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At La Imprenta CG we have a long history in book printing, both in offset and digital printing, an experience that we apply in our daily work, obtaining high-quality results at a good price, taking care of every last detail so that satisfaction of the client is total.

We work for publisherscompanies, and individuals, always adapting quality and price to the needs of each client.

You can print short runs (from 4 to 1,000 copies) or long runs (from 1,000 to 20,000 copies) with the peace of mind that we will always meet your deadlines.

1. Calculate the printing price of your book
2. History of the book
3. Print online an easy and convenient solution to get your book from home
4. Book printing with quality, speed, and cheap
4.1. Printing professionals with a great team
4.1.1. Powerful, versatile and fast printers
4.1.2. The best materials to publish your works
5. Advantages of printing on paper
6. More information on the design and layout of books
7. More information on the design and layout of books

Calculate the printing price of your book

Quality is not at odds with a good price, we can print cheap books without sacrificing quality, which is why we adjust our budgets as much as possible so that the value for money is always optimal: we can offer the best materials and the best technology, our technical advice, and endless customization options so that your paper book is something unique and special.

On our website, you can instantly calculate the price of Printing Near Me and publishing a book.

When calculating the printing price of your paper book, you must take into account several parameters:

  • Black and white or Color: It is the first thing we need to know. If it’s a novel or poetry book it will probably print in black, but if you have images you’ll probably want to print them in color. It can also happen that it is a textbook but that it includes a few color images, in that case, you can choose the option of b/n and color books and decide how many pages you want in color and how many in black and white, thus saving costs.

The best materials to publish your works

  • Binding: The next important piece of information is how to bind it. Hard cover, soft cover, or wire-o (worm)? Depending on the option you choose, the cost of the book will vary. The soft cover is the most common option due to its economy and versatility. Hardcovers are what make the final price more expensive, but their result is the most attractive. Visit the Types of bookbinding page, where we explain the best way to bind a book.
  • A number of copies: At La Imprenta Cg it is possible to obtain small print runs at a very competitive price, but you have to bear in mind that the more copies you order, the cheaper the unit will be, but the total price will rise, so if you have a pre-established budget, Evaluate what interests you the most. Being able to make the budget online is very easy to increase the quantity and compare prices.
  • A number of pages: The more pages the book has, the more it will cost to print. But, obviously, when you have spent months working on the text and editing it; this is not a point where you can save. Just keep it in mind when calculating your budget.

A number of pages

  • Format: You can order online a wide variety of different predetermined sizes to choose from, which correspond to the most common in books. But if you want a custom size, no problem, simply calculate the budget with the immediately superior size, and when placing the order tell us to cut it to the desired size, and we will happily do it at no additional cost.
  • Cover finish: You can choose online between gloss, matte or unlaminated lamination and instantly know how much the publication of your book would cost. However, at La Imprenta CG we can also offer other types of special finishes, the cost of which we would provide you with a personalized quote. Dare to innovate, with our printing equipment obtaining different and spectacular results is not that expensive.
  • Paper quality: At La Imprenta CG you can choose between different weights and types of paper, but always with the guarantee that we work with the best suppliers. You have couché, offset, boned, recycled paper, etc. Ordering our sample of papers will help you choose the one you like best.

history of the book

A book is an everyday object, we value its knowledge but we have rarely stopped to think that it is a wonderful technological object.

In this video from Editorial Almuzara, they summarize the history of the book and its importance in the dissemination of knowledge in a very entertaining way.

Print online is an easy and convenient solution to get your book from home

Technological advances and the expansion of communication networks have directly affected the printing processes of books, brochures, and catalogs. Barely 20 years ago, it seemed unthinkable that anyone from anywhere in the world could order the printing of a book and receive it a few days at home with really good quality standards.

At La Imprenta CG, these are advantages that we understood long ago, which is why we provide our company with a 100% reliable online printing system that makes working with us very comfortable and agile. Choose the type of book you need and calculate your budget instantly:

Book printing with quality, speed, and cheap

CG Printing Company can offer printing with the highest quality and at very affordable prices thanks to its infrastructure, designed to meet the most demanding requirements: both in raw materials (paper, inks, glues, etc.), as well as in machines and equipment. human team.

Printing professionals with a great team

Our technical team is made up of graphic arts professionals, who understand and know their trade, and can advise customers so that the printed book is just as they have imagined it: machinists, binders, prepress technicians, color, designers, etc.

Powerful, versatile, and fast printers

CG Printing also stands out for its impressive fleet of printing machines, both for offset and digital work.

We are constantly developing, so we have incorporated two HP Indigos, a Konica Minolta AccurioPress C14000 and a Canon VarioPrint 6180 TITAN into our infrastructure. Printers capable of doing on-demand jobs of exceptional quality for short runs at an affordable cost.

Advantages of printing on paper

Is physical printing worth it in an increasingly digital world? Paper books, despite the apocalyptic ones that have been foreseeing their disappearance for decades, are more alive than ever.

We have been reading on paper for centuries and it seems proven that printing on paper brings innumerable advantages, including:

  • They last longer: Books can and should be passed down from generation to generation.
  • If they fall they don’t break: It’s clear, right?
  • They never run out of battery: Well that.

You can lend them

  • Electronic equipment often ends up in third-world countries polluting the planet.
  • watch the following video.

More information on the design and layout of books

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