item abroad. But cannot order it themselves and need help with purchasing and shopping.

Shoppers need to add descriptions about the item or product which they need. Shoppers are requested to add as many clarifications for the typical type of item they pursuing.


Deliveringparcel.com is aiming to be the best in the service provider market. We will try to purchase the item for you in 1 working day. After the payment is been made for the item and services.

Please do keep in mind in case of bank holidays or weekends, do bear with us until the payment is been cleared. Our operational department got the desired funds for the product.

Need an address + Purchase Assistance + Shipping

Further, if the shopper needs help with shipping as well as providing services of address, we will help you get the best shipping rates with our logistics partners such as FedEx , UPS , TNT , DHL, and many more across the globe.

Good business:

Parcel forwarding service have to build up good business terms and can book your parcel for next day collection. And even drop off although we do recommend. That in order to get the exact price of the parcel. We would ask the shopper to wait till we get the exact dimensions and weight of the package.

Ensure that you get the cheapest rate available:

Firstly, here we can also consolidate the package and repack it to reduce the weight and dimensions as well.

Secondly, the shopper can select the additional services required with the shipping. So, that their package can be delivered to them in the desired manner.

Thirdly, this option is much suited for the shoppers who don’t want to spend time searching for the cheapest and best prices for shipping.

Our logistics team makes sure that you get the best solution and you keep trusting us with your custom.

Trusting us with your custom .

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