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Crystal Oscillator Circuit and its Applications

An electronic oscillator circuit that we use to create mechanical reverberation of a vibrating crystal made of piezoelectric material is known as a crystal oscillator. It will generate electrical signals with a given frequency and then this can be used to keep track of time. For example, in digital integrated circuits, wristwatches are used so that they could provide stable clock signals. And Maintain and stabilize the frequencies of radio transmitters and receivers.  Quartz precious stone is principally utilized in radio-recurrence (RF) oscillators. Quartz crystal is the most well-known kind of piezoelectric resonator, in oscillator circuits, we are utilizing them so it got known as gem oscillators. Crystal oscillators should be intended to give a heap capacitance.

There are various sorts of oscillator electronic circuits that are being used they are to be specific: Linear oscillators – Hartley oscillator, Phase-shift oscillator, Armstrong oscillator, Clapp oscillator, Colpitts oscillator. Unwinding oscillators – Royer oscillator, Ring oscillator, Multivibrator and Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO). You can purchase all of these on online stores or physical stores. Wherever you buy them buying electronic components in UK and other countries can be complicated so first be aware of your needs. Our focus here is on Crystal Oscillators which we will further discuss down below.

What is Quartz Crystal?

A quartz crystal displays a vital property known as the piezoelectric impact. At the point when the mechanical pressing factor is applied across the essences of the crystal, a voltage which is relative to mechanical pressing factor shows up across the crystal. That voltage causes twisting and distortion in the crystal. The mutilated sum will be relative to the applied voltage and furthermore, a substitute voltage applied to a crystal causes to vibrate at its regular recurrence.

Applications of Crystal Oscillators

There are many applications of crystal oscillators we will state some of the below:

Colpitts Crystal Oscillator

This type of oscillator creates a sinusoidal output at very high frequencies. This oscillator can also be used like different sensors such as different temperature sensors. It senses directly from its surface because of the SAW device used in the Colpitts circuit. Mostly its applications are in the area where a wide range of frequencies resides. It can also be used in undamped and continuous oscillation conditions. We can achieve greater temperature stability and high frequency by using some devices in the Colpitts circuit.

Armstrong Crystal Oscillator

These are mostly used in regenerative radio receivers. Through an additional wing, the radio frequency signal is magnetically coupled into the circuit, and to gain control in the feedback loop, feedback is reduced. And at last it produces a narrow-band radio-frequency filter and amplifier.

Research and Measurement

The crystal oscillators are used for space tracking purposes, for measurement purposing, in medical devices, celestial navigation and are also used in measuring instruments.

Military and Aerospace

Crystal oscillators are used in military and aerospace for an efficient communication system. The communication system is to establish uniformity in work and maintain and communicate information, for navigation purpose and maintain electric warfare.

Industrial Applications

There are numerous mechanical utilizations of the crystal oscillator. They are generally utilized in PCs, instrumentation, advanced frameworks, in stage bolted circle frameworks, modems, marine, broadcast communications, in sensors and furthermore in plate drives.

Crystal Oscillator is likewise utilized in motor controlling, clock and to trip PC, sound system, and in GPS frameworks. This is an automotive application.

Precious stone oscillators are utilized in numerous buyer merchandise. For instance, digital TV frameworks, camcorders, PCs, toys and computer games, mobile phones, radio frameworks. This is the Consumer Application of Crystal Oscillator.


Crystal oscillators are electronic components with variety of applications. There are many types of oscillators so you can decide which electronic components buy in UK stores whether Eonline or physical stores according to your requirements.


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