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All you need to know about Facebook logo

Logos are an integral part of branding; it is impossible to have your effective and clear brand name without having a legit logo. A logo that explains what your brand is about, a logo that tells the brand story, are a few essential elements for effective branding. You do not want a poor logo to explain your brand, would you like it when your brand is recognized by a poor and lousy logo, no right? It is best to have some professionals design your brand, do not let an amateur design it, it can ruin your overall branding. 

Facebook is one of the most used social platforms, people all over the world take help from Facebook when they have to keep a check on the regular news. It’s our go-to place to stay updated regarding what is happening in our friend’s and family’s life and to update our feed regularly regarding our lives. It’s like a meet and greets for people who cannot have an access to the lives of major celebrities. Nevertheless, now coming to the main point, how many of us are aware of the history and back story of the famous logo of Facebook? How many times it has been changed? What were the main reasons to change the logo? What does the blue color of the logo mean?

There is a plethora of question that comes to our mind when we talk about the Facebook logo. 

History of Facebook logo

Have a look at the Facebook logo and see the history behind the company. The Facebook logo and brand is undoubtedly one of the most recognized brands all over the world. The logo of Facebook has a comparatively simpler and straightforward logo. It has a white lowercase font with a blue background. As is already mentioned, the combination of blue and white and shows the decency and the idea of the platform. Nevertheless, there is also some importance to the color scheme itself as blue and white have always been used in the combination to show optimism and purity.

Facebook Logo Design Elements

There is no denying the fact that Facebook started as a local website in a dorm room of the college student to a huge social media giant with billions of active users and significant influence on the global stage. Facebook logo history is one of the attractive and captivating stories that you would have come across yet. 

As you see it clearly, you would see while we use the lowercase font, it is more likely meant to show that Facebook is one of the casual and laid-back companies. People use Facebook mainly for entertainment and for casual connections with their loved ones all over the world. The organization has been able to convey this part of the message on the website, they are quite transparent when it comes to showcasing their talent and services. 

If we go beyond their color schemes, we should see the font of it, and many other design elements as well. There have been various changes in the logo but nothing too drastic yet. All the details that have been changed ever since then were either change in the shades or in the sizes all these years. When it comes to logo, we simply see it as the key and it is often seen the officials have been quite hesitant whenever it came to changing the logo design. The Facebook logo represents simplicity as it’s one major key element and we all are a huge fan of it, aren’t we?

This is the main job of the creative graphic designer, to make the logo so simple and straightforward that the regular person can get a gist of it only by looking at it. The creatives of Ingenious Gurus are actual gurus who know the ins and outs of the job and carry out the job flawlessly. 

Facebook logo popularity

Facebook logo is pretty popular we all can agree with that as it has been seen by almost 2.19 billion people all over the world at least once a day. Unlike all the other organizations, Facebook does not have to struggle while creating brand awareness. Facebook is not any less of a Facebook marketing tool, and it is more like a company symbol that was not much changed since the start. 

Facebook’s logo has not been changed much since its beginning which shows how pretty effective, they are. Apart from it, it also reflects the company’s attitude toward its logo. The logo shows how Facebook is chill and casual when it comes to employee relationships. A glance at it is enough to know the brand Facebook, it shows how popular the brand is. 

Wrapping up

Facebook logo is a great example of how right branding works, no matter what your brand or product is if its branding is done your brand is all set to take off. The gurus of Ingenious Gurus are pro at it and they know how to do branding right. They understand the brand and its persona first and then create the logos accordingly. There is a process that Facebook and its creative team followed when they designed its logo, and that is the reason why it is such a hit today. If you are looking for someone as creative, as dedicated to the job as the Facebook creators were, get Logo Designing Service in California online from the professionals of Ingenious Gurus.

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