Best Accessories You Should Have on Your Car

Every car owner should consider getting a few essential accessories for their vehicle. They make it easier to drive, navigate, store items, and check the car’s current state. With that in mind, here are some of the best car accessories that you should definitely have on your car.

Phone mounts

The great thing about smartphones is that they can single-handedly replace many of the clunky tools and gadgets we used to have in cars. Why install a bulky GPS on your dashboard when your phone can get the job done? Want to call people or listen to music? Your phone can handle that as well. However, you can’t exactly hold and use your phone while at the wheel. In most places, this could get you a ticket.

The good news is that you don’t have to hold it in your hand. A phone mount takes care of the distraction of holding the device, and it makes it convenient to use when you stop the car. There are many types of phone mounts that can provide simple and straightforward use of your phone while it’s on the dashboard. Some just use a suction cup, so you can add and remove the mount whenever you need to.

Car locators

Ever lost your car in a parking lot? As the lots get bigger, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of where you parked your car. While it may seem like a minor inconvenience, it can be quite a problem when you’re in a rush or carrying lots of bags.

With today’s interconnected gadgets, you no longer have to worry about losing your car. You can just get a car locator and install it in the vehicle. Pair it up with your smartphone, and you’ll always be able to find your car. Even if you’re in the busiest parking lot in the world, you’ll get to your car in no time.

Tyre monitors

Thinking about the state of your tyres? You wouldn’t be the first car owner to stress about tyre pressure from time to time. Why bother checking it at a shop when you can do it from the convenience of your phone. Yes, even tyres can be inspected with the help of modern technology. You don’t even have to leave your car to check them.

As its name suggests, a tyre monitor will monitor your tyres to see if they have enough pressure. If something happens and the pressure drops below the recommended level, you are notified through your phone. If you’re particularly interested in how and where the tyres lost pressure, you can even actively monitor them through an app.

Dashboard anti-slip grips

Plenty of the devices you use regularly will find themselves on the dashboard from time to time. As most dashboards tend to be smooth, keeping them there can be troublesome. You don’t want to brake and have your stuff flying around the car. A small bump shouldn’t mess up your dashboard organisation.

The good news is that you can take care of this issue rather easily. All you need is an anti-slip dashboard grip. It’s a convenient surface that will allow you to keep all of your devices and valuable in one place. You don’t have to put them in your pockets or in a bag, as the grip will keep them secure enough while driving.

Car performance monitors

Many car owners want to know how their vehicle functions in detail and how its performance varies from time to time. If you’re one of them, you might be interested in getting a car performance monitor. These devices can connect to the car’s onboard computer and feed you data about the vehicle whenever you require it.

As you might expect by now, car performance monitors can also connect to smartphones. You can get all the info you need about your car’s fuel efficiency, acceleration, and even the fluid levels from your phone. Keep track of your car in the most convenient way possible with a simple app, and you won’t have trouble monitoring its status.

Rear vision cameras

If you have a particularly large vehicle, you might find it difficult to navigate it in tight spots. Even with years of experience, some situations could lead to bumps and scratches, especially when you’re backing up the car. Parking can be a mess if you don’t have a clear view of everything that’s behind your vehicle. A rear-view mirror can only do so much, and you might not be able to see small obstructions when moving around.

A great way to resolve this is using a rear vision camera. These devices have become a staple for many modern vehicles, especially caravans. Navigating through tight spots becomes a breeze when you can see exactly what’s going on behind you. With a simple caravan reverse camera, you can get all the information you need to navigate safely without bumping into anything. Being able to see small objects behind you is a big plus as well. No more bumping into the wrong curb or knocking over garden gnomes when you have a good camera pointing in the right direction.

Car covers

Want to keep your vehicle squeaky clean but don’t have a garage available at a given moment? Well, you better hope that there won’t be rain or birds perched up on trees nearby. Alternatively, you can solve the problem with a simple car cover. It’s a pretty convenient accessory that can save your car from dirt and various weather conditions.

Some car covers are tougher than others. If you’re worried about hail storms messing up your car, you can get a strong car cover and protect it. They are durable enough to prevent the hail from causing any damage, so one might be just what you need to cover your car.


There are plenty of things that can make driving a smoother and less stressful experience. With just a few of these gadgets and items, you can revolutionise the way you use your car. Even if some of the benefits don’t seem like much at first, you would be surprised at the level of convenience these car accessories can provide.

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