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Chemo Caps and Beanies for Women are available in two Different Varieties

Chemo Caps and Beanies for Women are available in two different varieties, a small beanie that weighs a mere 2.5 ounces, and a large beanie that weighs 8 ounces. After measuring the thickness of the skin in several locations on my lower arms and legs, the company applied a proprietary chemistry to eliminate the risk of necrosis (caused by exposure to certain chemicals), and affixed tiny diamonds on the needles to enhance the aesthetic.

The end result is a biocompatible, and surprisingly cool-looking, chemo cap and beanie combo. And considering that women are usually the ones that get chemotherapy, it makes perfect sense to design something to make it a little bit more comfortable for the patient. Because it was a couple of years ago, I was supposed to get chemo back then.

But it was canceled because I had a bad reaction to a combination of antibiotics, a beta-blocker, and steroids, which led to one night of agony that was so bad, I literally thought I was going to die. It was awful. Not only did I have an upset stomach from the chemo, but I also had a stiff neck and high fever from the fever. That night, my neck was so stiff that I had to sleep in a fetal position on my back. It was such an awful night, that even today I have a very hard time remembering it, but I know that if it was a cold day and I needed to stay out in the cold and sit outdoors, I would not complain about being cold. At least then I would be on solid ground.

Chemo Cap and Beanie

But this article is not about me. It’s about the chemo cap and beanie combo. I won’t say that it’s very good for the scalp and the hair, because you will probably want to get a hat and a beanie for the scalp. And the hair will be a little longer than usual, so some styling is probably needed. But I would say that it’s actually pretty good for the head and scalp.
The scalp can be rough, so a cap would be ideal for a regular woman’s head, because it can regulate the amount of moisture and chemicals that are going into the skin of the head, which is the most exposed to that type of treatment. I was talking to a woman at a conference, who was receiving chemo, and she said that she thought the chemo caps were better than wearing a hat, because a hat would just stick to the scalp, and then it would pull the hair out.
The chemo caps actually seem to regulate it more, so it actually might be good for someone who has already had chemo to have something like this on the head and scalp to regulate moisture and the chemicals. The hair will be a little darker, too.


So for those of you who are chemo-hardened and have been through that experience, this is actually a pretty cool device. Of course, it might not fit everyone, because there is a relatively small diameter for the actual needles. But they are made of stainless steel, so I think most people should be able to wear them.
There’s a small pocket to put a pen in it, so there’s no need for you to have your bag of chemo pills and everything else to carry along. It’s so much easier to carry that around when you’re feeling okay, instead of being worn down and drained by the chemo and radiation treatments.
Chemo Caps and Beanies for Women are available online for $25.00, with a variety of different beanie options to choose from, in different sizes. Because women are often the ones that get cancer, and it’s the women who do the most chemotherapy, I feel that chemo caps and beanies are actually pretty good for the women, too. There are other chemo hats for men, but I don’t know how comfortable those would be on men, because they don’t have hair.

Had Cancer

Finally, if you have never had cancer, I would definitely recommend going to a chemo support group. You may find some people there who have gone through exactly what you are going through now, or you might not. I found a support group right here in Austin that seemed very good. At least the people seemed to be trying to be helpful.
It was pretty overwhelming, because people were there talking about their illnesses. Of course, I felt a little uncomfortable because I had just been through chemo, but most of them were talking about breast cancer or something, and I was just there. So it was an interesting contrast. But in general, you will probably find that the people are good to talk to. They are very sympathetic to you, and they understand what you are going through.
It’s a very tough thing to go through. I feel that there is a lot of isolation that people have. Maybe the connection with other women who are facing the same thing is what makes the difference. But maybe the women don’t feel comfortable, either, or maybe they just don’t feel like there is anyone to talk to about their struggles, and they just feel isolated and they don’t know what to do. So it’s a difficult situation to be in. But hopefully, the support groups can help.

Breast Cancer

The truth is, there’s no cure for breast cancer. The only thing that can help with your breast cancer is getting chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Nothing else. And there are a lot of things that can affect your body. Sometimes people go on medication for depression or anxiety.  They can go on medication for something like thyroid problems, and they may feel better. Sometimes people have other symptoms that can make them feel better or worse. So you may have headaches, and sometimes that can be a sign that something is going on with your thyroid. Or maybe a chemo cap or beanie will help a little

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