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All effects of Long term Congenital Heart Disease

The heart is one of the central organs in our body and its functioning the correct way matters to us. Now, congenital heart disease is something that can be a big threat to people. Well, nothing much can be done to it for its origination as the victim carries it since their birth. However, the doctors of MGM Hospital, Chennai have researched about the same and stated certain ways that can help in its diagnosis and treatment.

By this article, the reader can get a grasp of one of the rare heart diseases and become aware of it.

What is Congenital Heart Disease?

If someone has single or multiple issues in the heart’s structure right from birth, then it can be expected that he is suffering from congenital heart disease. Here, the word “congenital” stands for coming to the earth along with the disease. This can be much complicated as a disease because the procedure of blood flow is completely altered in this condition.

Fortunately, certain types of congenital heart disease don’t have consequences. But, in most cases, it can be very risky to handle. Adding to that, in recent times the risks have been taken well care of with specialized treatments and care. So, our health experts are just trying out ways to help the victim fight the deadly disease with ease.

Important Causes of Congenital Heart Disease

Even our group of efficient researchers couldn’t come to a conclusion regarding the occurrence of congenital heart disease. Also, most of the time it’s hereditary and that is very important to note down if any family member has this disease. 

However, this disease might be a medium of attacking any part of the heart and hamper its structure. Likewise, valves, arteries as well chambers can be damaged with congenital heart disease.

Major Symptoms

Mostly, congenital heart disease carries no symptoms. So, it becomes more difficult to assess the disease in an early period of life. But, after attaining certain age symptoms might show up.

Therefore, the major symptoms of this disease can be summed up as follows:

  • Experiencing a tough time while breathing.
  • Becoming tired too easily after exertion can be a sign.
  • Change of color in lips as well as skin.
  • Facing a swelling issue on various organs of the body.

Thus, all these symptoms can contribute to the formation of congenital heart disease in the victims.

How can Congenital Heart Disease affect in the long run?

As known, a child carries this heart disease unknowingly. Therefore, this kind of disease can have its effects that are completely based upon the severity of the disease.  Moreover, it is dependent on the heart issues that the baby carries within itself. Now, in later life as the child grows up, facing shortness of breath becomes a common issue to him. In addition to that, as his heart fails to function normally, it is expected for the child to grow up with bad circulation of blood. In other children, the occurrence of many other medical deficiencies becomes much more normal.

Following that, congenital heart disease can be much simpler as well as complex. It is totally upon the disease that its extent is faced. Certain complex defects related to heart disease can be as follows:

  • Hypoplastic left heart syndrome
  • Tetralogy of Fallot

Both of these diseases are deadly and other organs apart from the heart can also be affected by this disease. Many times congenital heart disease is followed by gastric issues as well as issues with renal arteries. This can be quite a deadly combination as different heart ailments grow unknowingly in this process. Certain simple effects are also caused in the heart and one of them is ventricular septal defects.

Congenital Heart Disease – Is the growth of the child under threat?

The doctors of India’s top hospital including Mgm Hospital have worked with their effective team to find out all the related information of this disease. As they proceed, it is seen that neurological progress concerning the child can be a big matter along with congenital heart disease. Normally, a child faces issues in solving complex problems with this issue but he manages out well in the simple problems that he encounters.

Mostly, there can be variation in all the children in having this disease. Therefore, as they enter a school, the issue with their execution can be seen as different from any healthy child. Sadly, on discovering this disease, the child as well as their parents remain hopeless and fall apart. Now, continuous efforts are carried out by the researchers to trace the exact cause of this disease. While many believe congenital heart disease to be passed right from the embryo others blame the process of surgery involved.  

Best Treatment Options

The developments in recent years have come up with the best treatment options for people suffering from congenital heart disease. Advancement in science has shown that people with such diseases survive by battling through the odds. 

Certain Treatment Options are enlisted below:

  • Exercising can be fruitful in this regard.
  • Constantly being in touch with the doctor upon touching adulthood.
  • A balanced diet is necessary.

However, with medical experts and better conditions, the child can reach the height of development that he wants. Nowadays, even sports and other physical activities can’t be hampered for the children at any cost.  But, care must be taken to be cautious while having such a disease.

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