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Custom Oil Paintings – A Gift With a Personal Touch

If you are an enthusiast of custom oil paintings or paintings then you are at the right place. With this article, we are going to explain to you everything about an art form that needs your attention.

How it all started

The oldest paintings that humans drew are estimated to be more than 44,000 years old. These paintings were drawn in the caves & were the initial forms of human expression. There are more than 350 caves worldwide that feature paintings exhibiting different styles from varied timeframes. The art of paintings evolved over the years as artists of different philosophies created and contributed their expression.

From prehistoric, followed by the ancient, medieval, renaissance, baroque, rococo, neoclassical to romanticism, realism and expressionism; art has seen many evolutions. Pop & contemporary styles left their mark in the late ’70s. In the present times, the art of creating a digital oil painting from photos has gained wide popularity.

Paintings for Everyone – A perspective

For a really long time, paintings have been looked at as a luxury that only a certain section/ class of society could afford. This was mainly due to the exclusivity that surrounded the art & value that was associated with it. Even today, thinking of getting a canvas painting is not possible for everyone. When we look at the art form of digital portrait, it is democratizing the art of painting in a true sense. Since these paintings are created from a reference picture, it puts the choice in the hands of people. One can choose a memory close to their heart.

A painting created from their favourite photograph turns that memory into a timeless relic. This way they can hold that memory right in front of their eyes. The prices of these portraits created on a digital canvas are affordable. This is a reason why digital paintings are popular among people.

Understanding the digital paintings

The most popular misconception about custom oil paintings is that these are created by simply applying a filter to a photograph. However, this is not true. Artists use two different software & may need several hours to create each painting. Secondly, the digital paintings feature the intricate details of texture, strokes and even the colour composition, just the way regular canvas paintings do.

Digital paintings aren’t easy or simple but require a great amount of expertise and precision. Right from selecting a suitable background to bringing every minute detail to reality, a lot of effort goes into the making of custom oil paintings.

Digital or Physical – the Choice is Yours

The way we connect with the world has turned around completely in the last two decades. With the advent of social media, a lot changed the way we express ourselves and communicate with people. Sharing pictures is also one way of modern-day expression. This is a way in which people communicate about the things happening in their life. Thus, digital copies of these paintings are preferred by many. These high-quality images can be easily shared across all digital platforms. This is a reason why many people prefer opting for a softcopy of digital paintings.

However, many times these custom oil paintings are created with the intention of gifting. In that case, one can also opt for a printed copy. Paintings are printed on archival canvas and delivered in PVC containers with great safety.

Emotions & Stories in each painting

Paintings have the power of evoking people’s emotions. Every painting is unique in some way. There are many things that make a painting special. Memories, emotions & even the story behind a painting. This is why paintings make a great gift. Everyone has a few memories in their life, which they want to cherish & celebrate forever. What can be a better medium than digital oil painting from photos to celebrate such moments? This way, the favourite moments can be retained right in front of the eyes & these most special memories can be treasured.

Why do paintings make a great gift?

While most gifts lose their relevance with time, a digital painting stays relevant in the receiver’s life for a really long time. A painting is a souvenir of memories. It has emotions and feelings attached to it. So these paintings always find a special place in the receiver’s house. Custom paintings are a gift with a personal touch. No matter what the occasion is, you can choose a suitable custom painting option & surprise your friends & family.

There are different portraits that can be considered. Some of these are couple portraits, self-portraits, children portraits, family portraits. If you have old pictures that need restoration, then you can go for old photo restoration. Put some thought & you can have a gift that stands out. Just remember to plan in advance, so the artists get enough time to p[ut their best in creating your masterpiece.

Getting a digital portrait? Visit OilPixel!

Did you find the idea of digital paintings interesting? If you are planning to get a painting for yourself or to gift your loved ones, then you can consider visiting us at OilPixel. We are an art studio based out of India and we specialize in creating digital oil paintings. So far we have created more than 7500 digital portraits and we still continue to spread smiles all over the world with our paintings. Our artists are experts who have mastered the art of creating digital paintings.

Digital Oil Painting of a man with the original image on the half side

They take your photographs and turn those into memorable paintings. They understand the feel & emotions behind each painting and bring the same emotion to every painting that they create. When our paintings stand out, it is because our artists have put their best in creating that painting. Here is how you can get your painting from OilPixel.

The Journey of Your Painting

To get your digital painting from us, you can send us your reference photograph. If you can tell us the story behind the painting, we are all ears. This helps us to understand the emotion and feel of the painting. From photography to the finished painting, we take around 4 to 5 days to finish a painting. Once we finish your painting, we send you a draft of the painting & take your opinions. If you have got any suggestions, our artists can try to include those before the printing.

Got something to say? Join the conversation

Be it the experience of gifting a painting to your loved ones or preserving memories of your old pictures using our digital photo restoration services, we will absolutely love to hear from you. To share your experiences, you can tag OilPixel in your social media posts. If you like digital paintings and want to know more, you can follow one of our main artists, Mr. Vipul Pandit on Quora. He regularly writes about the different aspects of digital oil paintings. From the magic of his Wacom pen tablet to creating magical paintings, he gives fascinating details about the world of digital paintings.

We hope you find this article useful. We keep bringing similar content & if you like it, you can consider revisiting us. You can also follow us on our social media handles to stay in touch with the latest updates.

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