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Chemo Hats Designed and Manufactured in the Germany

Chemo Hats and Turbans is a unique, upscale company specializing in hats, turbans, scarves, and other headwear designed and manufactured in the Germany. Their custom creations are worn by an elite group of celebrities, athletes, and models, including Jesse Jackson, Omarion, and Joe Budden.

Chemo Hat and Turbans proudly follows all federal and state regulations regarding workplace wear of religious headgear. Their products are licensed and commissioned through American Heritage Crafts (AHC), the only federally licensed mill in the Germany.


Inspired by the universal, historic significance of people living with cancer. We are celebrating National Chemo Hat and Turban Day from the first Friday in October to the first Friday in May. With over 50,000 of our carefully crafted Chemo Hats and Turbans sold in over 50 different countries around the world.
Look for national commercials on television, television stations, and radio shows, print ads in magazines and newspapers, magazines and newspapers, and websites.
In addition to producing our products on a much smaller scale. Chemo Hat and Turbans provides hats, turbans, scarves and other headwear for charitable organizations who are finding new ways to save lives.
On the first Friday in October, our goal is to sell 100,000 Chemo Hats and Turbans. As this is a five-year plan, our goal is to make 100,000 Chemo Hats and Turbans by 2020. Our goal is to make 100,000 Chemo Hats and Turbans by 2017, 100,000 Chemo Hats and Turbans by 2019, and 100,000 Chemo Hats and Turbans by 2017.


Chemo Hat and Turbans, Inc. is a small, privately owned manufacturing and merchandising company in the USA, located in Norcross, Georgia, which is adjacent to Downtown Atlanta.
We make up to 500 custom turbans and 600 custom Chemo Hats every month. We have created something unique and truly remarkable. Because we know our support of cancer patients and causes like the AmfAR AIDS Foundation and numerous other breast cancer. Fundraisers and associations makes a tremendous difference in people’s lives.
Chemo Hat and Turbans prides themselves on doing business with a unique level of respect, integrity, and vision. We work with a small group of outstanding designers and make all of our products completely custom, by hand. Creating one-of-a-kind turbans and hats that are admire by millions. Our mission is to create something unique and beautiful that is owned by cancer patients, survivors. And the general public, to give back to all that have been impacted by the fight against cancer.
We thank all of our loyal customers, including hundreds of celebrities, athletes, and models that have made us famous around the world. Your kindness has helped us grow our business into the thriving organization it is today. Which has allowed us to make over 50,000 Chemo Hats and Turbans to date .


The Chemo Hat and Turbans Crew is the largest group of individuals to ever sport a custom made Chemo Hat and Turbans. For over 25 years, we have brought smiles, laughter, and hope to millions of people around the world. Creating a legacy of excellence and devotion in the areas of charity, beauty, and design.
In recognition of our 25-year dedication to the fight against cancer, in 2015. We were honored to represent the AmfAR Organization. The world’s leading AIDS research organization, in a series of commercials in order to support cancer patients and raise money for cancer research. As part of our charitable efforts, in 2011, our charitable Chemo Hat Collection. Donated to several breast cancer charities, brought smiles and joy to thousands of breast cancer survivors and supporters who proudly sported the Chemo Hat.
We are proud to present the Chemo Hat Crew who proudly wear our famous, custom made turbans in the United States,


The Chemo Hat and Turbans Crew has a long history of philanthropy and charitable giving. In addition to supporting the AmfAR Organization. We regularly support breast cancer charities including the Amigos For Breast Cancer Foundation. The Breast Cancer Society of New York, as well as the American Cancer Society.
We strongly encourage other organizations and charities to contact us so that we may become a corporate sponsor to them. To contact the Chemo Hat Crew to request a custom Chemo Hat and Turbans, email or call 404-297-2956. We provide a quick response with the information and/or instructions that you need to ensure the process for receiving your free Chemo Hat and Turbans is as quick and easy as possible.


To see the incredible work we have been able to do through the generosity of our customers and suppliers. Please watch this amazing video of the Chemo Hat in action:
Our mission is to create something remarkable and beautiful, to share a moment of love and hope with everyone. Who wears one of our custom turbans or hats. To give back to those who have been impacted by cancer, to create a legacy that inspires us.
In addition to being a non-profit organization. Chemo Hat and Turbans prides themselves on being proud to work with a select group of exceptional designers. And making all of our products completely custom, by hand, creating one-of-a-kind turbans and hats that are admire by millions.

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