Boost your business with a full-featured Zoom Clone app amid the Covid-19 pandemic

The outbreak of the coronavirus disease has brought an onslaught of uncertainties where people have to maintain social distance and stay at home. Such circumstances have forced the companies to let their employees work from home. To ensure whether the work gets done or not, most of them rely on conference calls. A recent study shows that working from home without speaking with co-workers may cause a distraction. This paves the way for a video-conferencing app like Zoom that has proven to be the best platform to conduct meetings. On a lighter note, video apps are also used to stay in touch with friends/family members and conduct online classes. Do you have an interest in launching a video conferencing app? A Zoom Clone Script is a readymade video app solution that enables you to launch a reliable & robust app in no moment.

The tremendous growth and immense popularity of Zoom

There are plenty of video conferencing apps in the market. Some platforms do not support group meetings, and few platforms do not fit more participants. Zoom is one such app that meets the demands of both personal and professional individuals. The Zoom app supports up to a maximum of 1000 participants in a single session. This is one of the major reasons for its popularity.   In 2019, Zoom was awarded the best Initial public offering and one of the top performers on NASDAQ with a percentage of 130. Its net value in the first quarter of 2020 was $622.7 million. It is reported an annual growth rate of 117% between the years of 2017 and 2019. There is an estimation that its revenue will reach $925 million by the end of 2021.

Premium features to consider during Zoom Clone app development

The Zoom Clone app has two panels (User app and Admin dashboard) with a certain set of features.

User app features

  • The participants have to enter the given unique meeting IDs to a join meeting. It is their choice to personalize it accordingly.
  • Users are able to host a meeting and send an invitation link to other users. Other users can attend the meeting via a web browser or an app. 
  • Using the Scheduled meetings feature, the users can schedule business meetings, online classes, or webinars in prior. While doing so, they have to specify the date and time and then can send a meeting invitation to other users.
  • Both the hosts and users have the option to record an entire meeting or session easily. They can save the recorded meeting on the local device or cloud.
  • During an ongoing meeting, users can share their screen with the participants.

Admin dashboard features

  • The admin panel generates analytics and reports as you can view and analyse them for the growth of the business.
  • You have the option to add any number of payment gateways to the Zoom Clone app. This gives users multiple options to choose their convenient payment modes when needed.
  • You can create multiple sub-admin profiles and give them limited access to manage a particular portion of the app. And, you can manage the admins and app efficiently. 
  • The manage packages feature will let you modify and add packages whenever needed.
  • Using the Customization feature, it is easy to modify the features of the admin dashboard according to your requirements. 

Advanced features to consider while developing a video conferencing app like Zoom 

Apart from the set of basic features, there are few advanced features that you can consider adding to the Zoom clone. Here are the advanced features of the cloud-based video conferencing app.

  • Using the personal notes feature, users can note the important features discussed in the meeting, online class, or webinar. 
  • The background modification feature will allow you to change the background before attending a meeting.
  • While attending a meeting, any users can raise questions and will be resolved by the other participants. This makes the session more interactive.
  • To make a decision, users can create a poll, and other participants attending the session can vote.
  • The hand-raising feature will let the users share their opinions during a meeting or webinar.
  • The host can generate “minutes of meetings report” via the app. This will be used for their future reference to recall the main points that have been shared in the meeting.
  • The attentive time calculation feature will compute the time spent on a particular session. The app will send an alert message regarding the same.

What are the mainstream services offered in the Zoom Clone app?

As mentioned earlier, Zoom is a suitable cloud-based video conferencing platform that is suitable for both personal and professional uses. Therefore, corporates, schools, and universities can make use of it. It sounds great! All they have to do is install the app and conduct meetings, online classes, or webinars.  It is quite easy to develop the video app using the Zoom Clone script, as it lets you integrate any features and services. Here are the major services that you can consider offering in your Zoom Clone app.


Users can host and broadcast events without any difficulty. The video conferencing app must have the capability to accommodate 100 participants and 10,000 view-only attendees. It is up to the host to receive payments for the webinar they conducted. They can make use of payment gateways such as Zaiper, GPay, or PayPal. Feature attributes included are Q&A polling, Attendee raise hand, and Attention indicator. 


The app offers HD video conferencing with the integration of features like real-time messaging and content sharing. The video app can be downloaded and installed on their smartphone. Making use of this, the host can initiate the meeting and others can join it with an invitation link. Users can also conduct/attend online classes and chat with their friends.

Conference rooms

The conference room service can be taken advantage of only by the corporates. This will allow the users to share their screens during a session. Generally, visuals and graphs can be displayed while sharing a screen. Zoom offers a trial period of one month, and then the corporate professionals have to pay a particular amount. 

Benefits of cloud-based video app

Since the employees are working from home, the expense required to operate the office is reduced during the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, it is a great advantage for the organization to run the office with a low operational cost. Employees can communicate with their coworkers using the cloud-based video app to clarify their doubts. This, in turn, increases the per day productivity. In a nutshell, the employees resolve their doubts via a video app. It is quite easy for them to resolve the errors in the project and deliver it on time. As a result, the organization yields more profit. 

Final note

Zoom has marked its presence in the video conferencing app space and gained huge popularity in the world in recent times. There are many opportunities for newbie entrepreneurs to make their presence in this space.  If you have an interest in launching a similar app like Zoom, it would be best to prefer using the Zoom Clone script. This could be the most suitable feature-rich video conferencing app solution that allows you to launch the app instantly and reap profits shortly. 

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