Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Review Features

Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Review, Features

So Amazfit GTS 2 mini as we know have got some really good smartwatches in different categories. The Amazfit GTS 2 mini being its latest offering let’s do its unboxing. I will give you my thoughts on the same so it helps you make a purchase decision.

Now coming to the box it comes in very simple packaging. so opening up the box we get the user manual, the magnetic charging cable, and finally the watch itself you can purchase this at the price of around 6999 Indian rupees so from amazon.

Physical overview:
It comes with a 1.55-inch full touch 2.5 d colored curved AMOLED display. On the back, we find a bunch of sensors and a magnetic charging contact. We have the silicone strap which holds the watch in place which is easily removable and on the side we have a multifunctional button.

The comfort I feel the gts2 mini was very comfortable around my wrist. I didn’t face any itchiness or discomfort even after I wore the watch continuously for the day. The watch also is a very light set quite comfortably on my wrist. The silicone strap is comfortable enough for getting sweaty and working out so when it comes to comfort i was very satisfied.

Display: The 1.55-inch squares AMOLED display on the GTS 2 Mini is good in my opinion. The screen feels very good to look at and the colors look vibrant. The text looks sharp the touch sensitivity is good and smooth as well as the outdoor visibility was decent. I didn’t face much of a problem using the watch outdoors. You can also have that display so in always-on mode though at the detriment of battery life so it’s a very good screen to find on the smartwatch at this price point. Click here to read more.

The Amazfit GTS 2 Mini is equipped with a 220 mah battery. the company claims it to have a 7 days battery life but I got a little over 6 days of battery life with heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring 100 to 150 the raise to wake-ups two to three spo two readings 30 minutes of workout every day. So an always-on display turned on if the battery drains out completely then you can charge the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini 0 to 100 percent in approximately 2 hours.

User interface:
The user interfaces of the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini come with a rather simple long pressing. on the home screen and you can change the watch face whereas swiping down from the home screen will give you access to do not disturb, the alarm, the brightness, and settings of from where you can change the watch face as well set a screen lock and then auto screen off, etc. Swiping from the bottom and you can see so any new notifications swiping from the right you can find logs to your activity goals, heart rate sbo2 stress by weather, and music control single pressing.

The physical button you can access the same things like goals heart rate pi sleep workout then alarms stress etc. clicking more you can find other features like a countdown, stopwatch, the music world, clock compass, camera, remote, etc long pressing on the button will directly take you to different workout modes like walking, running, treadmill, streaming, yoga.I did some running and walking and I feel the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini did a good job tracking my activity data .so this is basically how the user interface looks on the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini.

If you want detailed information about your activities and want to use more functions of the watch. you will have to download the Zepp app from the play store and sync your watch with it now just to give you a basic overview of the app. once you open the app you will see all your activity details your watch recorded for the day for example sleep data, heart rate, goals calories burn, etc.

Clicking on the plus button you can add other maze fit products as well and sync them with that app in the profile section you can see the battery level of your watch. Customize your goals check records so I add more accounts and access settings so in the watch account settings you get an option to change the notification settings and reminders, vibrations, health monitoring then access watch to or from where you can download and sync a brand new watch faces onto your watch. We have the watch settings fine watch system update about the device etc. in the enjoy section you can find some more functions like alarm clock then the event, reminder,s vibration mod,e exercise assistant and many other functions.


On the gta 2 mini so as you can see the race to wake up function works really. on the watch, it takes approximately half a second for the screen to light up when you tend to raise your wrist which I feel is fast enough. so as for the heart rate test, the amaze fit gts mini is good at taking manual heart rate readings. i found almost all the heart rate measurements similar to those for my honor band 5 however the smartwatch failed to register accurate readings during workouts so as for the blood oxygen spo2.

The spo2 sensor onboard works fine and happily you can take spot readings and get continuous feedback as well as speed data too. So I was kind of satisfied with the spo2 readings as for the stress test the amazfit gts2 Mini also details stress monitoring and this can be done continuously.

I don’t know if it’s accurate enough but yeah it’s good to have it on the watch as for the sleep tracking is incredibly detailed. On paper to the right up with other competitors in terms of data and analysis. There is sleep stage information depth then it will tap into your night-time oxygen levels

If you turn that feature on however it always over-reported the slip duration it’s also worth noting that the gts2 mini has a 5 atm water resistant making. it safe to take it out for a swim or into the shower it has also an inbuilt GPS which works fine.

so you won’t have to carry your phone around on your run the latest update has pushed the new Alexa feature in the gts2 Mini where it will let you use the voice interaction play music, set alarms provide,e weather focus, and other real-time information. Read also: Mechanical and automatic pocket watch


so finally as for my verdict for the price of rupees 6999 for the amazfit gts2 mini.I feel we are almost getting all the features one would use on the smart watch. So a nice design a really good display, a built-in GPS, a good battery, and many workout modes that said. It does need a bit of work when it comes to things like heart rate monitoring during workouts or support for third party apps but if you go looking for alternatives at this price point. You’d be hard-pressed to find ones that are as good as the gts2 mini.

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