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Can Argentina VPS Hosting Support High Traffic Websites?

While commencing a new website, not only you, but most entrepreneurs in Argentina choose Shared Hosting. Initially, you don’t have much information about different types of web hosting and Shared Hosting seems the cheapest and feasible option. The need for an upgraded hosting arises when the traffic starts rising. With the increased number of visitors, the load time increases, and downtimes occur very frequently. 

If your website has also started attracting a large number of monthly visitors, then this article is a must-read for you. For coping with the growing needs, if you have researched for better hosting alternatives then you must have come across Argentina VPS Hosting. It is the best choice to upgrade from Shared Hosting. Serverwala, a global hosting company offers VPS Argentina with private resources, high flexibility, and an independent environment. It will help you easily manage the rise in traffic and comes at a pocket-friendly price. 

Before delving into the features and benefits of VPS Hosting Argentina let’s understand how it differs from other kinds of web hosting. 

How Argentina VPS is different from other types of hosting?

In the past few years, VPS has become the most popular web hosting due to its excellent features and inexpensive price. VPS is also known as Virtual Private Server operates using Virtualization Technology. 

In Argentina VPS a physical server is segregated into multiple virtual machines. Each one has its set of RAM, Storage, Bandwidth, and other resources. These virtual servers offer users the advantages of a Dedicated Server. 

In Shared Hosting the resources are limited, so as the traffic increases, its performance slows down. However, VPS offers you the flexibility to choose your required resources and expand them as per the business needs. Further in Shared Hosting Security is also a big issue, while VPS provides a unique IP Address and advanced security tools to protect your server. 

VPS is a mini version of a Dedicated Server and is best suited for those who need Dedicated Resources but have a restricted budget. 

Features VPS Hosting Argentina Supporting High Traffic

Now that you have understood the working of a VPS, it’s time to know how the Argentina VPS Hosting supports high-traffic websites. Below are the various features of a VPS which you must know.

Improved Website Reliability

In Shared Server, when the inflow of visitors increases its limited resources outgrows the limit. It results in slow speed and website crashes, which badly impacts the reliability of a website. Customers avoid brands that do not offer the best user experience to their audience.

While VPS Argentina can easily handle a significant rise in the number of visitors. It has the resources required to maintain effortless website performance even during peak times of traffic.

Serverwala offers its customers SSD Disk Drives, large RAM, Bandwidth, and CPU Cores which help in improving the reliability of the website. 

Choose the Suitable Operating System

In Shared Hosting the choice of Operating System is restricted by the hosting company. There are multiple users over a common server sharing the same operating system. So, the choice of the desired operating system cannot be granted to anyone.

While in VPS Hosting there is no such restriction. You have the option to pick the operating system and software required by your business. With Serverwala’s Argentina VPS Plan you get to choose Windows or Linux VPS Hosting as per your budget and preference. 

Get Complete Control over your Server

VPS Hosting offers you the level of flexibility and freedom similar to a Dedicated Server. Here you get the root level control which allows you to make changes to your server as per the business requirements. Using the root access you may enhance the security of your server, download additional plugins and software, and perform complex coding.

The Shared Server does not offer this ultimate level of control to the server. 

A large amount of Resources

In Shared Hosting there are multiple users and limited resources. So, during traffic hikes, you do not have the additional resources for managing it. Moreover, the performance and speed in a Shared Server are also affected when some other website experiences a traffic surge.

In VPS Hosting Argentina you can choose your plan and resources as per your website needs. Also, you may expand your current plan if the need for additional resources arises.  

Increased Server Security

The websites which are popular or attract huge traffic have a high risk of hacking and spamming. These websites need to be protected with advanced security measures. Shared Hosting has limited security and a high risk of cyber-attacks through malicious neighbors. Therefore, if you have started seeing a rise in the number of monthly visitors you must upgrade to VPS Hosting immediately. The advanced protection of DDoS, Firewalls, SSL Security, and dedicated IP addresses provided by Serverwala helps you keep the data safe. 

Economical Pricing

VPS Hosting Argentina Plan by Serverwala

As we have also said above, VPS is the best cost-friendly solution for those who can’t afford a Dedicated Server. Here you get an isolated server network, independent resources, and scalability options that could easily manage the traffic pressure without emptying your pocket.

Serverwala’s Argentina VPS Plans start from just $44. They have 6 different plans from Starter to Enterprise level, which helps to meet the needs of different kinds of businesses. Further, you may also customize the configurations.  

Premium Technical Support

During downtimes or technical errors, you need customer support for faster resolution of problems. High-traffic websites may lose a huge amount if the server issue persists for a long time. In Shared Hosting the technical support is not as fast as VPS Hosting. The hosting companies usually dedicate a separate team of professionals to solving the issues of VPS Customers.

Serverwala provides 24/7 technical support to every customer of VPS Hosting in Argentina. Whenever you encounter an issue you may contact the support team of Serverwala through Email or Call. 

Choose the Best VPS Hosting Argentina for High Traffic Websites

In this article, you have learned the various features and benefits of Argentina VPS Hosting for a high-traffic website. There are various hosting services in Argentina that provide VPS Services but only a few web hosts are there whose services are exactly what they claim. One of them is Serverwala. It offers you a reliable VPS Hosting Plan at an affordable price. You can identify the needs of your business and choose from a wide range of VPS Plans they offer. 

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